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Registered nurse job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

The primary aim of the role is to provide effective patient centred care by performing individual assessment of care needs, developing, implementing and evaluating programmes of care that meet the needs of the patient and their families/carers.  

The role is multidimensional and requires the post holder to integrate and fulfil all the identified dimensions.  


As a registered nurse all activities provide opportunities for acting as a role model for staff.  Following their  preceptorship period the registered nurse is expected to carry out all relevant forms of care without direct supervision.



Main responsibilities-Registered nurse job description

Maintain a safe working environment for patients, visitors and staff.


Maintain and promote effective communication within the care team and with colleagues, children and young people, relatives and visitors


Act as a mentor to students and preceptor to newly qualified staff.


To participate and contribute to teaching and assessing of newly qualified staff and students, upholding the philosophy of evidence based practice.


To facilitate the development of all staff.


Assist in the management of the ward budget and ensure appropriate stock levels are maintained.


To co-ordinate the ward / department for a span of duty in the absence of a more senior nurse and take responsibility for reporting to the Matron any adverse events or situations which may affect the ability of the team to provide safe and effective care to the patients.


Registered nurse job description



Plans/prioritises care throughout the span of a shift for the ward, taking into account experience of the team and the dependency of the patients.


Anticipates next stages of care by liaising closely with members of the multidisciplinary team about the patient`s condition, investigation results and treatment.


Takes appropriate action to progress care including assessment of the level and appropriateness of staffing.


Assists junior nursing and medical staff to plan care delivery by giving appropriate support and education.


Evaluates and responds appropriately to changes in patient needs.


Amends care plans accordingly and ensures that plans are made using evidence based practice and sound and current research.


Records are documented accurately, legibly and timely and are maintained within accordance with the NMC Guidelines for record and record keeping and the Children?s Services Standards of Care for Record Keeping.


Facilitates the development of nursing and support staff within the ward through mentorship and personal development plans.



Registered nurse job description [cont]


Legal and Ethical Practices


Applies relevant legislation to local practice e.g. vicarious liability, patient group directives, medicines management, nurse prescribing


Practices in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct and is accountable for his/her own actions


Is able to discuss ethical issues in a logical and reasonable manner


Understands and can discuss the legislation relating to professional practice


Identifies situations when clinical practice appears to conflict with patient rights













Discuses scenarios that involved legal/ethical dilemmas


Ensures appropriate risk event forms are completed if patient`s confidentiality is breached


Delegates patient care with awareness of team and individual ability


Communicated effectively to the team and is able to clarify unclear instructions


Questions inappropriate interventions to promote safe outcome.



Standards of Care


Maintains and promotes high standards of care that are evidenced based.


Ensures colleagues maintain standards of care.


Is responsible for understanding benchmarking via Essence of Care


Is able to formulate an action plan with support from experienced colleagues


Supports others to meet standards of care


Registered nurse job description [cont]




Keeps colleagues up-to-date with progress of risk events


Will ensure failed equipment is repaired and is working effectively when returned


Uses appropriated prevention strategies to minimise risk


Obtains further advice as required by recognising his/her own limitations e.g. specialist nurse advice


Aims to resolve issues / complaints on the spot and ensures that all complaints are reported in accordance with the Trust complaint?s procedure.


All adverse /risk events are documented appropriately


Demonstrates a knowledge of child protection legal framework, local and national issues












Responds appropriately to own and others concerns about a child at risk


Has a knowledge of and is able to complete accurate documentation in accordance with hospital policy


Communicates concerns to appropriate agencies


Supports the child protection investigation process


100% hand hygiene compliance.




Promote children`s rights, provide and promote health education and advise on the prevention of ill health.


Promote the continuing development of an appropriate environment within the clinical areas, which helps children, young people and their families to cope with hospitalisation.


Maintain a professional profile and develop skills, knowledge and competencies adhering to the NMC Code of Professional Conduct and Trust Policies and Procedures


100% compliance to all infection prevention policies.

Registered nurse job description




Management of Patient Care


Decision making is based on a recognised framework and influenced by previous experience to similar situations.


Translates patient and family assessment into a plan of care, which takes into consideration the level of family / carer involvement.


Modifies approach to assess similar cases