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Multimedia content developer e-Learning job description

Job Summary-Multimedia content developer e-Learning job description


•To use the software Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator to create 2D graphics for print and online use.


•To use the software Adobe Flash to create multimedia content incorporating graphics, animations, video and sound.


•To utilise any other design software at their disposal to create the necessary media for use in a variety of projects.


•To keep up to date with all developments and trends in multimedia


•To assist with adding content to and maintaining the online e-Learning management system


•To assist in the maintenance of web based material produced by the team and creating new web sites as required


•To assist in the production of print based learning material.


•To work on other multimedia projects within the team as requested


Resource Management

•To take responsibility for the security and safety of all departmental equipment and to report any faults, breakages or loss to the e-Learning Specialist


Education & Training

•To be conversant with all developments and trends in multimedia design and any associated technologies


•To be aware of national developments within e-Learning  initiatives


Communication and Team working


•Participate in client / team meetings.  This will involve giving feedback on progress with modules, outlining any difficulties and offering solutions wherever possible.


•Communication with subject matter experts to ensure that their expectations and specifications are clearly understood and that they appreciate and agree to any limitations and/or changes in requirements. There may be challenges in communication with subject area experts due to differing levels of technical understanding across staff groups. There may also be challenges when timescales proposed by the subject area experts are not achievable due to technical considerations or alternatively when projects are delayed and timescales not met.


•Communication within and outside of the team may be verbal- face to face or via telephone, electronic- e mail or text or in a written report format.









•To effectively communicate with the e-Learning Specialist, discussing the specifications of particular projects and taking instruction as to how to proceed. They should be able to use their own judgement where necessary and to explain their reasoning behind their decisions.


Working Relationships


•Ensure good working relationship with all medical, nursing, professional and management staff within the trust

•Ensure good working relationship with all external clients, and freelance professionals




Main responsibilities-Multimedia content developer e-Learning job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Multimedia content developer e-Learning job description

Knowledge, training and experience


Knowledge and experience to degree level equivalent, to include:


•Experience in Multimedia development


•Web development experience to include HTML, CSS, JavaScripting and Flash.


•Experience of using image creation tools Photoshop and Illustrator.


•Project management


•Agile Development Methodology


•Knowledge of e-Learning Development


•Knowledge of  of Learning Management Systems


Analytical and judgemental skills

Analytical skills to solve problems. Judgemental skills to formulate solutions and recommend on the best course of action.


Planning and organisational skills

The ability to plan and organise their own time to meet the various targets, deadlines and needs of the department and its related projects,


Physical skills


Keyboard Skills, speed and accuracy.


Responsibilities for policy and service  development and implementation




Free Job description Multimedia content developer e-Learning


Responsible for specific work packages and supports the e-Learning Specialist with all aspects of the production of e-Learning content and related learning websites.

Multimedia development


•To be responsible for the development of  specific content packages for e-Learning modules, as defined by the e-learning specialist The post holder will be expected to suggest formats and layouts, taking the needs of the target audience into account at all times.


•For delegated tasks the post holder will be expected to plan the work process, identify the appropriate method of technology and report progress to the e-Learning Specialist on a regular basis ( frequency will vary)


•Where there are different options to consider in the development of the module, the post holder will be expected to use their judgement to appraise the options and explain their recommended solution to the e-Learning Specialist.


•To produce multimedia content for a wide variety of e-Learning projects including interactive assessments, workbooks, and narrated slides.