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Radiology Nurse job description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

A diverse role working across the two directorates in Radiology and the Endovascular theatre.


Works in partnership with the vascular nurse specialists and theatre practitioners.


Main responsibilities-Radiology Nurse job description



Provide professional leadership, advice and guidance to junior nurses andradiographic staff and healthcare assistants and foster collaborative partnerships with other disciplines.


Communicate effectively with patients and their relatives, ensuring accurate and seamless information is conveyed and documented


Assist in the maintenance and monitoring of agreed standards, ensuring that any shortfall is brought to the attention of the line manager.


Ensure that all quality initiatives within the nursing and radiographic environment are adhered to and that the highest standards of care are maintained at all times.


Assist in the development of clinical protocols ensuring that these are reviewed in accordance with the needs of the service in conjunction with the Directorate Matron


Ensure that accurate and legible patient records are kept in line with professional and legal requirements.



Research and Training

Radiology Nurse job description


Assist in developing a research and evidence based approach to all nursing practice linking with Trust-wide colleagues.


Seek opportunities to create changes, which will enhance standards of care and practice.


Help to facilitate the development of reflective practice.


Participate in research projects within the ward/unit


Participate in the development and delivery of appropriate training materials / programmes to promote professional development.


Provide training and support to new and junior staff in accordance with Trust policies and procedures.


Act as mentor to student nurses, trainee assistant practitioners, health care assistants and / or NVQ assessor


Participate in preceptorship programme



Implement and promote nursing standards within the Serious about Standards programme linked to Essence of Care, share with patients and welcome patient feedback.


Take part in regular audits of nursing / radiographic standards and practice.











Take a lead role in monitoring the quality of care in your local area.


Assist in the investigation and resolution of complaints in relation to patient care, reporting to the ward/unit manager


Monitor all aspects of clinical governance locally including clinical incident reporting.


Regularly assess and act on the views of patients, relatives and staff about the standards of care experienced by recipients of the service.




Remain `cost aware` and utilise equipment and resources in a cost effective way.


Make recommendations where it is evident that appropriate changes may improve efficiency.


Be aware of the sickness / absence control procedures and participate in any initiatives to reduce sickness absence.


Participate in department meetings when required and join the exchange of information necessary to be involved in decision making processes at the relevant level.


Keep abreast of relevant information which may affect your area of responsibility and act as a resource for other members of the team.


Act as an innovator for the department to facilitate the provision of a flexible and responsive nursing service.


Radiology Nurse job description


Personal Development


To keep abreast of current professional issues and maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform your role effectively.


Develop and maintain a professional portfolio


Ensure compliance with professional expectations as outlined in the NMC Code of Professional Conduct.


To participate in an annual appraisal with relevant reviews and to follow your personal development plan as agreed with your line manager.


Radiology Nurse job description-medical careers, medical software, doctor jobs


Promote and maintain effective working relationships and communications with consultants, medical staff, nurse colleagues, radiographers and other multi-agency professionals.


Radiology Nurse job description





Undertake nursing assessments competently.


Act as the identified nurse for patients by attending for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating their care.


rvise more junior members of staff in giving and maintaining high standards of care.



Regularly take charge of the care of patients attending for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the absence of a more senior member of staff.


Demonstrate leadership in supporting the patient pathway.


Radiology Nurse job description



Act as the patients advocate.


Liaise with all members of the multidisciplinary team


Participate in taking an active role in planning effective, timely, and safe discharges following diagnostic and therapeutic cases performed on an outpatient basis.


Be clinically competent in all areas of advanced practice relevant to the post.


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