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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Operator job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Main responsibilities- Operator job description

Operator job description

Responsible to the Operations Organiser for the provision of a range of technical services to programme-makers.  To contribute to the day-to-day activities and special projects of the team, ensuring that our colleagues receive a high quality service.


Studio Cameras

Framing of shots

Working with or without direction

Sound Operations

Sound balancing including transmission work

Basic editing of audio material  

Positioning of microphones

Vision Mixing

Including source switching, mixing, keying and effects

With or without directors instructions

Operation of DVE & associated outboard equipment


TV Lighting

Assisting with lighting on interiors and exteriors

Rigging and setting of lamps

Sending and receiving of broadcast media

Operation of recording/playback equipment, including to transmission

Line up & identification of sources

Communicating effectively with remote sites

Monitoring quality of incoming & outgoing material

Managing, logging & storage Broadcast media however stored

Floor Managing

Cueing and communication with presenters, contributors, guests

Co-ordinating guests to the programme

Managing performing areas to HSE standards


Inputting graphics material to approved template/house style

Operation of captioning, storage, manipulation, origination & transmission equipment

Original graphics design within agreed guidelines

Multi overlay graphics to an original design within the house style








The role of operator encompasses an extensive range of responsibilities and duties.  As an individual progresses within the job, gaining experience and training, he or she will take on an increasing span of these accountabilities.  Training and development opportunities will be provided to ensure that operators demonstrate competency across the majority of duties, whilst retaining craft excellence in at least two areas.


In addition, the opportunity to lead and support colleagues will be available for suitable operators, taking increased responsibility for scheduling, developing and appraising others.



Operators / Senior Operators operate largely in the internal  market, supplying creative talent across the full range of broadcast technical and servicing facilities, including studios and OB’s, editing, cameras, sound, and design plus general broadcast engineering and service functions ranging from libraries to IT/telecommunications.  






News Editing

Basic editing of sound and pictures

PSC Camera work

Shooting, lighting and sound operation to a basic level suitable for broadcast

Sound Dubbing

Balancing and mixing down

Recorded, actuality and live sound sources


Early morning & weekend bulletins

Single position camera / presenter


HIGHER SKILLS-Operator job description

Camera Supervision

Supervision of Studio Camera operations

Rigging of camera equipment

Planning of camera moves

Liaison with Directors, Producers and Lighting staff

Effective deployment of resources

Supervision of staff

Studio Lighting

Designing and planning original studio lighting

Setting up studio lighting

Operating studio lighting for rehearsal, live and recorded programmes

Working to deadlines and budgets

Effective deployment of resources

Interpreting and realising Producers’ programme and artistic aspirations

 Communications & Links

Planning, setting up & operation of radio links for tape feeds & live injects

Includes leading team & safe deployment of vehicle, equipment, roof rigs & cables

Complex Lighting Design

Colour separation overlay (CSO) work

i)  for specialist studio programmes

ii) for feature programmes on location

Complex Graphics Design












Original design work & computer graphics

Design using the full variety of available media

Combined PSC Camera Work & Editing

Dealing with complex shooting situations

Creative picture composition

Imaginative use of lighting and sound

Editing on location

Features Editing

Juxtaposition of sound & vision to realise a feature producer’s programme objectives




“Weeklies”: more creative & complex editing (e.g. three machine with effects, dubbing etc.)

Non-linear editing

Complex Sound Operations

Complex and variable nature

Planning of outside broadcasts and live or recorded programmes with multiple sources, including the management of instantly changing on-air requirements resulting from unforeseen events

Planning and setting up complex communications circuits and providing technical advice.


Multi position cameras / presenters movement around the set; directing camera operators /presenters  

Consequential technically complex lighting

Regular use of OBs into the programme

Vision mixing & directing – and / or operation of Janice panel and Big Ted

Direction of Graphic sequences; use of graphics in FX overlays or in plasma screens during broadcasts  

Planning and Utilisation of Resources

Carry out the necessary planning to ensure that all required facilities & arrangements are available in the gallery & on the studio floor (and where appropriate for outside)

Co-ordinate assembly of all material required for programme

Lead the Resources team during rehearsal, transmission or recording

Responsible for handling problems encountered with live transmissions, taking account of editorial priorities & availability of Resources

Decide on which equipment is best suited to the editorial “style” sought

Creative Input

Advise & guide on story treatments in terms of production values & technical viability

Direct the programme for either live broadcasts, transmission or recording

Carry out directing, either on location or studio taking into account time constraints, lighting requirements & film-making techniques

Supervise & produce the editing of material on VT as required












Write scripts as required

Identifies & tells stories in a concise & clear way

Decides the angle of a story and sells it to Editors

Understands editorial issues relating to emerging stories



Team Leadership  

To act as a point of contact for colleagues from within the business

Schedule other members of the team, deciding where necessary the appropriate level & nature of support required to provide a quality service

Responsible for appraisal, development & guidance of less experienced members of the team

Customer Liaison

Explains clearly the technical & operational facilities & limitations to programme-makers

Interpret the requests of our colleagues & within budgetary limitations, realise their artistic requirements in the most creative way possible to contribute ideas to the programme

Financial/Business Awareness

Plan & organise assignments & projects, ensuring the workload is prioritised around broadcast deadlines & business requirements

Awareness of the compromise between cost-efficiency required by the operational side of the business & the creative/artistic input which our colleagues often seek or expect

To return all paperwork required by the department promptly; in particular timesheets

Scan market to make contacts for independent or corporate customers