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Job Description Payroll &  Pensions Officer

Job Summary-Job Description Payroll &  Pensions Officer

The preparation of a section of payroll, providing assistance to the supervisor, while providing a comprehensive superannuation administration and advisory service to all employees

Main responsibilities-Job Description Payroll &  Pensions Officer

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Job Description Payroll &  Pensions Officer

.        Key Result Areas


1.The provision of the payment of salaries, wages and expenses of a section payroll, ensuring they are accurate and that deadlines are achieved.


2.Dealing with correspondence on matters relating to pay and superannuation, from both internal and external agencies, ensuring that information provided is accurate and timely.


3.Perform at a senior level in relation to pay, superannuation and conditions of service:


For liaising with and advising staff of all disciplines, ensuring that the high standards of customer service as set by the Department are maintained.


Providing a comprehensive Superannuation administration system


High level administration work, including completion of forms, forecasts and maintenance of the online system.


4.Provide assistance to the Pay & Pension Services Supervisors in regard to:


Computer related activities ensuring that processing deadlines are met.


Obtaining the necessary signatures for all payments made in the Department in accordance with Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs).


Order, maintain and control stationery for Pensions and Payroll administration.


Audit checking all permanent changes to the system.


Preparation and paying over of monies to the Pensions Agency.


Attending orientation fairs, giving advice and guidance to new employees.


Assisting in the planning and prioritising of work on a day-to-day basis.


To be able to deputise for the Pay & Pension Supervisor in periods of absence.


5.To have a full knowledge of all statutory regulations, payments and calculations relating to Pay and Pensions, and to be able to give advice, training and guidance to other team members.  


6.Systematically following laid down procedures, ensuring that working practices and checking protocols are consistent with the requirements of internal and external agencies and audit; meeting agreed quality standards.










7.Dealing at a senior level, promptly and efficiently with any queries, maintaining a professional image at all times.


8.Assist and liase with the Payroll Systems Manager in:


The prompt reporting of ESR & Pensions online System faults and the monitoring of the ESR System.


To assist the Payroll Systems Manager in the update, implementation and training of all system changes.


9.Liaising with and give advice to Managers and staff on matters relating to pay and Statutory / Non-Statutory deductions and ensure the timely provision of services, and participate in the smooth introduction and adherence to service and procedural changes.



Knowledge Requirements.


5 Years Payroll experience.

High-level knowledge of all Payroll statutory requirements and any pending changes.

Excellent computer skills.






Further Training.


Attends all training in respect of systems, IT and statutory updates/ changes.




5 Years Payroll experience.

High-level customer service skills.

Excellent Payroll skills.

The ability to supervise tasks and be part of the team.




Flexible working hours.


Physical and Mental Skills


Good keyboard skills and a high level of IT experience.


Excellent interpersonal skills to be able to communicate confidential and sensitive financial issues orally, verbally and in writing throughout the  and externally to customers.


Excellent communication skills to be able to liase with all employees and staff in a professional manner.


Excellent analytical and judgement skills when interpreting complex information.


Able to give high level advice on all payroll and pension matters and provide explanations on policies and procedures when required.


Able to advise Pay and Pension Supervisors of any problems within the Department.


Able to co-ordinate work across the Department to ensure deadlines are meet.


To have an extensive knowledge of the ESR System


5 years Payroll experience.


Qualified to Foundation level of Institute of Payroll and Pensions management, Edexcel / BTEC Certificate / NVQ level 4.


Responsibilities of the Post Holder


Responsible for the accurate and timely provision of payroll.


Assist in ensuring all permanent changes are checked in accordance with audit regulations.


Responsible for maintaining a high level working knowledge of the ESR and Pensions online systems and the ability to apply this knowledge effectively.


Assists in the co-ordination of workload in the Department to ensure deadlines are met.


Responsible for assisting the Pay and Pension Supervisors in the Department while ensuring they remain an integral member of the team.


Responsible for assisting in the implementation of changes to the system, polices and procedures, ensuring adequate training is given to staff.


Responsible for maintaining a high level understanding of the  pension scheme and provide an administration and advice service to all employees of the .





Free Job Description Payroll &  Pensions Officer

Role of the Department


•Monitoring and advising on performance measures in order to control the ’s financial position.


•Reporting of the financial position to the Board of Directors and Foundation  Regulators, Monitor.


•Operation and development of the Budgeting system: Management Budgeting.


•Provision of top quality Financial Services.


•Preparation of statutory returns including Annual Accounts and Reference Costs.


•Provision of high quality financial and business advice to Divisions, Service Directors, Budget Managers and the  as a whole.


•Operation and development of the Service Line Reporting System.

10.Responsible for the monitoring, recording and reporting to the Pay & Pension Supervisors, overpayments in the Department including checking calculations and ensuring correct administration procedures are adhered to.


11.Undertake the day-to-day tasks to assist the Pay & Pension Supervisors:


Responsible for checking and maintaining all starters and leavers through  notifications from HR via a spreadsheet, ensuring they are passed to the correct Pay Officer for actioning. Liasing with the HR Department when errors or omissions occur.

Work with the Pay & Pension Services Supervisors to ensure training and development of staff in relation to their Personal Objectives and Development Plans.


Ability to process payments including running and printing basic reports and calculating and processing of quick pays.

To ensure accuracy in calculation and input.


12.Taking reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work in order to maintain a safe working environment for self and colleagues. Treating everyone equally and with respect at all times ensuring appropriate standards of behaviour, service and professionalism.










13.To undertake any other duties which may be reasonably regarded as within the nature of the duties, responsibilities and grade of the post as defined, subject to the proviso that appropriate training is given and that wherever possible significant changes of a permanent nature shall be mutually agreed and incorporated into the job description in specific terms and the post re-evaluated if the change is likely to result in a job evaluation score change.