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Prison Nurse job description

Job Summary

An experienced nurse to work managing a nursing team providing care in a London Prison.


The Head of Primary Care nursing Prison Services will play an important role in the prison healthcare management team.

The post holder will be expected to lead and inspire the clinical team through a period of significant change in terms of service redesign and delivery.


Main responsibilities-Prison Nurse job description





Clinical Leadership


    * 1. To challenge and improve current practice where appropriate, ensuring practice is evidence based.

    * 2. Acts in accordance with the NMC `Code of Conduct`.

    * 3. Is competent in the use of evidence to critically evaluate care and develop standards for practice.

    * 4. Responsible for the control of infection; and actively promotes and support infection control throughout the prison liaising with HPA as necessary.

    * 5. Develops a culture of clinical supervision and promotes positive learning environment.

    * 6. Ensure all staff has access to mandatory Clinical Supervision; taking appropriate action if staff not compliant.

    * 7. Ensure all clinical and nursing policies are evidence based, and are implemented by all staff.


Management and Organisation and Service Improvement


Prison Nurse job description [cont]


    * 1. Responsible as member of the Healthcare `Senior Management Team` for setting long term strategic direction for the Primary Healthcare Department.

    * 2. To manage the delivery of primary care nursing in the prison, ensuring services are of high quality, evidence based and meet the needs of the prison population.


    * 3. To lead on and advise on disciplinary issues.

    * 4. Represents Primary Care nursing Department, appropriately and professionally, as required at strategic planning committees or groups.




    * 5. Responsible for the development and implementation of a primary care nursing strategy.

    * 6. To participate in the planning, organising and provision of Chronic Disease clinics, Vaccination clinics (Hepatitis B, Flu) etc.

    * 7. Monitor the provision of Primary Care nursing services, liaising with professional colleagues to fulfil current needs and to identify and anticipate future need e.g. significant changes in prison capacity with a view to ensuring the primary care nursing services provided are fit for purpose.

    * 8. To ensure that strong links are made with local Primary Care providers

    * 9. Ensure the staff skills mix effectively meets health needs within the prison.

    * 10. Actively support the prison management team in delivery in key performance indicators

[cont right]


  * 11. Works effectively evaluating the potential of new developments taking into account local and national priorities and reviewing current policies in light of emergence of new national and local policies.

    * 12. Responsible to plan and discuss with the Head of Healthcare service developments that affect Primary Care nursing so these can be incorporated into the overall business plan.

    * 13. Engages Healthcare staff and prison `Senior Management Team` as well as service users, colleagues and other NHS staff to develop primary care services strategy and policies.

    * 14. Responsible for development and implementation of all aspects of clinical governance related to prison primary care services to ensure:


Prison Nurse job description [cont]


    * -Clinical Risk management, taking responsibility for the quality of primary care advice and service provision provided by the primary care nursing staff.

    * -Risk management including ensuring that the requirements of `Standards for Better Health` in relation to primary care are met; compiling/ maintaining risk registers; establishing systems for reporting and collating serious untoward incidents and near misses etc.

    * -To lead, as appropriate on Serious Untoward Incidents investigations within the prison to ensure lessons are learnt and disseminated to staff.

    * -To ensure a fair culture is embedded in the prison culture.

    * -Establishing systems for Risk Management assessments.

    * -That all legal, ethical and statutory frameworks are adhered to in relation to primary care nursing

    * -Development of relevant policies and procedures.

    * -The Prison Primary Care Service is fit for purpose in relation to Essence of Care standards.

    * -Compliance with Health and Safety guidelines and Prison Service Policies of Safe and Secure working practices in relation to Primary Care nursing services.

    * -Provide professional advice to Head of Healthcare to support the investigation and resolution of complaints.













Prison Nurse job description [cont]


    * 15. Responsible for effective managing of delegated budget to ensure:

    * 16. That the Head of Healthcare and other authorised parties are provided with appropriate primary care data (e.g. expenditure, statistics, clinical audits) to meet local and national priorities.


    * 17. Value for money and that areas of overspend are addressed and contained

    * 18. A proactive approach to identify and implement strategies to reduce expenditure as appropriate.

    * 19. Appropriate use of locum staff.

    * 20. Recruitment meets clinical needs of the service.

    * 21. Responsible for the procurement of appropriate medical equipment.

    * 22. Attend and participate in the Healthcare Senior Management Meetings to advice on nursing practice within the prison.

    * 23. Actively promotes equal opportunities, improving working lives, etc.

    * 24. Corporate responsibility for provision of all primary care nursing services at the prison.

    * 25. Responsible for reviewing new legislation regarding primary care prison nursing and deciding how it applies to the prison setting.

    * 26. Decides appropriate course of action where legislation does not clearly define protocol within the prison setting


Prison Nurse job description [cont]




    * 1. To develop a robust method of internal communication across the team

    * 2. Liaises with members of the multi-professional team both within and outside the prison, to ensure high standards of care are delivered.

    * 3. Actively promotes and participates in multidisciplinary working and delivery of high quality evidence based secure health provision.

    * 4. Negotiates changes in working practices with the multidisciplinary team.

    * 5. Communicating policy changes to healthcare staff

    * 6. Ensure effective communication systems are in place to disseminate information to relevant teams.

    * 7. Deal and report back any primary care nursing service complaints.

    * 8. Acts as an ambassador and role model for nursing staff within the prison.

    * 9. Establishing links with other nursing managers and modern matrons in both prison and healthcare sector.

    * 10. Communicates with prisoners about health issues and uses feedback to improve the quality of nursing care.


Prison Nurse job description [cont]


Education, Training & Mentoring


    * 1. Training Lead for the Primary Care nursing Team.

    * 2. Develop an environment that promotes work based and lifelong learning

    * 3. Participate in local education commissioning processes













    * 4. Plan and encourage training and professional updates for primary care nursing staff ensuring mandatory training is completed by the primary care nursing team.

    * 5. Ensure regular audit of clinical records are undertaken and outcomes of the audits are actioned.

    * 6. To share good practice at the prison with other prisons by presenting at local and national conferences.

    * 7. To continually seek to improve and expand knowledge in all aspects of primary care service provision for the prison population.

    * 8. Demonstrate experience and personal development.

    * 9. Responsible for the development and Delivery of training events for all prison staff to support:


Prison Nurse job description [cont]


    * -The implementation of primary care related policies

    * -The implementation of appropriate Clinical Guidelines


Leadership Prison Nurse job description


    * 1. The post is expected to lead and inspire members of the Primary Care team through required changes and transition period

    * 2. Responsible for the management of grievance and disciplinary matters within the primary care nursing team

    * 3. Understands and incorporate relevant legislation, national and local policies and protocols into guidance and practice in the prison sector.

    * 4. Lead and Line Manage the prison Primary Care nursing team taking responsibility for ensuring that senior staff complete the following:


    * -Staff Appraisals every 6 months

    * -Staff learning and Development (including Personal Development plans PDPs)

    * -Annual Leave, Sickness Absence management

    * -Recruitment (including deciding where to advertise, selecting the panel, developing selection process, assessing and selecting individuals for the post using agrees methods and based on objectives assessments against agreed selection criteria)

    * -Allocation of workload/ and work schedules/ delegation of tasks


Prison Nurse job description [cont]


Practice Development, Audit and Research


    * 1. Actively participate in research and audit as needed by the prison service and health care unit.

    * 2. Prioritise clinical areas for audit to demonstrate adherence to Prison Clinical Guidelines, NICE Recommendations etc.

    * 3. Lead on audits to determine adherence to appropriate policies and procedures


Information Resources


    * 1. Ensure confidentiality in all maters related to patients, staff personal issues and adherence to the prison according to Healthcare Confidentiality Policy.

    * 2. Good IT skills and sound knowledge and wiliness to use EMIS PCS system for clinical recording.

Prison Nurse job description


She/he will act as the clinical nurse lead in monitoring the standards, delivery and clinical outcomes of high quality nursing care within primary care services.


She/he will be accountable for the provision of professional nursing leadership and proactive resource management for those clinical services provided within the prison.


The post holder will be expected to create an environment of continuous quality improvement and professional development, ensuring that care delivery is regularly reviewed, and that service developments are implemented accordingly.


The Head of Primary Care nursing will participate in the senior clinical on-call rota on a regular basis. Prison Nurse job description [cont]


She/he will be responsible to the Head of Healthcare for the nursing budget

procedures and ancillary personnel administration...