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Job Description of Sales Assistant

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Job Description of Sales Assistant

Job Description of Sales Assistant

To assist customers with excellent customer service. You report to the shop Manager, Assistant manager and keyholder. You are also required to help maintain the appearance of the shop throughout the day.

1. To open and close the shop on time.


• You must be at the shop and ready for the start of your shift at the specified time.


• You are required to wear the correct uniform at all times:

o Staff polo shirt

o Name badge worn on the right hand side of the shirt

o Looking presentable, clean clothing, no ripped jeans, trousers and shorts must be worn above the waist.

o No headwear unless for religious beliefs

• The day does not end until the store is in a presentable condition for the next day’s trading.




2. Staff training and motivation


•In order to aid your performance and development you are required to attend all training sessions that are planned for you.


•On certain occasions you may be asked to lead a training session for other staff members.



3. Customer service


• Ensure that all customers are acknowledged when they enter the shop.

• Ensure that all customers are approached within five minutes of entering the store.

• Deal with customer complaints\grievances in a professional manner and where the issue can be dealt with quickly and easily do so. If you need to escalate the issue to a more experienced member of staff you should do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

• Achieve good customer relations by having a helpful and friendly attitude.

• You should aim to answer the telephone as quickly as possible with a polite and helpful greeting.

• You are not permitted to chew gum, eat or drink on the shop floor.

• You must not smoke in the vicinity of the store. Any cigarette breaks will be taken from your lunch break entitlement.



4. Merchandising


• You are required to maintain excellent standards of presentation and cleanliness in the shop at all times.

• Stock on the shelves should be topped up, dusted and tidied throughout the day.

• POS provided should be used at all times where appropriate.

• The merchandising, presentation and cleanliness of the shop are one of your key duties throughout the working day.

• Staff areas (kitchen, toilet and shower) are provided for the comfort and well being off all staff. It is your responsibility to clean and tidy them when you use them.

• Periodically you will be expected to fully clean the staff areas.



5. Security


• You must make sure that all stock is tagged for security in line with the company’s current policies.

• Bikes must be locked at all times unless they are being sold or used for test ride purposes.

• Make sure that the test ride procedure is followed strictly at all times.

• Only two children from groups deemed a security risk are allowed onto the premises at any time.










6. Health and Safety



• Health and safety is there for your own protection and therefore must be adhered to at all times, in line with the Health and safety manual.

• It is important that you follow these procedures for your own safety and that of your colleagues and customers.





In order to maintain the smooth running of the shop at all times, a degree of flexibility is required in the role. As a sales assistant you may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above.