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Maintenance Supervisor Job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

Maintenance and development of the estate demands a dedicated, professional and highly proficient level of leadership, supervision and commitment from all members of the Team to deliver a planned, co-ordinated and pro-active maintenance service and delivery of projects to support the overall objectives of the site.  The post holder is an integral part of the team and will provide a wide range of duties to support and assist as required by the Department.

Main responsibilities-Maintenance Supervisor Job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Maintenance Supervisor Job description



• Initial Professional Development: Applicants must hold a minimum of either;

 A full level 3 technical certificate in a mechanical, electrical or building services engineering discipline and completion certificate from a recognised ECITB / JIB advanced apprenticeship, plus ongoing CPD.


 Alternative recognised qualifications (e.g. Engineering NVQ 3, National Diploma in technology / engineering etc) and suitable work based development and ongoing CPD.

• Applicants should be able to demonstrate they can work at the standards required for an ECUK Engineering Technician. Membership of an engineering institution and ECUK professional registration is not required, but is encouraged.

• Skilled in maintenance, fault finding, test & repair work on complex engineering services & equipment, with the ability to work unassisted in varying, often technical environments whilst complying with Health & Safety / environmental regulations and standards.

• Knowledge and/or commitment to continuing professional development through on-the-job and / or residential training in order to maintain, test and repair building services in a healthcare environment.  As required, to be assessed and appointed as a registered / licensed operative and/or Competent Person in a range of specialisms related to the post.

• IT literate or willing to train to ECDL level 2 standard (use of Microsoft Office suite).  Knowledge of/readiness to undertake training and use of on the Bulding’s computer based asset and condition based maintenance management system. Competent or willing to train to operate the Bulding’s computer based Building Management System.

Maintenance Supervisor Job description

The post holder will be employed on work appropriate to their core specialist skills and will progressively be suitably trained to acquire elements of other trade skills with the intention of reaching levels of flexibility and competence to enable them to achieve and apply the ability where required to perform the following:-


1. Responsible for the supervision and allocation of Engineering staff and resources undertaking work on a wide range of engineering plant and equipment.  Providing technical assistance to staff and contractors on issues that are complex and non-routine, ensuring compliance with Bulding safety standards and procedures.


2. Performs tasks which are often complex and/or non-routine.  Providing technical assistance for lower grade staff and contractors ensuring compliance with Bulding safety standards and procedures for all building services engineering installations.

• Support and assist the Laundry maintenance team, when required.

• To carry and use Bulding supplied mobile communication equipment, as required by management.

• Participation in weekday / evening shift rotas (Mon-Fri).  Work overtime to carry out planned work with reasonable prior notice and deal with emergency repairs, as required by management – often at very short notice.

• Participate in On-call Rota, to ensure that emergencies and major problems occurring out of hours are attended and resolved.

• Actively promote and ensure Health and Safety is prioritised

• To maintain safety through rigorous and consistent compliance with Bulding Policies, for the prevention and control of infection, including hand hygiene.  To undertake appropriate mandatory training and updates in infection prevention and control.

• To safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in compliance with Bulding and staff responsibilities under Section 11 of the Children Act 2004; to follow Bulding safeguard children and child protection policies and guidelines and undertake appropriate mandatory training and updates in safeguarding children/child protection.

• By following Bulding Policies in relation to Safeguarding Adults, staff will ensure that they work with other agencies to protect all adults from abuse at any time.

• Policy and Service Development: to follow policies for own role, commenting on policies, procedures or development which affect the Estates Operations Team and supporting the implementation of departmental procedures.

• Research and Development Responsibilities:  to participate in surveys or audits as necessary.


Maintenance Supervisor

3. To understand the working of complex integrated building services engineering installations in buildings.




4 To diagnose, advise and supervise the repair of complex faults in building services engineering, electrical, mechanical and plumbing installations (where appropriate), plant and equipment, to deal with new situations as they arise and to pass on complex technical knowledge to other staff, contractors, patients and visitors.

5. To instruct and advise others on technical aspects and features of their own work.

6. To perform a wide range of work for other building and engineering service disciplines.  This shall require the post holder to carry out multi-skilling tasks.

7. Supports other supervisors of core discipline and others to provide cover during periods of absence for the supervisors and directly supervises the maintenance technician, craftsperson’s, assistants, checking and evaluating their work.

8. Supports other supervisors of core discipline and others to provide cover during periods of absence for the supervisors and directly supervises the maitenance technician, craftsperson’s, assistants, checking and evaluating their work.

9. Provides advice, support and on site supervision of capital project support and enabling works, backlog maintenance programme, minor

improvement works and recharge works.  Includes planning, organisation and costing of minor installation works.  Provides information to other supervisors for the generation of quotations for other departments.  Contacts suppliers, wholesalers and service providers for costs and delivery times prior to raising demand notes via the system in accordance with standing financial instructions.

Maintenance Supervisor Job description

10. Prioritise, plan and co-ordinate their own work activities and workload of all other lower grade staff of their core discipline to meet service requirements.  This will include the development of risk assessments and method statements to ensure safe systems at work at all times.

11. Collect, collate and assimilate technical information to support performance monitoring of maintenance activities.

12. Provide technical advice and support to contractors appointed on major capital projects and minor upgrade works.

13. To co-ordinate the manufacture, assembly, erection, installation and testing of new work.

14. Assist management undertaking and witnessing detailed commissioning tests.

15. Undertake and assess installation, commissioning and test certificates for new, modified and altered building services engineering installations undertaken by the  team to ensure compliance with relevant statutory, mandatory and industry standard Codes of Practice, i.e. Wiring Regulations BS7671, Health Technical Memorandums, Building Regulations and BS 5839 Fire Alarms, Pressure Systems Regulations, Water Supply and Fitting Regulations, etc

16. Co-ordinate repairs, maintain and efficiently run plant and equipment to optimise energy efficiency and plant availability at all times.

17. Co-ordinate and undertake remedial works or emergency isolations as and when required.

18. Review and retrieve technical information in the department’s archives (hard and electronic copies), collate and copy as required for use by others.  Ability to open, view and plot engineering drawings using AutoCAD with training.

19. To fulfil the duties of designated “competent person” and “authorised person” as required by various statutory and mandatory guidance following suitable training.

20. To liaise with manufacturers regarding plant or equipment failures and to arrange the supply of goods and services under maintenance contract and/or direct contract.











21. To be conversant in the use of all relevant tools, equipment and test instruments to meet the requirements of Standard Codes of Practice.

22. To understand and apply the principles of ‘Root Cause Analysis’ when attending to maintenance and repair tasks

23. Experience in fault finding and maintenance of a wide range of building services engineering installations, i.e. Electrical distribution systems, alarm systems, steam distribution systems, hot water systems, ventilation plant, etc.

24. Experience in fault finding and maintenance of a wide range of building services engineering installations, i.e. Electrical distribution systems, alarm systems, nurse call systems, steam distribution systems, hot water systems, ventilation plant, etc.

25. To co-ordinate reactive and planned preventative maintenance (PPM), of building services engineering plant and associated new works as directed by the Operational Engineer.

26. To activate / change over of plant and / or it’s safe isolation in the event of a malfunction or breakdown.

27. Have a working knowledge of building management systems.

28. Have experience and knowledge of operating emergency backup standby engineering services. i.e. standby generator installations, dual fuel boiler plant and piped medical gas manifolds etc

29. To interpret and work from all instructions, drawings and specifications appropriate to his/her trade.

30. To set out new work or set up new production appropriate to his/her trade using relevant instruments and machinery.

31. To have an understanding of the relationship of other person’s work to his/her own for both personal development and to meet service requirements.

32. To be able to work overtime at short notice if available to do so, depending on the needs of the Bulding.

33. To report all defects impacting on service delivery to their Operational Engineer and any remedial action taken.

34. To ensure that all policies and procedures laid down by the Bulding are strictly complied with.

35. To ensure that all policies and procedures laid down by the Bulding are strictly complied with


36. To undertake quality control inspections of works carried out by in-house staff and contractors and action remedial works as appropriate.

37. To be conversant with all types of decontamination equipment including macerators, bed pan washers, instrument washer disinfectors and sterilizers (bench top machines and large porous load multi cycle machines).  


38. To identify and report faults / breakdowns that require the attendance of specialist support contractors and to co-ordinate the repairs carried out by the contractor.

39. To use computer based control and monitoring systems to co-ordinate fault diagnosis of various building services installations, i.e. ventilation systems, boiler house, hot and cold water services and High Voltage electrical distribution systems.

40. To delegate surveys of new works as and when requested by the Operational Engineer.

41. To delegate surveys of new works as and when requested by the Operational Engineer.

42. To demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of work shop safe practices.

43. Assist higher skilled graded staff on new work and repairs.

44. Carry out other routine work requiring little or no skill, including labouring, as dictated by the service

47. To co-ordinate and issue ‘Permits to Work’ for in-house staff and contractors, i.e. steam, asbestos, hot works, Low voltage electrical isolation, etc.

48. To co-ordinate work carried out in hazardous areas taking all safety measures to prevent danger, avoid injury and damage to equipment and personnel.












49. To co-ordinate the erection and use of step ladders, ladders, scaffolding, mechanical handling, etc where required.

50. To co-ordinate response of emergency situations including lift rescue, participate in the fire team, floods etc.


51. In the event of an emergency situation on all building services engineering installations co-ordinate emergency isolations and make safe to minimise risk to all building users.


52. To assist the security team in emergency situations i.e. locating missing patients and participating in bomb scare alerts etc.

Maintenance Supervisor Job description

53. Assist with declared Major Incidents and co-ordinate response to major electrical / mechanical failures on any Bulding site, act as Health and Safety Competent Person


54. To undertake any other reasonable duties commensurate with the grade.


55. To be available to drive Bulding vehicles where appropriate for a wide range of duties, where requested.


56. Plan maintenance activities (including staff rota’s and overtime works) allocating staff and physical resources, monitor the correct and accurate completion of in-house monthly attendance sheets and work orders


57. To manage, co-ordinate and generate performance reports on the maintenance activities of all in-house staff and contractors making full use of the Planet FM computer aided maintenance and facilities management system.


58. Monitor and record lower grade staff absences and attendance i.e. sickness, annual leave, special leave etc, using the Planet FM system.


59. To provide the Operational Engineer with advanced and forthcoming proposed overtime approval form for authorisation.


60. Approve and sign off agency weekly time-sheets.


61. To act as a single point of contact and liaise directly with clients and to prioritise activities of staff undertaking repair works and general maintenance activities under in-house and/or contracted out services.


62. To assist Operational Engineering management to undertake the recruitment and selection of in-house staff and agency staff.


63. The post holder shall participate in an ‘Out of Hours Emergency On-Call Roster System’ as part of the on-call team to ensure that emergency repairs occurring out of normal hours are resolved and the service restored


64. The post holder shall wear the uniform provided by the Bulding when carrying out their duties and wherever possible have a neat and tidy appearance at all times


65. To be prepared to work in close proximity to patients i.e. at bed-heads – requests from Medical and Nursing staff to remove rings etc. from Patients


66. The post holder will be expected to utilise all forms of communication systems available to the  Team including, mobile telephones, multifunction two-way radios, bleeps, pagers, portable (palm top) computers and other systems as and when they become available.


67. Maintain accurate detailed records of all maintenance activities i.e. labour bookings, 'Indirect time' bookings, maintenance activities etc. as requested by Supervisors and Managers to facilitate accurate performance monitoring and reviews of  Departments operations.


68. To participate in on-going training and personal development programmes as identified at Individual Performance Reviews and to meet service needs. These training courses will be provided both in-house, off site and may include residential courses.


69. Implement skills and knowledge acquired on training courses and pass on to colleagues accordingly.


70. To participate fully in departmental development and improvement programmes as indicated or specified by Supervisors and Engineers i.e. introduction of new protocols etc.


71. To provide and sustain a high quality service and to be actively involved in the setting of quality objectives.


72. Post holders are encouraged to suggest new techniques, changes to established working practices and to use their own initiative to drive continuous improvements in efficiency, quality and cost of services provided by the department.


73. To be able to work overtime at short notice if available and when required to, do so depending on the needs of the Bulding.


74. The post holder is expected to prioritise and manage reactive and planned maintenance work load for the respective  maintenance staff, and to batch work for individual staff to optimise departmental efficiency.  This will follow standard operating procedures, good working practices, established precedents and the need to understand the impact of these works to the delivery of the normal bulding services.  Work load will not normally be supervised but will be managed by the Engineers.


75. The post holder is expected to work within established maintenance procedures and follow recognised safety standards and will also be expected to provide first line emergency ‘out of hours’ on call services to support the shift maintenance team and to attend to a range of urgent/emergency duties within the limits of their skill competency and respond independently without routine supervision.  Senior staff, i.e. Engineers etc are generally available for reference to provide technical support out of hours, to check work when required and to undertake quality assurance inspections on a random basis.  Will also be expected to issue, clear and cancel a range of “Permits to Work” to fellow staff and contractors where suitably trained and authorised.