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Main responsibilities-Physiotherapist Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Physiotherapist Job Description

Physician Job Description

To be responsible for providing specialist assessment and treatment of patients within the Pain Management Programme ensuring appropriate pathways of care and communications via liaison and referral to other agencies as required.  To co-ordinate a team of Physiotherapy staff and assist in the implementation of the services Clinical Governance action plan.


1. To undertake physiotherapy assessment, clinically diagnose and implement agreed treatment plans if appropriate including the treatment of complex patients in a manner that respects people’s privacy, dignity and individuality.  


2. To monitor the appropriateness of referrals, obtaining information relevant to patient care and ensuring appropriate discharge / ongoing care. Dimensions Core


3. To regularly advise, assist and educate Senior II Staff Grade, Assistants and Student Physiotherapists on the management of patients, including clinically demanding patients.


4. To take part in the Acute weekend service (optional).


5. To ensure a high standard of patient care is provided, implementing and reviewing clinical standards relevant to the work undertaken.


6. To facilitate effective internal and external two-way communication with patients, carers and all other Health and Social Care Professionals regarding all aspects of patient care.


7. To provide and receive complex information that requires empathy and reassurance, communicating where there may be barriers to understanding.

8. To ensure where necessary the provision of cover for the department as a whole in times of annual leave / sickness etc.



1. To comply with the WCNN mandatory training and all health and safety policies of the Organisation including undertaking annual training in manual handling, CPR, fire and infection control.

2. To comply with and contribute to the development of departmental procedures and guidelines.

3. To ensure that any equipment, furniture or building in need of repair is reported to the correct authority as necessary and to identify the units equipment requirements.


4. To comply with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy standards and rules of professional conduct.

5. To develop, actively undertake and where appropriate lead clinical audit.

6. To ensure treatments offered to patients are based on the best available clinical evidence.

7. To comply with the Data Protection Act and Caldicott recommendations.



1. To actively participate in the in-service training programme.

2. To organise and lead in-service training programmes when required.

3. To attend relevant training courses and complete yearly appraisal and Personal Development Plan.  To disseminate information from training attended as required.


4. To facilitate regular training and mentoring sessions of Staff Grade, Assistant and Senior II Physiotherapists, monitoring, appraising and developing clinical skills and professional standards.

5. To teach and advise carers and other Health Professionals to ensure provision of good patient care.

6. To train and supervise students on clinical placement in the role of clinical educator.

7. To undertake teaching to external agencies as agreed with the manager.



1. To supervise Senior II, Staff Grades, Students and Assistants.

2. To provide the Managers with specialist advice on the planning and development of the service.

3. To assist the Managers in achieving the departmental objectives and promoting an open style of management.

4. To actively participate in the professional development programme of the Physiotherapy Department.



5. To co-ordinate the WCNN team at an operational level ensuring the efficient running of the department and effective dissemination of information.

6. To be responsible for the collection of such statistics / records as are required nationally and departmentally and to ensure that confidentially is maintained.

7. To represent Physiotherapy / Therapy Services on the management and service development committees .

8. To identify and order equipment requirements for the Walton Centre following liaison with the physiotherapy manager.



*This job description is intended to be a general guide to the duties and responsibilities of the post and not a rigid, inflexible specification.  It will be subject to regular review in the light of changing circumstances and following consultation with the post holder.

 Diploma/degree in Physiotherapy

 State Registered Physiotherapist (HPC)

 Relevant clinical educators’ course or willing to undertake training

 Appropriate range of postgraduate clinical education



 Broad range of post graduate clinical experience including comprehensive rotational experience

 Specific experience in speciality applied for

 Experience of participating in and delivering in-service training programmes

 Experience of supervising staff



 The ability to discuss the clinical reasoning process in the management of complex cases

 The ability to identify and act upon adverse clinical signs

 Good communication skills both verbal and written when interacting with members of the team, other staff, patients and their families

 The ability to work effectively in a team environment

 Evidence of initiative

 Good time management

 the ability to discuss the ethos of clinical governance and its relevance in physiotherapy practice

 The ability to demonstrate an understanding of thethe challenges facing the physiotherapy service