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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Job description Finance Director

Free Job description Finance Director

Job Summary-Job description Finance Director

•To be responsible for the effective management of finances, including compliance with regulations, effective risk management and ensuring company lives within its budgets


•To provide financial advice on a broad range of matters

Main responsibilities-Job description Finance Director

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Job description Finance Director

•Lead the long term financial strategy with a focus on driving value and strategic management of funding across all spheres of activity.


•To provide first class leadership and line management to functional reports and their teams. As part of the Senior Financial team act as a role model for not only the direct reports but other finance professionals at all times.


•Ownership and management of financial risk establishing financial priorities and effective cash management across the portfolio of services.


•provide objective analysis of business performance, highlighting key issues and problem areas, including making recommendations for action.


•To maintain low cost, effective business systems and processes, capable of producing quality, timely management information appropriate to the needs of staff and managers at all levels in the division.


•To maintain robust internal control systems, financial disciplines, and risk management processes.


•Ensure effective investment management is in operation addressing governance, risk, financial performance and post investment reviews.


•To ensure that the division allocates resources effectively with rigorous pressure on costs and a commitment to a value-for-money approach


•Ensure a robust and effective compliance environment exists, addressing external reporting requirements risk management process, Fair Trading and internal controls.


•Maintain a positive and proactive relationship with the Centre of Excellence


•Work proactively with key business partners ensuring the success of key relationships.


•Drive integration of financial reporting across to create consistent reporting across all areas of the business


•Support the operation in driving commercial revenue as appropriate,




•A qualified accountant with significant PQE at a senior level and ideally experience in a SIMILAR organisation, with an outstanding track record of achievement in directing a talented team in the delivery of professional support to a large and complex business.


•A thorough understanding of financial management and business processes with an expectation that the Board and the CFOO will be fully advised of any critical action to be taken and delivery thereof, at all times successfully engaging senior management


•Excellent analytical and technical financial skills and the ability to quickly identify and evaluate business risks and concerns and apply appropriate techniques to resolve them.


•Highly developed communication and inter-personal skills with the ability to influence and persuade through personal credibility, integrity and professionalism.  Ability to build/maintain relationships with a wide range of people.


•Able to achieve mutually agreeable conclusions in complex negotiations through a combination of assertiveness, persuasive skills and a thorough knowledge of the relevant facts.


•Strong change and business leadership skills demonstrated through the creation and ongoing development of high performing teams, effective working with senior colleagues from the Finance communities.


•Understanding of Finance’s role as a partner who is responsive to business needs – able to support rapid decision making and wise spending, driving value and the strategic management of funds.


•Organisation and planning skills with the ability to prioritise and deal effectively with both short term imperatives and long term planning.









•Enthusiasm, resilience, drive and commitment, with the ability to work effectively in a constantly changing and pressured environment.


•A commitment to your own self-development.



Relate  – Engages with business staff and gains their trust and respect


•Working from an excellent understanding of company strategy, organisation and culture,


•Personally gains the trust and respect of both senior executives and significant stakeholders and directs efforts to ensure similar trust and respect for the whole Finance function.  


•Fosters the development of clear and compelling communication across Finance, and leads by setting an outstanding example.  


•Fosters a culture in which Finance staff are encouraged to raise issues of concern, are guided how to do so appropriately, and are heard and recognised when they do so.


•Establishes and encourages a vision of Finance as a single professional team whose members work co-operatively together for the benefit of business staff and the company.  Leads by example.


Advise – Gives business staff sound advice and helps them put it into practice


•Sets the priorities for Finance’s advisory work, so that it makes the most effective contribution possible to business improvement.  


•Sets, and maintains through challenges, the expectation that Finance will always apply best practice in appraising, planning and executing projects, and that planned benefits will be achieved. .  


• Personally oversees decisions on major relationships involving high value and/or significant risk.  Ensures alignment with the work of Procurement.


•Sets the direction of work to improve effectiveness and efficiency, achieving impressive results which stand up to scrutiny by internal and external bodies.


•Sets, and maintains through challenges, the expectation that Finance will deliver rigorous advice.  Personally oversees the development and delivery of documents and presentations with the highest value and/or greatest risk.


Inform – Provides accurate, clear and useful information


•Sets the direction for the financial and management information, ensuring that at all times it is fit for purpose and stands up to scrutiny.  Directs efforts to achieve this.


•Sets the direction for the financial processes and systems, improving the accuracy of information and the efficiency of producing it.  Directs efforts to achieve this.


•Sets the direction for the financial and management reporting, ensuring that changing business needs are anticipated and met, and that reporting gives best value to its audiences.


Develop – Develops the skills of self, colleagues and business staff


•Fosters a culture of continuous improvement and the sharing of knowledge throughout Finance, leading by example through active participation.


•Coaches and guides senior Finance managers on their performance and development, including in particular their success in developing the skills of their own teams.  Sets an example through the quality of their own work in managing staff performance and development.


•Develops and maintains a vision of what skills Finance requires from its workforce to meet needs.  Guides and coaches senior managers to help them mould their teams to meet those needs.


•From an excellent awareness of developments in practice in the outside world, ensures that Finance is among the leaders in applying professional thinking to business management, and fosters its public reputation for being so.


•Works with senior business managers to define and refine the relative roles of Finance and business staff, and to ensure that these are effectively communicated to both Finance staff and business staff.


Sustain – Helps business staff to deal fairly, deliver quality, work together, and respond to change


•Sets the direction for efforts to measure quality, value, and cost, and to use those measurements effectively throughout Finance’s work.



•To be responsible for the sound management of finances providing effective financial advice and support to senior management.


•Work with management to ensure all savings plans are delivered


•To shape the long-term financial plan, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and running the annual budget process


•To work with management to ensure savings plans are delivered


•To lead a high performing team including Finance Business Partners, Analysts, Payments Team, International Bureaux Finance Manager