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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Job Description of CEO provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary


The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for providing overall strategic and operational direction of the company’s development and services as well as specific responsibility for finance, planning, budgeting, and accounting.

Main responsibilities- Job Description of CEO

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Job Description of CEO

Business Manager job description

Job Description of CEO

Core Responsibilities

1. To model high ethical standards

2. To lead management and staff

3. To exercise financial stewardship

4. To manage fundraising activity

5. To ensure accountability and compliance with the law

6. To engage the Board in strategic thinking, planning and leadership

7. To develop future leadership

8. To nurture external relations

9. To serve as spokesperson and advocate

10. To ensure the effectiveness of programmes


11. To support and develop the Board and Chair

12. To undertake the role of Company Secretary

General responsibilities

General responsibilities

To provide leadership to the organisation and to take responsibility for its operational management and administration within the strategic and accountability frameworks established by the Board of trustees.


With the Chair, to enable the Board of trustees to fulfil its duties and responsibilities for the proper governance of the organisation and to see to it that the Board receives advice and information in a timely, thorough and appropriate manner.

Working with the Board

Working effectively with the Chair:

 To see that the Board of trustees formulates and regularly reviews the organisation’s vision, mission and values;

 To develop a long-term strategy for the organisation within the vision, mission and values established by the Board;

 To ensure that the Board can adequately monitor annual plans, targets and performance;

 To report to the Board on organisational progress, providing information and accounting for organisational performance;

 To develop policy proposals for Board discussion and decision;

 To ensure the Board is aware of all risks to the charity;

 To establish the annual calendar for Board and subcommittee meetings;

 To suggest development opportunities for the Board and its members as appropriate;

 To enable the Board to broaden its capabilities and develop its leadership potential.

Leading and managing the organisation Specific duties include:

 To devise and plan strategies and implement them in order to ensure delivery and performance;

 To be responsible to trustees for the overall financial health of the organisation;

 To ensure that the organisation has the human, material and financial resources it needs to operate effectively;

 To seek out and develop new strategies for ensuring future resources;

 To take appropriate steps to protect the organisation from risk;




 To ensure that the organisation fulfils its constitutional, regulatory and legal obligations;

 To ensure that the organisation has the right management systems and structures to carry out its work effectively, accountably and safely;

 To provide leadership to the management team and direction to all staff;

 To ensure that staff, workers, volunteers and others working in the organisation are focussed on achieving the mission and strategic priorities;












 To function effectively as part of a team and maintain good working relationships with all contacts and colleagues. Financial Strategy and Management  To manage the financial operations of the organisation inline with the budget agreed and set by the Board;  To achieve the targets for earned income identified in the budget to be generated by SeVA and review these regularly with the staff and Board;  To increase revenue, grant and donation income where possible;  To review new funding opportunities in line with SeVA’s strategic objectives, develop proposals in liaison with the staff, and submit funding applications;  To ensure that business, operational and annual plans are developed, agreed and implemented against the annual budget as approved by the trustees;  To review Service Level Agreements with funding bodies and ensure that the terms of the agreements are met;  To monitor existing grant funded projects in conjunction with relevant staff members and to ensure that the projects are delivered in line with expectations, on time and on budget;  To ensure that the major risks to which the charity is exposed have been reviewed and systems have been established to mitigate these risks.

She/he will assist the Board of Trustees in establishing strategic sustainable financial and development plans, operating policies and procedures to ensure the achievement of SeVA’s objectives.



She/he will be expected to provide executive expertise in the full range of financial and operating functions including capital management, mergers and acquisitions, and information systems.


As Chief Executicve Officer, she/he will serve as a valued advisor in assembling and interpreting the key financial information that drives the business, and its potential development and sustainability.


The successful candidate will have the ability to function at a broad-based, strategic level while also being capable of driving detailed, tactical execution. She/he will have good experience and understanding of partnership working and funding.