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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

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The co-ordination of the planning process and performance review within the business unit including the identification, implementation and monitoring of changes and innovations that will contribute to the delivery of improved services.


This role will lead on business plans, advising their senior management team on how to improve performance and manage risk. It requires experience of business planning and performance management processes and activities within a complex environment, analytical skills and proven ability to develop practical solutions to complex problems.

Main responsibilities-Planning Performance Manager job description



Essential Activities of the role


Monitor and review organisational performance


Review external and internal environments


Prepare strategic position papers and briefings


Provide specialist advice and knowledge


Gather information to support action


Analyse information






Core Responsibilities Activities


The role holder should effectively deliver these key requirements:


Finance and ResourcesMake recommendations for expenditure


Develop and present recommendations for expenditure in line with company requirements and objectives.Planning Performance Manager Job Description [cont]


Health, Safety and Welfare Supervise Health and Safety


Ensure that all team members are aware of health and safety requirements, continually seek ways to improve the work environment and take effective action in response to breaches in health and safety requirements.


Managing and Developing People-Coach and mentor staff


Provide advice, guidance, and feedback, to build confidence and improve effectiveness within existing roles and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for personal development.



Delegate work to others


Give responsibility and authority to others for discrete pieces of work, agreeing with them the targets they need to achieve, advising and supporting them in what they do.










Carry out performance reviews


Complete a fair and objective review of individual performance, recognising personal achievements and identifying areas for future development.


Prepare and deliver presentations


Prepare and deliver information to diverse audiences ensuring that you use an appropriate communication style, operate equipment correctly and represent the values of the Service.


Personal Responsibility-Promote equality, diversity and Human Rights in working practices


Promote equality, diversity and Human Rights in working practices by developing and maintaining positive working relationships, ensuring that colleagues are treated fairly and contributing to developing equality of opportunity in working practices.


Maintain standards of professional practice


Ensure your behaviour complies with company values and organise your own work effectively to meet the demands of your role. Identify, implement and monitor development activities to enhance your own performance.



Work as part of a team


Work co-operatively with team members and colleagues, contributing positively and constructively to the achievement of team and company objectives.



Planning Performance Manager Job Description [cont]


Make best use of technology


Make best use of technology in support of your role, ensuring correct operation and compliance with company and legal requirements.


Comply with Health and Safety legislation Ensure that you show a duty of care and take appropriate action to comply with Health and Safety requirements at all times.


Complete administration procedures


Ensure that all matters relating to the process of information are carried out in a prompt, efficient manner and in accordance with legislation, policy and procedure.



Planning Performance Manager Job Description [cont]


Managing the Organisation -Manage organisational change


Effectively plan and communicate proposed changes within the company, ensuring commitment to implementation.


Monitor and review organisational performance Monitor and review performance to identify improvements in service delivery.


Review external and internal environments Evaluate and improve the environment in which the company operates taking into consideration stakeholders needs and expectations.


Co-ordinate multiple projects


Co-ordinate the running of projects ensuring that operational or strategic aims are achieved without unnecessary duplication or waste of resources.


Evaluate and improve organisational performance


Manage the strategic performance of the organisation and achieve necessary improvements by developing measures and criteria to evaluate the organisation's performance, carrying out evaluations and finding reasons for success and failure in the organisation.


Prepare strategic position papers and briefings Prepare position papers and briefings in response to questions from senior personnel and others in accordance with legislation and company protocols.

Planning Performance Manager Job Description [cont]


Provide specialist advice and knowledge


Provide specialist advice and knowledge to colleagues, partners and other individuals and agencies to support the achievement of Force objectives and enable compliance with company policy.


Gather information to support action Gather information from a range of sources in order to support action. Ensure the information is obtained ethically and in accordance with relevant legislation and policy.


Analyse information Analyse a range of information noting patterns and trends. Present the results in an appropriate format.


Evaluate information to support action Evaluate and assess the value of information identifying relevant patterns and trends. Use the information to take appropriate action and achieve desired outcomes.


Facilitate group discussions- Facilitate group discussion ensuring equal participation of all involved to enable objectives to be met.


Manage the quality of service provision- Set appropriate standards for service provision and establish appropriate systems to effectively maintain a quality of service that meets customer and company expectations.


Participate in meetings- Prepare for and actively contribute within meetings in a clear, concise and relevant manner, ensuring decisions and actions are communicated to appropriate personnel.



Planning Performance Manager Job Description [cont]




Effective communication and influencing skills at all levels are also required.


Planning Performance Manager Job Description [cont]


Evaluate information to support action


Prepare and deliver presentations



Essential experience and specialist skills and knowledge



Planning Performance Manager Job Description [cont]


Experience of working as part a management team with functional and thematic experience to include specialist skills in:


Business analysis


Business & financial planning


Financial analysis



Change management and control


Risk management


Management information


Performance management


Process & efficiency management


Process re-design and implementation


Target setting and management


Internal inspectorate functions


Discreet efficiency projects


Extensive experience of


Consulting and presenting to stakeholders at all levels, both internally and externally.


Negotiating with internal and external stakeholders, user testing and negotiation.


Advanced knowledge of MS Office applications is essential whilst a knowledge of the following software packages is desirable


MS Project














MS Frontpage


Relational databases and SQL

Planning Performance Manager Job Description [cont]


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