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Free Job Descriptions

"The database of free job descriptions"



























"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...Some of these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it anyone whether interested in Human Resources or not!"


"A really funny and interesting read .... great insight into the wierd and wonderful world of HR ..."


"Amusing and informative. A recommended read for anyone interested in a career in Human Resources. "


"Entertaining reading and one that anyone in the field of HR will be vale to instantly relate too! "


If you want an HR text book this book is probably not for you. If you want a unique insight into some of the weird and wonderful true stories that happened during a twenty year career in Human Resources it is.


"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Job Description Templates provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Try a search [left] or browse the A-Z of jobs  left [below the menu left]

We have job description templates for virtually type of job at all of the various levels in an organisation from Director, Chief Executive, through "Head of" [ie just below the Board] all the way down to cleaner!   There are headings for each job description including a] Job Summary-which provides a short paragraph about what the job entails.  b] Main Responsibilities ie the main duties and tasks required to be undertaken.  Sometimes this section is known as "job duties".  c] Knowledge, Skills and Abilities ie the sorts of knowledge and experience and qualifications are required of a member of staff to undertake this sort of role?

A good example is the selection of IT job descriptions templates which we have here in our database.  These range from the manager level roles like 3D Analytics Manager, Applications Development Manager, Data Manager, Database Support Manager, Development Manager, Digital Account Manager, E-commerce Manager, Head of Database Marketing, Help Desk Manager, IT Project Manager, Infrastructure Manager and  Network Manager right through to the programming and software engineering positions.

Another example is for the position of nurse.  We have jd`s for a large range of nursing jobs like Clinical Nurse, Custody Nurse, Dental Nurse , District Nurse, ER Nurse, Emergency Nurse, Forensic Nurse, Haemophilia Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Midwife

Nurse Advisor, Orthopedic Nurse, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Manager, Nurse Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Auxiliary,

Palliative care nurse, Paramedic, Radiology Nurse and

School Health Nurse.  You get the picture, we provide templates for real job descriptions across the whole range of jobs.

To the left you will see a menu on which to review different categories of job such as management, IT, sales.   This is especially helpful if you are looking for jd`s for eg `sales` positions.


These categories will hold all of our sales related positions from Sales Director through to Sales Manager, retail assistant etc.   There are also jd`s for all of the back room sales related roles such as administrators, analysts etc.


Just below the menu you will an A-Z of our Free Job Descriptions UK.


Have a browse of these jd`s to find some that you need.  You If writing a one you could use 2-3 jd`s as a basis and just use a composite.


Hopefully they will give you a few ideas or save you some time.