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Occupational Health Nurse job description provides a free database of job descriptions-medical careers, medical software, doctor jobs

Job Summary  

Main responsibilities-Occupational Health Nurse job description

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-Occupational Health Nurse job description

Occupational Health Nurse job description

A proficient health care professional who provides a high level of expert evidence based practice and clinical expertise in a specialist area.  An experienced Occupational Health practitioner with decision making autonomy, responsibility and accountability who contributes to the leadership, education, development and supervision of others.  The practitioner works collaboratively with others or independently to meet the needs of the combined service.  It is expected they will also participate in the education and development of other staff members and assist with the development of clinical services and enhanced practice across the Trust.


Clinical Skills


1. Provide a complex and highly specialist area of practice, providing expert professional advice to others across the collaboration, including medical colleagues and other professional groups within the health and social care community.


2. Perform comprehensive, highly complex and specialist assessment of clients, diagnose, plan, treat and evaluate care and advice according to evidence-based practice and changing health needs.


3. To provide a service both to clients and managers to enable employees to safely fulfil their role and facilitate their safe early return to work should a member of staff become too ill to attend work.


4. Communicate complex information to medical colleagues and others.  Refer clients autonomously to appropriate clinicians, in the  or externally, without reference to a medical practitioner, according to assessment of client need and evidence based decision.







Registerable OH qualification

or equivalent and experience to demonstrate competence to work at OH specialist nurse level.


Knowledge of current health & safety practice and legislation and infection control.


Experience in providing advice on sickness absence rehabilitation and fitness to work.


Knowledge of immunisation and biological immune response, especially to Hepatitis B.


Experienced in pre-employment health assessments to establish fitness for post applied for.


Importance of Equality, Diversity & rights.


Experience in implementing appropriate vaccination programmes with follow up and recalls in line with Occupational Health policies and Department of Health guidance.















Evidence of CPD in last 6 months


Experience in monitoring and follow up of accidents to staff when notified by injured party/ Non Clinical Risk Manager/receipt of incident form.




Excellent communication skills in highly complex and difficult situations.


Complex and highly specialised clinical skills.


Demonstrates specialist clinical expertise.


Ability to manage own workload with minimal supervision.

Teaching and assessing skills.


Ability to advise on DDA matters.


People Management Skills.


Evidence of service development and change.


Changes in practice using research and audit.


IT skills/email/spreadsheets ability to create and present reports.




Reasonable adjustments DDA Ability to travel across sites to meet service requirements.


Ability to perform a wide range of duties according to the Job Description.


5. Prioritise client care, supervising and allocated ones own workload, monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of care, including discharge of clients, or referring on, autonomously, without reference to a medical practitioner.


6. Perform highly complex clinical skills in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of caseload.


7. Provide an independent specialist service, accepting accountability and responsibility for the management and effectiveness of the service on a day-to-day basis.


8. Collect, collate, evaluate and report on clinical information, including communicated detailed and highly complex information to clinical colleagues and others internally and externally to the collaboration and maintaining accurate client records and documentation.


9. Promote client and public involvement in the improvement of services and involve clients and carers/relative in the planning and delivery of their care.


10. Work collaboratively with other professional and agencies to ensure client needs are met, especially in relation to client flow, care pathways and discharge arrangements.



11. Analyse and act on information to proactively manage and maintain  targets and standards.






12. Establish and maintain effective, communication, maintaining confidentiality of information, dealing with complex and difficult people and situations as they arise, including providing emotional support to clients, and junior colleagues in dealing with frequently distressing circumstances.


13. Proactively monitor and report on quality standards within own specialist area of expertise, e.g. identifying risks, benchmarking, audit, preparing and implementing of action plans to improve quality of services.


14. To work with  s, PCTs and Client Care Standards to ensure that lessons are learnt from issues arising from risk reports/complaints etc, and that they are promptly and positively addressed.


15. Lead on the development and implementation of policies, procedures and guidelines related to area of specialist practice, and contribute to the development of other policies.


16. Ensure compliance with  policies, procedures and guidelines for self and others by taking action/alerting senior management team if practice appears to contravene policy, or if concerned about any aspect of client care.


17. Participate in clinical audit and lead where appropriate.




18. Act as a role model by demonstrating leadership and expertise and by maintaining credibility across the collaboration, the wider health care community and external agencies, ensuring a positive image of the  is maintained.


19. Lead and participate in meetings internally or externally to the , relevant to specialist area of practice, proactively contributing to the meeting by providing highly complex specialist advice and expertise.


20. Work with Collaboration and Client Care Standards in providing managerial support, participating in the recruitment, induction and orientation of new staff, carrying out appraisal and clinical supervision, and by ensuring that mandatory training takes place according to  policy.


21. Ensure effective use of resources, e.g. staff, budget, premises, equipment, supplies and materials.


22. Maintain systems and processes to promote a healthy, safe and secure working environment, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining accurate documentation and reporting any concerns.











23. Take responsibility for own learning and development by recognising and taking advantage of all opportunities to learn, including full participation in KSF/appraisal, supervision, action learning and by maintaining a professional/personal portfolio of learning.


24. Act as en expert specialist resource, providing support, guidance and knowledge across the  and externally, utilising evidence based theory and practical experience gained.


25. Provide expert advice and specialist training from a sound knowledge base, to a range of staff, including junior medical staff, and evaluating the impact of learning on changing practice.


26. Initiate and conduct research and audit activity by continually monitoring standards if care, identifying risks, advancing knowledge within own specialist field, benchmarking, assisting with clinical trials, gathering, collating and interpreting data and information using a wide range of research methodology.