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Optometry technician job description

Job Summary-Optometry technician job description

Carrying out assessment of visual acuities, visual field tests, retinal imaging, anterior chamber imaging, ocular coherence tomography and biometry. The post holder will assist head of department with administrative duties.

Main responsibilities-Optometry technician job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Optometry technician job description


Qualifications and Training


GCSE level (or equivalent) in English & Maths


Knowledge and Experience


Significant experience of optometric technician roles, underpinned by theory either acquired through training and competency assessment, or equivalent experience.


A basic knowledge and developing interest in glaucoma and macula disease with an understanding of other

ophthalmic abnormalities that affect the patient’s visual field e.g. neurological defects.


Specific Skills


Demonstrate practical clinical competency in undertaking visual field assessment, corneal curvature measurement, retinal imaging and biometry, with the ability to recognise and understand the relevance of normal and abnormal test results.


Work effectively within a multi-disciplinary team and plan workload of optometry technicians.


Have a caring and sensitive approach to dealing with elderly, infirm and visually impaired patients. Ability to

overcome barriers to understanding such as language difficulties impaired hearing, sight loss, and poor test comprehension.


Possess effective communication skills both written and verbal. To record test results accurately and communicate confidential, patient related information to colleagues in associated ophthalmic disciplines.











Provide a consistent approach to undertaking clinical procedures in accordance with professional standards and

clinical protocols, ensuring attention to detail.


Ability to handle conflict effectively and differences of opinions maturely.



Free Job description Optometry technician

To provide a comprehensive visual field service using highly technical computerised perimetry equipment – Humphrey, and Goldmann. This involves skilled examination of the visual fields to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many ocular and neurological conditions. This could

be on adults, children and also patients with specific learning difficulties and/or special needs.


Accurate use of focimeter to measure and determine necessary working lens for VF assessment.


To help provide a computerised corneal  topography/ pachymetry service. This involves the measurement of corneal shape and thickness to aid diagnosis and treatment of various corneal conditions and glaucoma, using complex computerised instrumentation. To image

anterior chamber depth and lens structures as required by clinicians using Pentacam AC analyser.

1.3 To help provide a service in pre-operative biometry measurementsusing IOL Master for patients having cataract surgery.


1.4 To undertake imaging of the retina using Ocular Coherence

Tomographer for patients with macula disease and assess LogMar

visual acuity, according to defined protocols. Appropriate evaluation of image quality will be required to enable clinical staff to make accurate judgements and treatment plans. This will involve a high level of specific knowledge and training.


1.5 To perform accurate measurement of visual and pinhole acuity for both visual field and general eye clinic patients.


1.6 To perform ancilliary tests such as colour vision assessment and field of binocular single vision, as required by clinical staff.


1.7 To instil dilating eyedrops in patients where required, unsupervised. eg Tropicamide and Phenylephrine.


1.8 To help the Eye Clinic nursing staff obtain and arrange the notes for the clinics, when available.


1.9 To ensure that any potential for development is pursued so that a dynamic approach to patient care is maintained, quality being foremost.


1.10 To assist with the instruction of pre-Registration Optometrists, nursing and medical staff in the use of visual field and imaging equipment and supervise other visual field technicians and assist in the training of new staff.


1.11 To ensure the Health & Safety of all staff, patients and visitors,

reporting any accidents, incidents hazards or defects.


1.12 Upholds the confidentiality due to patients and their relatives at all times and in all situations.


1.13 To provide a high standard of care for all patients and carry out all aspects of care proficiently.


1.14 To requisition stock for optometry department and maintain accurate records, check stock against orders and take action for any

discrepancies. To check specifications of ordered contact lenses and

be responsible for sending to patients where necessary and raising



1.15 To ensure all equipment is in good working order and ready for use reporting any defective equipment, arranging for its repair and

informing the relevant parties of action taken.


1.16 To record all clinical work in patients’ records and ensure these are kept up to date.


1.17 Develop and maintain close working team relationships