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Process Engineer Job Description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Process Engineer Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Process Engineer Job Description

Process Engineer Job Description

Responsible for overseeing the design, modeling, execution and analysis of Process engineering requirements on a project, proposal or tender as per client instructions, in a timely, technically and economically optimum manner to meet the overall Project/proposal objectives.

   TPAD standards and project scope.


University or Higher Education:                 Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering

Computer Skills:    Basic Knowledge Of:- Simulation software such as: PROSIM, PRO II, OLGA, FLARENET- MS Office        


 Advanced knowledge of: HYSIS, PIPESIM



  Minimum Time of Related Experience:     10 Years

                                                                              - Oil And Gas Process Engineering Offshore / Onshore

                                                                              - Conceptual / Basic / Detailed Design of Process

                                                                              - Facilities, Lead Position in Previous Jobs,

                                                                              - Familiarity with International Design Codes,

                                                                              - Process Deliverables like P&ID's, Data Sheets,

                                                                              - Study Reports etc.

                                                                              - Design engineering company background with evidence of conceptual design


    1        Planning Process engineering design deliverables and ensuring the overall execution of Process related engineering requirements. This entails overseeing the preparation of basic design , FEED and detailed design                deliverables such as:


               - Conceptualization of Basis of Design

               - Development of Process Simulations, PFD's and Study reports (The Lead Engineer not only oversees but also

               participates in the development of Study Reports).

               - Compilation of Process Fluid Lists

               - Development of P&ID's

               - Development of Equipment Data Sheets

               - Development of Instrument Data Sheets

               - Development of Line lists

               - Development of Cause & Effect Diagrams / Safe Charts

               - Compilation of the Process Dossier

    2        Reviewing drawings from other Disciplines. All design review procedures are as per GWP A302-08.

    3        Coordination with Project Managers / Lead Engineers from other Disciplines for the inter-disciplinary tasks stated in Protocol General Section 1.3 and in GWP A 151-10

    4        Planning and implementation of the Project to ensure that deliverables are issued on schedule, project milestone dates are met, and given tasks are completed within the allowed budget;

    5        Technical and administrative management of the engineers / designers / draftsmen team, and assignment and co-ordination of activities within the team; Guiding the Process team to understand project, proposal and client's requirements; Ensuring proper communication within the Process Discipline team, with other Disciplines and with the client.

    6        Estimating and projecting the manpower/resource requirements well in advance and communicating availability to the Division Manager / Head of Discipline in order to ensure timely availability and deployment of resources among projects.

    7        Ensuring that the design is carried out as per the industry standard practices and in conformance with the quality management system of TPAD

    8        Ensuring the optimal utilization of other Discipline resources through good communication with project engineer, especially if the project is Process oriented.

    9        Providing weekly inputs for progress control to the Planning Division; monitor and control progress vis a vis man-hour expenditure within the Process Discipline;

    10      Providing site engineering support, as well as other inter-disciplinary support should the requirement arise

    11      Coordination with client engineers on Process engineering issues

    12      Assisting in the preparation of project proposals and tenders in what relates to Process Engineering design.

    13      Co-ordination with Project and client, subcontractors and/or suppliers

    14      Document Control: This entails the development / update of the Document Register with accurate progress  information on a regular basis. Each Lead Discipline Engineer is responsible for the discipline filing system for the project. He / she selects useful documentation and data at the end of the project and includes these in the Department main filing system. Document Control procedures are defined in GWP A302-06 and GWP A302-10

    15      Ensuring that any new industry developments / vendor inputs that are noted/any client feedback obtained on a specific project is shared with other team members to develop overall awareness/technical knowledge in the  department; Assimilating the evolution of new products and technology, and updating oneself on the latest international standards in terms of engineering design practices and their applications;

    16      Establishing communication channels and ensuring that engineering work within the Discipline utilizes all the relevant experience available from past projects of the Home Office.






    17      Identification of issues that impede project progress and reporting to Project Managers / Discipline Heads

    18      Conforming and contributing to the Discipline technical standards, knowledge database and Quality Procedures; Identifying new methodology of work process required for higher productivity.


    19      Contributing towards, maintaining and implementing both company and client HSE Management System objectives and procedures, as specified in GWP A 302 -16 2 and the HSE Manual 1357 A - HSEM - 2


    20      Complying with the applicable company procedures for the Engineering Department and the Process Discipline as they are documented in DWP A 302 - 02, and DWP A 312- 01 respectively, as well as those procedures in the references listed therein.