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Job Summary  

Main responsibilities-Palliative care nurse job description

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-Palliative care nurse job description

Palliative care nurse job description

1. Deliver evidence based Specialist Palliative Care to each individual patient.

2. Care for and support families and others close to them.

1. Responsible for Student Nurses, new and Bank Staff Nurses, Health Care Assistants.

2. In the absence of on site Doctors, Staff Nurses use their experience and specialist knowledge of Palliative Care to deliver appropriate treatment and medication within agreed Hospice guidelines.

3. Ensure the cost effective use of medical equipment and clinical stores.





• RN


• ENB931 or equivalent Certificate in Palliative Care.



• Two years post Registration experience.


















• Able to demonstrate knowledge of research based clinical experience.


• Able to demonstrate knowledge of Palliative Care.


Skills and Abilities



• Has an understanding of a high standard of patient care and works in accordance with the Nursing & Midwifery Council Code of Conduct and Practice.


• Up to date clinical skills in Palliative Care.


• Ability to work unsupervised.




• Highly skilled in communication.


• Team skills, able to work effectively in a team.

• Problem solving skills, able to solve problems, taking into account and working with others to produce workable solutions


• Organisational skills, able to organise own workload, assessing priorities.




• Teaching skills, able to teach students and junior staff.




Personal Qualities

• Confident, calm and enthusiastic

• Able to work in stressful situations.


• Good sense of humour


6. Having knowledge of and providing care to patients and families of different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

7. Promoting a relaxed and informal atmosphere in the Hospice whilst maintaining a professional safe environment for patients, relatives and staff.

8. Ensuring the keeping of accurate nursing records.

9. Supporting and caring for colleagues whilst working in an emotionally stressful environment.

10. Mentoring, teaching and supporting students on placement in the Hospice.

11. Ensuring own continual professional development as out by the nursing & midwifery council.

12. Promoting and maintaining effective communication and referral within the MDT and other appropriate agencies involved in patient and family care.

13. Orientating, teaching and supporting new and junior members of staff.

14. Providing a high standard of personalised ongoing after-care for bereaved families and friends.

15. Maintaining up to date clinical skills needed to deliver treatment appropriate to the individual.

16. To be responsible for the appropriate nutritional needs of individual patients.

17. Supervising and participating in the custody, recording, maintenance and administration of drugs in accordance with the current policy.

18. To be aware of the principles of infection control in line with Hospice and  policies ensuring high standards of practice in self and others to promote a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff.




4. To be skilled in specialist communication e.g. breaking bad news about disease progression, prognosis and dying and to have frequent exposure to highly emotional distressing circumstances of terminally ill patients and families.

1. Assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating individual care from admission to discharge or death.

2. Provide a high standard of holistic care encompassing physical, psychological, spiritual and social care to patients and families.


3. Supervising and co-ordinating the running of the Hospice in the absence of senior staff.

4. Offering specialised knowledge and skill in the care of terminally ill patients and their families.


5. Disseminating specialist knowledge to junior staff and members of the primary health care teams.


Further and General Responsibilities


1. Work within current Hospice and  policies and procedures.

2. Be responsible for health and safety of selves, patients and visitors in their environment.

3. Contribute to the security of the premises and its contents.

4. Be responsible for regular updating of self in manual handling, CPR, health and safety and fire.

5. Contribute to the prevention and management of unexpected events.


6tribute to the management of aggressive and abusive behaviour.

7. Promote equality in all patients.

8. Monitor and maintain a clean environment.

9. Be responsible for the appropriate and safe use of equipment.

10. To regularly update in specialist palliative care knowledge and skills to ensure best practice.

11. To educate and promote health in patients and carers where appropriate.

12. Ensure respect for privacy and dignity of all patients.

13. Be responsible for the maintenance of confidentiality and information and comply with the Data Protection Act.

14. Exercise leadership by example.

15. To abide by the NMC Code of Professional Conduct for the Nurse, to ensure safe practice and to be professionally accountable for your own practice.