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Job Summary

Responsible for the effective leadership, management, planning, performance, delivery of service, and budgetary control ensuring objectives and performance targets are achieved.

Main responsibilities- Job Description General Manager

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Job Description General Manager

Job Description General Manager

• To review the management structure of the fleet function, and advise on the development and implementation of a uniform corporate structure to meet the requirement of the new Hub operations

• To liaise with the responsible Operational General Managers and Directors to develop standard vehicle specifications for all key areas of ambulance services.

• Work closely with Facilities and Estate management to ensure the health, safety and quality of facilities at each workshop.

• Build effective working relationships with Operational areas and other departments.

In this case for a public service fleet


• To review the fleet market identifying key suppliers and potential suppliers, monitor and review advances in technology and how they impact on market conditions and vehicle supply chains.

• To bring a high level of commercial awareness and acumen to all facets of the  department

• To ensure the implementation of best practice across the company

• To ensure that fleet is managed and deployed across all operations in a manner that maximises utilisation, at minimum cost whilst meeting all regulatory and internal requirements



Financial Management

• Financial management and scrutiny, ensuring the area operates within the limitations of the allocated budget.

• Using accurate fleet statistics assist in the setting and negotiation of fleet budgets

• Manage annual budgets, using KPI’s to monitor cost and operational performance on an ongoing basis by proactively taking mitigating actions to meet this target, as necessary to achieve financial balance.

• Act as a registered signatory within Financial instructions.


Problem Solving

• To be available in the event of a major incident to manage the provision of vehicles and fleet staff in-accordance with the demands  24/7


Management Information & Reporting

• Implement proper use of management information system.

• Review Daily KPI’s

• To be responsible for writing the end of year reports providing information on the performance of the fleet department.

• To ensure that an up to date and accurate asset list is maintained, for purposes of assessing the adequacy of fleet insurance, etc.

• To be responsible for identifying fleet issues and risks, which need to be reported to the Chief Executive and to write such reports detailing a recommended course of action to remedy any adverse situation.

• To be responsible for identifying and advising on any changes to the Road Transport regulations and to consider how the  department is affected.





(Level of education, specific qualifications, specialised training, training requirements for the job) Good standard of general education

General Management qualification (or working towards)

Masters level qualification or equivalent experience at GM or Director level

Must hold a Certificate of Professional Competence in National Road Haulage

Preferably a Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

Willing to undertake further training as required for the execution of role.



(Length, type and level of work related experience)

Significant and proven operational and staff management experience

Experience of dealing with complaints, disciplinary hearings and staff side issues

Extensive experience of commercial negotiations in the private sector

Knowledge of emergency and contingency planning and risk management.

Demonstrated leadership skills



(Range and level of skills, depth of knowledge required for the job)

People focussed

Commitment to provision of excellent services

Able to persuade and influence with effective verbal & written communication skills;  

Analytical skills, ability to interpret complex data and make appropriate decisions based on statistical analysis

Problem solving skills with ability to act on and take responsibility for decisions

Ability to write reports and present complex ideas and information to disparate groups

Team player

Ability to motivate, performance manage and develop teams and individuals

Open and democratic style

Must have extensive knowledge of UK and EU transport, construction & use regulations and Vehicle Inspectorate Legislation relative to Transport Management.

Ability to delegate

Familiar with MS word. Excel and Fleet management systems.

Numerate & Literate

Problem solver

Experience of complex project management and in depth knowledge of vehicle fleet management and their use in effective management of a specialised vehicle fleet..


The General Manager  is also responsible for the development, communication and implementation of a clear strategy which is sustainable, cost effective and supports best service user experience.  He/she will have responsibility for commercial negotiations with third parties and ensuring implementation of best practice, including benchmarking and monitoring of the carbon footprint.


The post hold will have responsibility for procuring assets used operationally, ensuring the procurement processes are followed and all design aspects suitably signed off and meet all relevant legal undertakings.

Risk Management

• To manage and take full responsibility for Risk Management of the  department, ensuring risk assessments are undertaken on a regular basis and that the Workshops, personnel, environmental issues and safe working practices comply with regulatory requirements at all times.

• To be responsible for advising on environment issues such as fuel types, vehicle recycling and vehicle emissions


Vehicle Maintenance & Parts Supply

• To be responsible for negotiating and managing contracts for the supply of vehicle tyres, spares, parts and materials for the entire fleet ensuring best use of stock across all workshops so as to achieve value for money

• To review arrangements for the breakdown recovery of  vehicles, ensuring a service that is both effective operationally and offers value for money.

• To ensure that arrangements exist to ensure that all fleet vehicles are serviced, MOT’d and maintained in-accordance with internal Service policies but at all times fall within manufactures guide lines and Road transport Regulations as a minimum standard.

• To ensure that arrangements exist to ensure that all vehicle road fund licences are current and correctly displayed.

• To ensure that arrangements are put in place with bodywork repairers that satisfy both value for money for the Trust and meets the Trusts insurers specifications.

• To be responsible for the maintenance of all ancillary equipment whether carried out in-house or by a third party inclusive of price negotiation to include, lifting equipment, stretchers and saloon heaters for the entire fleet, ensuring that the best price is obtained on behalf of the Trust.










Fleet Insurance

• To review arrangements for the provision of fleet insurance across the entire fleet and the ongoing management of any excess charges applied by the insurers which are taken as part of the  budget.


Management of all Vehicle Accidents

• To ensure that arrangements are in place for the effective management of repairs from traffic accidents.

• To be responsible for ensuring that there is a system in place for the reporting of RTA’s involving all service vehicles.

• To be responsible for amending and updating RTA procedures held within Operational Procedures ensuring that traceability to the relevant crews is available and recorded.  

• To be responsible for identifying situations where the trust can recover un-insured losses and to arrange for this to be recovered.

• To frequently be responsible for providing legal advisors with information or instruction to ensure the Trust’s legal position is protected wherever possible.

• To be responsible for managing the RTA register and RTA records.


Day to Day Duties

• Overall Management of the  Department

• Direct Management of the Head of Fleet Engineering, , Analysts & Administrative staff

• Management of Third Party service providers


• Design & Summarise all KPI’s in a daily report including

o AFA’s shift reports

o Miles Run total and by vehicle

o Fuel Usage total and by vehicle

o Pence Per Mile Cost total and by vehicle make and category



o No of breakdowns, cause & who recovered them

o Number of vehicles operational by make & category

o Number of vehicles VOR & reasons why by make & category

o Asset allocation by Hub

o Incidental damage by Hub

o Engineering Department attendance report

o Number of vehicles operating outside of their relevant service schedule


• Review all  functions to ensure maximum utilisation is achieved

• Review and Sign off  invoices and associated costs relating to the  function including reviewing with internal colleagues fleet items not under direct control

• Review parts and fuel stocks held by each workshop

• Review all accident reports

• Ensure all the Fleet is being legally operated at all times











General Management Duties

• Control & Monitoring of Budget

• Monthly league table of workshop efficiency

• Contribute and influence strategic initiatives relating to the fleet

• Liaise with existing and potential suppliers and service providers to

o Maintain, improve and negotiate favourable terms with all suppliers

o Incorporate flexible service level agreements



o Ensure no spend is made on items covered by contractual agreements

• Ensure best buy In-House versus Third Party

• Review specifications for procurement team

• Overall control & Implementation of all procedures including

o Workshop operational times - Prioritising work schedules

o Preventative Maintenance procedures

o Stock control - House Keeping

• Regular & detailed  fleet audits to monitor service provider performance and internal process delivery standards against quality and legal metrics

• Control timetable and physical disposal of vehicles ensuring work to meet return conditions is carried out at minimum cost

• Research, propose and implement fleet solutions to achieve the most economic and efficient transport operation possible





• Ensure that all managers and staff adhere to Policies and Procedures with particular emphasis on:


o Employment Practices

o Data Protection Act

o Quality Management procedures

o Operational instructions


• Maintain compliance in all areas of their responsibility for Health and Safety at Work and actively promote safe working practices.

• Monitor the quality of services, ensuring appropriate and timely investigations into complaints and performance issues; conducting any corrective actions identified.  Take appropriate disciplinary action if required.

• Ensuring complaints are processed in accordance with the Trusts complaints procedure and time frames.


Business Continuity


• Ensure robust Emergency Preparedness arrangements are embedded within your area of responsibility.

• Lead and direct the department Emergency Planning efforts, ensuring that appropriate staff attend work to support major incidents, ensuring staff are briefed, and where appropriate trained in emergency plans.

• Take part in the Silver on call rota, providing senior advice and guidance on the management of incidents, and attendance at scene where necessary.

• Maintain effective coordination between other Emergency Services and Key Fleet partners; thereby providing a constant state of fleet readiness.


Human Resource Management


• Ensure regular and comprehensive reviews of the workforce profile are undertaken to determine changes in response to changing demand patterns.

• Participate in staff recruitment in line with organisational needs.

• Undertake Personal Development Interviews for managers and staff.

• Ensure education and training initiatives are in place to maintain and deliver a workforce that can meet the future needs of the Trust and health economy.

• Support the principles of the Improving Working Lives Agenda / Model Employer; adopting an open and honest management style.  

• Ensure staff attain and are refreshed in necessary qualifications & training.  

• Deal with sickness absence issues, ensuring staff are appropriately supported, coordinating return to work interviews if appropriate, working with the HR Team on any necessary disciplinary issues.

• Meet Trust sickness performance targets.



Organisational Profile


• Ensure management processes are open and transparent and encourage the confidence of staff, public and other agencies.

• Establish effective networks and partnerships with other organisations to enable the Trust to continuously improve and learn from best practice.

• Promote a positive organisational image.

• Work with the Head of Communications to ensure all publicity opportunities are fully developed both internally and externally.





• Provide strong leadership to managers and operational staff.

• Embrace high standards of employment practice and act in accordance with the ‘Managers Code of Conduct’.

• Promote the vision, values and goals of the organisation.

• Work in partnership with trade unions to modernise working practices and ensure cost effective services that meet the diverse needs of patients.

• Work closely with staff side representatives ensuring full communication systems are utilised where staff are continually involved and consulted with.