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Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Nurse Manager job description

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-Nurse Manager job description

Nurse Manager job description

1. The post holder will provide and supervise, the specialist nursing care and expertise, both in delivering direct patient care and in support of other staff caring for the acutely unwell and deteriorating patients across the ENH  .

2. To expertly manage the ventilated, haemofiltered, cardiovascularly unstable patient both within and, external to the Critical Care Unit.

Clinical Practice


1. To act as a clinical expert in the care and management of acutely unwell / deteriorating patients and as nurse advisor, to all disciplines, where acutely ill patients are nursed within and outside the critical care setting, ie: Recovery and A/E.


2. To act as a role model in the assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation of excellent standards of evidence based patient care, ensuring expert patient care is delivered utilising a holistic based model and including patient and relative involvement


3. To work with the multidisciplinary team throughout the  in the assessment and management for the care of the deteriorating patient.


4. To demonstrate sound levels of clinical judgement and decision making in implementing and / or modifying interventions.


5. To maintain an intricate knowledge of, and ensure staff compliance in the training, safe usage and maintenance of complex critical care equipment.



Qualifications / Training


Professional qualifications

General training qualifications

Other specific elements • Registered clinical practitioner (ie: RN on NMC register with minimum of 5 years current critical care experience  with at least 2 years working at Band 6.


• Relevant clinical post graduation qualification in critical care; ie: ENB 100 or critical care modules level 2 /3


• Evidence of ongoing professional development and commitment to life long learning.


• Knowledge and skills to undertake extended clinical tasks relevant to the speciality.


• A recognised teaching & assessing qualification (ie: ENB 998 / City & guilds 730) or equivalent.

Proven track record of supervising and teaching.


Previous Experience


Work experience

Technical experience

Length of experience

Previous level of responsibility • Recent demonstrable experience working in the acute / critical care setting.


• Proven track record of leadership & management skills within a multi-professional team setting.


• Able to prioritise own work effectively with effective time management skills


• Complaints management and undertaking of investigations.


• Informal and formal teaching/lecturing.


• Formal and Informal report writing

• Participation in the audit or research process


• Participation in collaborative working.


• Effective and efficient utilisation of resources




Specific skills required, ie:





Other • Clinically competent in advanced nursing skills relevant to critical care / acute.

• Able to work autonomously and independently.

• Able to direct, develop and maintain team work  whilst supporting Individual staff and team development.


• Demonstrable, sound organisational skills and the ability to work effectively in a devolved management structure.

• Demonstrable leadership qualities including delegation and co-ordination of teams / junior nurses.

• Excellent interpersonal skills and able to form effective working relationships

• Proven communication/negotiation skills both verbally and in writing.


• Evidence of decision making skills

• Logical approach to problem solving

• Ability to innovate and respond to change.

• Good presentation skills

• Counselling skills

• Basic computer skills







Specialist job related. • Comprehensive current specialty specific knowledge related to critical care nursing

• Awareness of clinical governance responsibilities.

• Relevant Health and Safety legislation

• The NMC Code of Conduct

• Setting and auditing clinical standards

• Policies and procedures applicable to a NHS Trust

• Evidence of involvement in Change Management

• Evidence of working with Human Resources policies and procedures

• Up to date clinical knowledge and professional issues

Personal Skills • Self Directed

• Flexible approach

• Excellent communication skills

• Ability to work in a complex and dynamic environment

• Evidence of further professional development.

• Flexibility in patterns of working

7. To maintain responsibility for the provision of a planned holistic programme of care for critical care patients and their families within an agreed budget.


8. To deputise for the Senior Nurse/Matron for Critical Care in a professional and advisory capacity.


3. The focus of the role is to provide early intervention, support and clinical expertise to acutely unwell/ deteriorating patients through role modelling, expert clinical skills, promoting best practice, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and in providing education. This post will take a leadership role in developing, implementing and evaluating standards of care in line with evidence based guidelines.


4. To work in a flexible, positive and logical manner along side the multidisciplinary team to help facilitate the developments of acute care services around the patient within the sphere of clinical expertise.


5. The post holder will work closely with the Senior Nurses for the Critical Care Unit and for Critical Care Outreach, in helping monitor and develop policies, service improvements in line with national guidance, and standards of care and staff development within the Critical Care Unit team.


6. To provide leadership, support and supervision in developing, implementing and evaluating standards of care in line with evidence based guidelines.


6. To be in possession of an up to date, Advanced Life Support Provider certificate.


7. To provide effective emotional and informational support to patients / families /carers.


8. To provide rapid response and leadership in the management of patients identified at risk by PARA or in clinical emergencies within or outside the Critical Care Unit.


9. To accurately document patient assessment, interventions, referrals and /or follow ups.


10. To practice autonomously within the NMC Scope of Practice, recognising limitations and to consult / refer on appropriately. To keep fully informed and act upon changes within the specialty of Critical Care to ensure staff comply with current practice and ensure professional knowledge meets NMC requirements.



11. To advise on the stabilisation and transfer of the acutely unwell patients to the appropriate environment.


12. To create opportunity within the clinical setting to share clinical expertise through teaching and coaching of staff.


13. To help develop strategies that facilitate education and practice development through appropriate teaching programmes in collaboration with Nurse Education and the Critical Care Educator.


14. To maintain clinical credibility and recognition within the multidisciplinary team.



15. To promote the Critical Care Early Warning System (PARA), and participate in the training of ALERT, to ensure critical care principles are shared  wide, providing a link between critical care staff and ward staff.


Managerial Responsibilities:


1. Ensure efficient use of staff, based on changes in workload and service demands, addressing shortfalls in workforce / skill mix in liaison with the Senior Nurse.














2. Monitor and report on all sickness and absence for the critical care team and manage this accordingly to  policy and in line with the Senior Nurse/ Matron


3. Ensure efficient allocation of annual leave within all levels of staff, thus providing effective rosters to maintain an effective Critical Care service.


4. Take an active lead in the recruitment and appointment of staff appropriate to the needs of the team.


5. Ensures that annual appraisal of all staff are maintained in line with the Knowledge Skills Framework.  Provide support and opportunity for staff to develop and achieve in their personal development plans.


6. Contribute to shared governance of nursing through engagement in relevant meetings, committees and working groups.


7. Participate as a member of the major incident team when required.


8. Recognise and maintain involvement on patient experience data feedback and action plans to ensure care that is delivered is timely, individualised and appropriate to the needs of the patient, and/or patients relatives.


9. In collaboration with other key staff in the division and directorate, maintain effective use of beds availability by timely and effective admission and discharge planning.


10. To participate in disciplinary issues in accordance with  policy.



11. To deputise for the Senior Nurse/Matron in a managerial and professional capacity.



Quality Assurance-Nurse Manager job description


1. To share responsibility for the setting and reviewing of quality standards

    ensuring the active involvement of all staff.


2. To work with the Senior Nurse in developing pathways, guidelines and standards for care of patients requiring Critical Care / Outreach.


3. To initiate, and participate in, audit and research projects.


4. To enhance quality assurance  wide by supporting nursing colleagues and others in decision making.












5. To collate and maintain patient data for analysis, audit and reporting.


6. In collaboration with the Senior Nurse, identify and propose quality improvements initiatives using data–driven decision making.


7. Helps to coordinate the development of evidence based polices, procedures, documentation tools and information resources to enhance patient care / outcomes.


8. To ensure all staff are conversant with the  Complaints Procedure and where necessary investigate and provide a written report, for the Senior Nurse/Matron.



Education Training and Development


1. Work with the Senior Nurse / Matron Critical Care and the Clinical Educator for critical care to develop and implement specialist and general educational programs for all grades of staff in the clinical team. This is to include providing Professional Development Pathways for specialist staff.


2. Participate on the development of a specialist competency framework for the sphere of practice, which can be used to establish performance standards for all staff, in line with the Knowledge and Skills Framework.


3. Participate in working with other members of the Critical Care Delivery Group’s multidisciplinary team to offer learning packages to all staff involved in the delivery of care to the acute patient.


4. Maintain clinical competence and work regularly on the Critical Care Unit.


5. Work with ward managers to develop and implement a model of clinical supervision for nursing staff.


6. In conjunction with the Clinical Educator participate in the annual training needs analysis for the clinical team in the acute care settings.


7. Ensure that there are ongoing programs of training, education and development within the clinical team which meet the needs of the specialist area and the induction of new staff.


8. Ensure that the training developed in the clinical team supports the development of new roles and responsibilities.


9. Contribute to the setting, monitoring and auditing standards for the care of the critically ill patient.


10. Contribute to the evaluation of the service delivery in relation to national and local benchmarks to facilitate continuous quality improvement.




Infection Control  -Nurse Manager job description


1. To provide leadership in promoting and maintaining a culture of zero tolerance related to infection control.


2. To have a clear understanding of the infection rates within the units and targets to be reached.


3. To receive and act upon infection control information and taking prompt and immediate actions to reduce infections.


4. To ensure that infection control policies and procedures are applied consistently across the Multidisciplinary Team


5. To supervise and monitor the undertaking of environmental audits and reporting results to the Senior Nurse/Matron.


6. To participate in the clinical monitoring of policies, practices and guidance and review of care delivery related to infection control.


7. To ensure that the working environment, and equipment is clean, tidy and presents no risk to the patient or the user.


8. To participate in the identification of infection risks.


9. Supporting medical colleagues and in particular, junior doctors, in applying and adhering to antibiotic prescribing policies.


10. Ensuring that the personal infection control practice is exemplary and in line with the high standard of practice within Critical Care


11. Applying infection control policy on every occasion ie; hand hygiene, aseptic technique, isolation and co-horting of infective patients, bed management and cleaning etc.


12. To disseminate infection control information and supervise other members of the multidisciplinary team in taking prompt and immediate actions to reduce infections in line with infection control policies.


13. To ensure exemplary personal infection control practice which is in line with the high standard of practice within / outside of Critical Care.


14. To undertake and supervise others in the clinical monitoring of policies, practices and guidance; care bundle compliance, environmental audits, aseptic technique, blood culture and antibiotic prescribing policies.


15. To take a leading role in bed management and the co-horting of infective or potentially infected patients in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team.



Communication / Service Improvement-Nurse Manager job description


1. To support the Senior Nurse/Matron for Critical Care / Outreach in developing and implementing the service in line with national guidance.


2. To participate in the planning, commissioning and implementation of new equipment and facilities.


3. To forge strong sustainable communication links within the team and  wide.


4. To effectively communicate with all members of the multidisciplinary team on the management of acutely ill / deteriorating patients.


5. To provide out–of-hours clinical and managerial critical care expert advice, by participating in the out–of–hours rota.