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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Job description Management Accountant

Free Job description Management Accountant

Job Summary-Job description Management Accountant

•Support budget holders on achieving best value for money from resources;


•Support the annual budget setting process;


•Prepare regular in year reports to budget holders;

Main responsibilities-Job description Management Accountant

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Job description Management Accountant


•Manage the construction of budgets taking into account Directorate plans, forecast activity, outturn and forecast cost pressures;


•The construction of budgets to be managed within the constraints of the Annual Plan and commissioning constraints;


•Manage budget holder’s expectations plans and aspirations within constraints of the Annual Plan and commissioning.


Management of Budget

•Manage the construction of monthly financial information within set deadlines;


•Manage and construct detailed finance analysis for the Senior Finance Team and  Senior Management Team;


•Monitor expense, income and activity against budget. Advise Senior Management Team and Budget Holders on actions necessary to maintain break-even status;


•Manage with the Budget Holder any remedial action necessary to achieve break-even;


•Advise budget holders on any actions necessary and financial implications to maintain performance;


•Advise budget holders on ‘best value’; maximum performance increase for each £1 spend.



•Manage the construction of detailed forecast by area and Directorate;


•Interpret results, highlight risks and opportunities to Senior Finance Team and Budget Holders;


•Advise on actions to obtain break-even;


•Pull detailed forecast results together to deliver the -wide forecast position.


Education and qualifications


Qualified Accountant.


Able to meet the requirements of the Knowledge and Skills Framework for their role.


Previous experience


)Significant experience of working in the financial team of a large organisation.  


Including management accounting and financial accounting experience.  


Skills, knowledge, ability


Excellent written, verbal, analytical and presentation skills.  

Good organisational skills.  

Ability to gain understanding of issues quickly.  

High levels of numeracy.

Experience of Microsoft packages particularly spreadsheets.

Experience of dealing with staff at all levels.


Aptitude and personal characteristics

Work well under pressure to meet deadlines while maintaining quality.

High level of commitment and enthusiasm.

Ability to use own initiative to solve problems.

Well organised.

Committed to personal and professional development.

Ability to interact with people from varying cultural backgrounds and social environments.

Ability to develop effective working relationships with colleagues and the public.

Able to promote equality and value diversity.

Within the level of sick absence as set out in  Policy.

Demonstrate a commitment and recognition to the core values and beliefs of an employee of the


Respectful to and able to promote equality in opportunity, employment and service delivery


Committed to continuous professional development and personal growth


Able to ensure care of own health and wellbeing to promote improvements to physical and emotional wellbeing


Ability to perform the requirements of the post to an acceptable standard


Demonstrates a positive and flexible approach in line with the changing nature of the  service delivery model

Budget Setting


•Manage the construction of budget by area and directorate;


•Construct budgets using rota, establishment, activity and outturn information.


•Co-ordinate the construction of budgets with budget holders, the Director of Finance and the Head of Financial Management;


•To performance manage in year financial variances in line with the escalation policy;


•To maintain the  chart of accounts and ESR work structures;


•To prepare and publish the Finance Report.


Management of Resources


•Manage and develop the Assistant Management Accountant and department resource to achieve finance and  objectives;


•Manage the Assistant Management Accountants tasks to achieve the following objectives: - Establishment Control, Rota System Costing, Payroll Checks, Chart of Accounts Maintenance, Service Improvement and Development Process, Data Management and Preparation;


•Manage system resources to achieve objectives; Establishment Control Data Base, Payroll Data Base, Oracle, Non PO and PO Accruals;









•Manage process to deadlines;


•Manage shifting and conflicting priorities.


Costing and Investment Appraisal


•Manage the investment appraisal process;


•Cost specific proposals for Budget Managers;


•Manage and advise on cost benefit on any proposed investment;


•Guide and manage budget managers through the investment process.


•Advise on priorities for investment;


•Advise and manage return on investment;


•Monitor and management of the tender process;


•Support and advise on Capital Plan investment process;


•Identify investment for pump priming;


•In all costing and investment appraisal advise Senior Managers to the highest professional standard.


Year End


•Manage the year-end financial process;


•Manage year end forecasts as necessary to accurately predict year end outturn;


•Develop forecasts by Budget Area, Directorate and pull them together at Final  Level, report to Senior Finance Team, making recommendations and taking actions to ensure a final break-even position for the ;











•In conjunction with the Senior Finance Team and Senior Members of Management manage revenue spend to ensure achievement of plan for the  whilst taking in to account Capital Spend implications;


•Support and advise Budget Managers to achieve break-even position by Directorate or Manage and advise Budget Managers to deliver agreed outturns to safe guard the outturn  position for the ;


•Manage any Performance Improvement Plan, managing resources, with relevant Budget Managers and suppliers to complete plan within agreed timescales and Financial Year;


•Bring Year End Accounts for Income & Expenditure Account to final draft for review with Head of Financial Management;


•Manage and construct Analytical Review, Year End Working Paper and Audit file for Income & Expenditure.


Other Duties and Responsibilities


•Manage the s committed reserve position reconcile monthly and report to Senior Finance Team on risks that call on reserve and opportunities and investments to be funded from it;


•Develop systems and procedures that increase effectiveness and efficiencies of finance and manage implications;


•Build relationships with Budget Managers, suppliers and Senior  Personnel to enable the Finance Directorate to achieve its objectives;


•Provide information support and advice for the reference costing process.


•Manage the Monitoring Return Process for Internal and External Returns. E.g. Stats, Eric, and activity;


•Manage support and advise on system and process developments with Shared Business Services and Plymouth Payroll Services;


•Provide manage and analysis any financial and other data to be included within business cases;


•To treat everyone with whom you come into contact, with dignity and respect;


•Identify and take action when other people’s behavior undermines Equality and Diversity.




•Work within Finance Training Plan;

•Undertake continual Professional Development;

•Undertake specific professional course as necessary;

•Develop and Train Assistant Management Accountants.