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Project Finance Manager Job Description

Job Summary

Aim is to assist and ensure projects are developed appropriately within company and to manage financial advisor`s and their outputs.

Main responsibilities-Project Finance Manager Job Description

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Project Finance Manager Job Description


* Core financial modelling


* Ability to create a financial model from scratch, or to adapt an existing one for a new project.


* The financial model should contain detailed calculations including (but not restricted to) the following: evenue (based on a payment mechanism). Funding calculations (draw down of debt, interest accrued, debt amortisation, etc). Tax computation. Working capital. Accounting treatment of capital expenditure. Debt coverage ratios. Investor returns. Full set of financial statements that are consistent with each other and generally comply with UK accounting practice.


* Ability to optimise a financial model to achieve certain targets subject to financial constraints.


* Ability to run sensitivities on the financial model.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Project Finance Manager Job Description

 * Support bid team with financial analysis as required during commercial negotiations.


* Provide Group with ad hoc analysis of the various bids/closed projects.


* Provide general financial modelling support for projects

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE  Project Finance Manager Job Description


* Review the model at a high level and ensure the results produced are sensible/ consistent with the assumptions in the model.


* Ensure data is provided to the advisors is understood and correctly reflected in the financial model.


* Ensure the financial model is optimized to ensure the competitiveness of company bid.


* Work within an Integrated Project Team (working with Consortium partners, Operations and specialist Advisers) to provide specialist project and structured finance advice and to deliver, negotiate and close PFI/PPP deals.


* Work with project directors to provide financing support to manage the development of new sectors and markets.


* Be the primary interface for the appointment and management of financial advisors and lenders in the development of companys PFI/ PPP market and also during a bidding phase. This will involve managing beauty parades to appoint funders/ advisors and then manage interface on a day to day basis.

Project Finance Manager Job Description


* Provide support to the management in decision making associated with equity and funding of projects.


* Commercial awareness.


* Numeracy.


* Good knowledge of accounting and taxation.


* Competency in financial modelling-the ability to convert the structure of mechanisms that can be defined in terms of quantifiable parameters into a set of spreadsheet calculations.









* Knowledge of PFI procurement process.


* Knowledge of funding structures, debt instruments and documentation


* Strong interpersonal and communication skills as the role involves interacting both in writing, by phone, and in person, with the group. External advisors. Funders. Client.


* Good organisational skills - need to manage working on more than one project at once and often to strict deadlines.


* Location - mainly London based with some limited travel for short periods.


* Working hours-can be unpredictable and occasionally may be required to work some very long days. Professional Qualification in related field


* 5+ years experience in financing and project development


* Calm and Professional


* Good with people


* Firm and decisive


Project Finance Manager Job Description


* Reviewing the financial model (and other documents) prepared by financial advisor, and liaising with modeller to feedback any issues identified. This involves understanding the model at a detailed level and possibly running it as well.

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