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Radiographer job description-Breast Services

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Radiographer job description-Breast Services

Provision of mammography

To undertake high quality screening mammography at base unit and mobile screening unit.

To undertake high quality mammography and associated specialised radiographic techniques at assessment and symptomatic clinics in the static in the static unit.


To carry out mammography examinations that are adequate for radiological interpretation in 97% of cases. To perform regular QA tests on the X-ray equipment (mobile and static) and ensure that results are accurately logged; on the windense system and appropriate paper documentation to inform the Superintendent Radiographer or Lead QA Radiographer of any results which are outside agreed parameters, or, if the post-holder is the most senior in the department, to take actions to resolve the problem.


To work flexibly by working occasional unsociable hours to accommodate service requirements.

To check and document identity and demographic details of patients/clients according to departmental practice for screening and symptomatic patients/clients.

To note any reported breast problems and observe and note any significant clinical signs and symptoms according to QMS standard operating procedures whilst not raising anxiety levels in the clients/ patients.

Radiographer job description

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-Radiographer job description-Breast Services

The post holder will undertake high quality mammography examinations in both the screening and symptomatic breast referral services.  The post holder has responsibility for the assistant practitioners and radiographic helper staff and in addition the post holder will provide training for other members of the team in all aspects of digital mammography, and standard image guided interventional procedures.OT services within a designated area/team.




To ensure clients/patients receive a comprehensive explanation about the mammogram and expected time for receiving their results.

To perform accurate standard mammography examinations in a sensitive and professional manner, adhering to a six minute time constraint and be able to adapt techniques to individual patients/clients.



To perform specialised mammography views in assessment and symptomatic clinics as well as using specialised equipment to allow radiologists to perform accurate biopsies on impalpable lesions.


To be aware of the needs of the individual woman and be able to communicate effectively with clients/patients who come from different backgrounds, or who may have challenging behaviour, learning or physical disabilities, or who have just been given bad news.


To demonstrate and communicate empathy and sensitivity in sometimes highly emotive atmospheres ensuring that complex and sensitive information is understood by patients and carers.


To adhere to departmental regulations with particular regard to IRME(R) 2000, IRR ‘99 and local rules of practice.


To take part in regular PGMI image analysis and clinical audit sessions of mammography standards to maintain a technical repeat rate of less than 3%.

To take part in regular local and regional client satisfaction surveys for both screening and assessment clinics. To participate fully in the activities of the Breast Team, such as attending weekly clinical multidisciplinary team meetings. To participate in national dose surveys


Digital systems

To perform daily QA tests on digital systems and to ensure results are accurately logged. To inform the Senior Radiographer or Quality Assurance Radiographer if any results are outside acceptable parameters. To participate in all training provided by clinical applications specialists and cascade training in the department for new digital systems.


Responsibilities when working on a Mobile Unit

To provide a positive/welcoming environment for clients/patients.

To ensure daily collection of documentation and supplies from The Breast Screening Unit for use on the Mobile Units.

To ensure that the mobile unit is maintained as a suitable environment for staff and clients by checking for and reporting any external/internal damage prior to use. Undertakes cleaning of equipment and interior of mobiles, where necessary in-line with the trusts



 control of infection policy. To report deficiencies in domestic cleaning arrangements as required in the service level agreement.

To ensure the X-ray equipment is secured before the trailer is moved.

To maintain daily stocks on mobile unit to meet service requirements.

To report any loss or damage of stock to the Superintendent radiographer

To take responsibility for the relevant legislation relating to Health and Safety, COSHH, IR (ME) R 2000 regulations and Fire Procedures. To take responsibility for suspending/ceasing the screening list due to equipment failure or hazardous working conditions, in-line with NHSBSP publication number 32.

To take responsibility to contact relevant agencies to rectify any problems at the earliest opportunity.

To inform superintendent radiographer of all actions undertaken. To ensure that the mobile screening unit is left secure/alarmed when leaving the unit.

Provision of training and support to assistant practitioners, helpers, student radiographers, radiographers and specialist registrars

To supervise radiographic helpers/assistant s and assistant practitioners.

To supervise and assist qualified radiographers undergoing mammography training to gain the postgraduate award in mammography practice.

To supervise assistant practitioners undertaking mammography.

To give practical and theoretical support, training and advice to student radiographers and medical registrars undergoing training in the Breast Unit during the clinical rotation.















Provision of support during clinical radiological procedures

To prepare instrument trolleys for procedures using sterile techniques.

To correctly clean and dispose of equipment after performing specialised procedures.

To carry out mammography examinations required during specialised procedures such as X-ray guided localisation biopsies, and to provide relevant expertise to the radiologist during these procedures.

To provide support to clients and patients undergoing invasive procedures.

To X-ray breast pathology specimens for surgeons to ensure excision of all abnormal breast tissue.


To ensure that pathology laboratory specimens are accurately labelled, documented and transported to the collection point for onward transportation to the pathology laboratory during clinics. To accurately log client and procedure details according to departmental practice.


Education and Training

Participate in the PDRS process, maintaining relevant CPD activity and achieving agreed PDP. Participate in personal and peer film review to ensure adherence to the most recent NHSBSP targets. To be continually aware of data, policies and guidelines pertaining to the NHSBSP. Participate in regional breast screening service review and contribute to achieving appropriate targets and standards.



To communicate with patients, clients and visitors in a polite and respectful manner reflecting their level of understanding and taking into account cultural and language barriers; also promoting their sense of dignity at all times.

To communicate and liaise with all members of the multidisciplinary team in a polite and professional manner to contribute radiographic aspects relating to patient management and care. To be up to date with all current issues in all aspects of screening and breast care, and have a reasonable knowledge of other issues related to women’s health.

To respond to any questions or concerns from patients, clients and visitors professionally, knowledgeably and with confidence. To empathise, reassure (where appropriate) and to utilise well developed persuasive skills when dealing with patients in highly emotive




To develop skills to diffuse situations which occasionally arise when dealing with aggressive, demanding or angry patients/carers/relatives. To develop skills to switch between different cohorts of women i.e. screening, (asymptomatic) versus symptomatic requiring different persuasive motivational and communication skills to ensure the examination(s) is carried out to the highest standards.

To deal sensitively and with discretion with male referrals to the unit who may find the environment difficult or intimidating.



To take telephone enquiries in an effective, polite manner and refer on to relevant staff, as appropriate. To ensure patient/client confidentiality is maintained at all times in accordance with Trust policy. To complete accurately and legibly all hand written records. To be computer literate as required: to enter patient data onto computer to maintain accurate records.



Qualifications: Radiography Degree or diploma of the College of Radiographers. Holds the Certificate of Competence in Mammography or the Post Diplomate Mammography Core Training qualification /or be willing to undertake the training for the qualification. State registered radiographer. Evidence of CPD.




Skills: Understanding and knowledge of current techniques and equipment. Ability to work well under pressure/stressful conditions. Ability to organize departmental workload and to work on own



Experience in general radiography/Breast screening

Radiographer job description