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Paramedic job description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

Provide transport to and from emergency situations, transfers and urgent calls with continuing treatment en-route.

Carry out patient assessment and Pre-Hospital care and treatment to all categories of `999` emergency and urgent cases either as part of a crew or as a solo responder.

Undertake daily vehicle checks, check and restock drugs, equipment and consumables maintaining a state of readiness for all categories of calls.

Ensure that the needs of all patients and relatives are met without delay acting at all times in a courteous and sympathetic manner.


Main responsibilities-Paramedic job description

1. At the commencement of each shift to check that the allocated vehicle is equipped appropriately and is road worthy reporting issues to the appropriate department.  The responsibility for the vehicle and equipment is then signed for.


2. The immediate response to emergency and urgent calls driving under `Blue Light` conditions when required complying with all relevant traffic legislation and driving with consideration for other road users.

3. Required to have knowledge of current procedures for Radio, Automatic Vehicle Location system and satellite navigation unit to promote a prompt response to emergency calls.


4. Required to operate in both internal and external environments during inclement weather conditions with various degrees of light and darkness

5. Provision of care, assistance and support as appropriate to patients with impaired mobility or any other physical or mental disabilities, some of which may present with severely challenging behavioural problems.

6. Provision of care, assistance and support as appropriate to patients with impaired mobility due to medical, traumatic or surgical complaints.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Paramedic job description

11. Management of Gynae and Obstetric patients and in the absence of a qualified midwife undertake and supervise `Emergency Child Birth` treating mother and baby accordingly


12. Conduct thorough physical examination of patient using recognised assessment skills to allow diagnosis to be made.


13. Exercise clinical judgement to implementing emergency care/treatment plans and when required using Alternative Care direct admission to a specialist unit such as geriatrics, referral to specialist community teams for assessment at home.







Paramedic job description


Minimum 5 GCSE including maths, English and a science minimum of grade C or equivalent


IHCD Paramedic-6months operational experience

State Registration Health Professional Council (HPC)


CPD training-4 days annually (classroom), 2 days operationally


Required to undertake mandatory training as instructed eg, manual handling & aggression and violence



EXPERIENCE Paramedic job description

(Length, type and level of work related experience)


IHCD Advanced `Blue Light` driver

Basic trauma life support

IHCD Technician-1 year operational experience



(Range and level of skills, depth of knowledge required for the job)


The ability to communicate in situations that need high levels of diplomacy and understanding.














Awareness of the Ambulance Service policies and procedures as distributed by the trust board



(Communication and interpersonal skills, organisational skills, ability to work on own initiative, to strict protocols/procedures and time scales) Confident and self motivated

Ability to work with others or part of a team

Ability to work unsupervised

Caring disposition

Ability to prioritise workload and act under pressure




(Physical/health requirements, specific requirements e.g. car owner/driver, full, clean, current UK Driving Licence)

Full UK Driving Licence-must hold C1 catagory

Flexible with regards to hours of work

Able to work a full range of shifts

Good attendance record

Physically fit to lift and carry

CRB clearance

Paramedic job description


8. Conduct dynamic risk assessments when responding to incidents for protection of yourself your crewmate and the patient, as physical or verbal abuse may be an issue.


9. When required liase with members of the other `Emergency Services` undertaking an incident management role.


10. Knowledge of how to deal with situations involving multiple casualties including road traffic accidents and fires involving trapped or injured persons.



7. Responsible for undertaking manual handling operations relating to patients with various medical conditions several times a day.  This may include the extraction of patients from difficult and awkward positions and carrying patients and equipment up and down stairs and uneven surfaces.


14. Communicate with tact and diplomacy with patient, family, colleagues and other health professionals and the public to ascertain extremely sensitive or confidential information to reach a diagnosis.


15. When indicated using your own significant clinical judgment, administration of a range of drugs relevant to the patients needs and appropriate to the skill level of a State Registered Paramedic. This will include the use of a class `A` controlled drug i.e. Morphine Sulphate.


16. Communicate extremely sensitive issues to patients and relatives such as suicide attempts or unexpected bereavements.


17. The ability to negotiate and persuade reluctant patients with a defined clinical need to consent to treatment.

Paramedic job description

18. Provide prehospital advice and guidance to patient and relatives to contribute to patient care being aware of religious and language barriers



19. Liase with all levels of medical staff in connection with the on-going treatment of the patient ensuring all relevant information is passed and documentation completed.


20. Follow the `Confirmation of Death Policy` and provide initial support, empathy and counselling to bereaved relatives.


21. Accurately complete all documentation including confidential details as required by the service and on occasions may be expected to give evidence to Her Majesty`s Coroner or Crown Court.


22. Maintain Professional Registration as a Paramedic and undertake continual professional development, skill levels and knowledge, carry out procedures in accordance with JRCALC defibrillation, cannulation, fluid replacement, intubation, needle cricoidthyrotomy, needle thoracenthesis, 12 lead ECG interpretation and diagnosis to enable thrombolitic therapy (Advanced Life Support)


23. Responsible to supervise and mentor new and lesser-qualified staff and take full `Clinical Responsibility`.


24. To recognise and report to the appropriate authorities any concerns regarding child abuse under the 1989 Children`s Act.


25. Adherence to the following drug legislation:- Misuse of  Drugs Act 1971 - 2001 regulations. Prescriptions Only Medication Act 1968,1997 amendments act 1992














26. Adherence to the law governing the use and documentation of class A and other controlled drugs used and carried.


27. Presentation of a smart appearance incorporating current regulations relating to the wearing of a service uniform.


28. Adherence to the Code of Conduct, Operational Instructions, Quality Procedures, Data Protection, Caldicott Guardian and any other verbal or written instructions promulgated by the service currently or in the future.    


29. To participate in clinical trials and equipment testing as requested.


30. Maintain a professional portfolio with evidence of ongoing clinical practice for reflection and future training needs.