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R&D Engineer Video Compression Job Description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

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Main responsibilities-R&D Engineer Video Compression Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-R&D Engineer Video Compression Job Description

R&D Engineer Video Compression Job Description

You will be responsible for research & development projects; either small projects that stand alone, or parts of larger projects.


These projects may deliver hardware or software systems, technical standards, or research knowledge. You will also be required to provide technical advice and consultancy within your own field of expertise.


You may be involved in any of the stages of a project, from feasibility studies through to implementation and delivery to the client.  You’ll have every opportunity to develop your skills and see your ideas through to completion, very often into operational service.


1. Assisting in the identification of new projects and technologies.

2. Preparing project proposals and bids, including securing patent rights and work / finance from outside organisations.

3. Supervising the training of graduate engineers.

4. Direct the efforts of a project or work package team.

5. Representing the Section Lead  on specific matters

6. Devising innovative solutions to technical issues faced  — either for projects where there is an immediate need within one of the  output divisions or for more speculative ‘blue-sky’ research projects.

7. Proposing possible methods and techniques for the project, innovating where necessary and exercising sound engineering judgement in recommending solutions.

10. Project planning with clear identification of timescales, milestones and expected deliverables.

11. Monitoring & reporting progress at an appropriate level of detail.

12. Carrying out the work in accordance with the project plan and within the estimated costs and resources.

13. Effective completion of projects — either through the transfer of skills and knowledge to other areas of the company or the delivery and hand-over of working systems to operational areas within the company .

14. Preparing appropriate documentation for the project — to record knowledge gained or technical documentation relevant to the development of specific systems.

15. Providing technical advice and consultancy both within Research and Development, to members of other departments, and outside organisations on matters within your field of expertise — including participation within standardisation organisations and other professional bodies.

16. Overseeing the work of support and other staff assigned to the project as required by the project leader, and ensuring adequate specification of work carried out by any external contractors.

17. Ensuring that at all times safe working practices are used.

18. Promoting the work and role of the department, both within and outside the company . Presenting papers describing your work and supporting company  presentations at specialist, national and international conferences etc.

Generic requirements for R&D Technologist


1. Significant experience or equivalent, preferably in a research or development environment.

2. Experience of managing projects and people.

3. The ability to maintain an exemplary level of expertise in technology relating to field of work through forming close links with relevant specialists, outside organisations and other professional / industrial/standards authorities.

4. Knowledge of broadcast engineering techniques, including current standards and practices.

5. Awareness of emerging trends and developments in relevant technology.




6. Capable of highly original work together with an enquiring mind with well developed analytical and investigative skills.

7. The judgement necessary to choose the best solution to an engineering/IT problem.

8. Good written and oral communication skills, able to promote ideas by logical argument and capable of presenting the results of a project in a clear and effective manner.

9. Sound time and resource management skills and be able to lead, motivate and direct  other staff and contractors contributing to the project.

10. Self-motivated, with the drive and initiative to carry out projects according to plan.

11. Able to use computers as research and development tools, preferably with knowledge and experience of writing and applying software.













12. Able to work as part of a team.

13. Able to travel in UK and abroad on business.




• The successful candidate will have extensive understanding of signal processing and video coding, and direct experience with standard compression schemes, including H.264/AVC, as well as corresponding reference software.


• Extensive programming experience in C/C++ applied to image/video processing is required. Experience with UNIX development tools to conduct compression experiments is highly desirable.


• A publication record in image/video research conferences and journals and contribution to video coding standardisation are highly desirable.


• A PhD in a relevant field is an advantage. Experience with patent preparation is also beneficial


As R&D Engineer you may be required to work in any of the project areas, and will be assigned to projects according to the requirements of the department.


8. Using the best available techniques for both the hardware and software content of project work — where necessary, developing the required technical skills through training and self-development.


9. Evaluating the aims and requirements for projects and preparing detailed specifications and project plans to meet those requirements, including estimates of resourcing required — both effort and expenditure.