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Pharmacist job description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

You will be expected to take the lead  role in delivering and developing clinical pharmacy and dispensing services to the Hospital and the off-site units and to be the lead Mental Health Pharmacist.


This post will give you the opportunity to not only develop your mental health expertise but also your management skills as you will be leading a team of 4 Clinical Pharmacists and 2 Pharmacy Technicians.

You must have at least 8 years NHS hospital experience, 4 years of which within a hospital based mental health service. A Clinical Certificate in Psychiatric Pharmacy is also essential for this post.

Main responsibilities-Pharmacist job description

Key responsibilities include:


   1. Manager of the Pharmacy service at the Hospital

   2. Clinical lead for Pharmaceutical Advice to Mental Health Service

   3. Ensure supply of medicines and advice to Mental Health patients

   4. Ensure supply of medicines and advice to Elderly patients

   5. Ensure supply of medicines and advice to Community Units


Pharmacist job description



    * 1. Provision of expert advice and pharmaceutical support on the use of drugs used in the Mental Health Service to all Medical, Nursing and other Healthcare staff and in associated units.

    * 2. To contribute to the training of Medical, Nursing and other Healthcare staff in th hospital and Community Units.

    * 3. To screen prescriptions in the Pharmacy or on the wards, prior to dispensing, for clinical appropriateness and identify and resolve problems.

    * 4. To manage the pharmaceutical service specific to patients who have been prescribed Clozapine, including:-

    * a. Interpretation of Therapeutic Drug Levels





Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Pharmacist job description



    * 1. Ensure that staff in the department are recruited to the full establishment.

    * 2. To monitor the performance of staff in the department through the appraisal system.

    * 3. To assist Chief Pharmacist in the development of systems and services to improve compliance with Controls Assurance -Medicines Management standards.

    * 4. To ensure that staff work in a safe environment and that they are aware of risks.

    * 5. To monitor prescribing against local formularies and to promote prescribing within such guidelines.




    * 1. To ensure that accurate records are maintained either electronically or in paper copy.


Team Role/Management:


    * 1. To develop effective communication between the staff in the Pharmacy and in the PCTs

    * 2. To assist in the development and maintenance of formularies to control the use of medicines through attendance at the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee.


Education and Training/Self-Development:


    * 1. Identify own training and development needs and undertake appropriate training/education as required, supported by regular PDR.

    * 2. Adhere to all Policies and Health & Safety, as applicable.



   1. Taught Masters Degree in Pharmacy

   2. MRPharm S

   3. Clinical Certificate in Psychiatric Pharmacy


Experience Pharmacist job description


   1. 8 years NHS hospital experience











   2. 4 years as hospital based Mental Health Services Pharmacist

   3. Education & training of care staff

   4. Formulary Management in Mental Health

   5. Clozapine services




   1. Ability to work with `challenging`patients

   2. Appreciation of needs of patients with Mental Health conditions Leadership and strategic vision

   3. Attention to detail

   4. Good communication skills

   5. Able to work independently

   6. Prioritisation / time management

   7. Problem solving

   8. Computer literate

   9. Work under pressure


Pharmacist job description


    * b. Clarifying safety data with the monitoring service.

    * c. Ensuring that necessary actions are followed through.

    * 5. Ensure safe, effective and cost efficient use of medicines in the Mental Health Services.

    * 6. Ensure that the Pharmaceutical Services to the Mental Health Services develop in line with national and local directives and objectives.

    * 7. Attend and contribute to psychiatric ward rounds with senior Mental Health clinicians in the Hospital and medication reviews in rehabilitation units, ensuring that patients are prescribed the correct drug in the optimal form and that there is appropriate monitoring for adverse effects.

    * 8. To develop clinical and therapeutic guidelines with senior clinicians.

    * 9. To advise patients on acute psychiatric wards, in rehabilitation and day services, and their carers, on their use of medication.

    * 10. Prepare medication case histories as required.

    * 11. Provide training to junior Pharmacists to enhance their clinical skills.

    * 12. Ensure the adequate provision of Pharmaceutical advice to the Elderly services.


    * 13. Ensure the provision of safe, effective and cost effective medicines, in a timely manner the Elderly services.

    * 14. To support the Medicines Information department in the Hospital in the provision of information on the use of Mental Health medicines to patients and healthcare practitioners.

    * 15. To participate in clinical trials and audits.