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Non Executive Director job description

Job Summary

To provide independent challenge to the Executive and a fresh perspective on its deliberations.

Main responsibilities-Non Executive Director job description

 To help establish the overall strategic direction of the organisation in a period of change.


To ensure that the statutory and governance duties of the organisation are discharged effectively; and that the interests of a wide range of stakeholders are properly considered.


To instil a culture of continual improvement and performance management.


Role as a Member of the Board Job description Non Executive Director


i Ensure the organisation`s statutory duties are discharged, that the organisation takes proper account of directions or guidance issued by Government and that it operates within the limits of its statutory powers.


ii Establish the overall strategic direction of the organisation for the discharge of its statutory duties, which are under review and likely to develop.


iii Promote an integrated ethos throughout the organisation and foster a culture where safety is paramount.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Non Executive Director job description

1. Provide experienced, intelligent advice to the Chairman and Chief Executive.


2. Provide constructive challenge to the policies, proposals and plans developed by the organisation, and contribute to the development of strategy.


3. Ensure that decisions made by the Board follow proper procedures, are supported by sufficient high quality information and are robust and defensible.


4. Support the executives in leadership of the organisation while monitoring their conduct. In particular assist the new Chair and Chief Executive to develop the organisation to meet its future challenges and responsibilities.


5. Scrutinise the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives, and monitor the reporting of performance.


6. Ensure that financial information is accurate and that financial and operational controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.


Personal experience and attributes


Board level experience in either the private or public sector in a large organisation with a change agenda.


Experience of the economic regulation of markets and products, as a regulator, in a regulated industry, or as a consultant or academic.


Plus experience in one or more of the following areas:

Working at senior level with or in central Government or the EU

Corporate Governance, risk management and control providing stewardship and assurances

Regulation and its impacts including Better Regulation delivery

The policy making process

The industry sector

Consumer policy development and implementation

Environmental policy development.


Necessary attributes include: Job description Non Executive Director


Strategic understanding of the context for regulation











Highest ethical standards of integrity and probity

A personal style that demonstrates authority, commitment and consistency, and inspires trust and confidence

Active acquisition of knowledge necessary to inform decisions and discharge responsibility

Willingness and ability to seek and challenge information to reach decisions

Ability to operate effectively in politically and legally sensitive environments

Complex problem solving and critical reasoning skills, evaluating and analysing information

Open and impartial decision making, sound judgement

Political and economic awareness

Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


Non Executive Director

iv Promote high standards of propriety and regulatory practice including Better Regulation and the efficient and effective use of staff and resources.


v Promote the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in support of the organisation values; develop in the organisation`s staff excellence and a commitment to deliver value for money.


vi Ensure high standards of corporate governance and financial management and control are observed at all times. Ensure that relevant committees are established with appropriate terms of reference.