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  Rehabilitation Nurse job description provides a free database of job descriptions-medical careers, medical software, doctor jobs

Job Summary  

Main responsibilities-  Rehabilitation Nurse job description

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-  Rehabilitation Nurse job description

  Rehabilitation Nurse job description

As part of a multidisciplinary team to deliver patient-centred nursing and rehabilitation services to patients.

Support the Unit Manager to maintain excellent clinical standards and patient experience.

Lead a team of nursing staff on a shift basis as required.

Communication and Relationship Skills


To implement and maintain effective communication systems with all Departmental staff.


Able to communicate information regarding the patient’s medical condition and individualised treatment programmes in an easy to understand, reassuring way, enabling and motivating where necessary.


To attend and actively participate in ward and unit meetings.


Maintain an effective/adequate communication with other members of the multi disciplinary team to the benefit of patients and staff.


Work collaboratively with other team members, colleagues and services in practice and service development within the context of integrated working.





Responsibility for patient care


From admission, start the assessment process to develop individual care plans for patients ensuring information around all aspects of their physical, psychological, social, spiritual needs are covered


Able to communicate information regarding the patient’s medical condition and individualised treatment programmes in an easy to understand, reassuring way, enabling and motivating where necessary.


Undertake the nursing care of patients in accordance with these care plans.  Physically carrying out personal care such as washing and assisting with mobility whilst encouraging the patient to be as independent as possible and maintaining their privacy and dignity.


To be continually evaluating the effectiveness of the care plans/dressings and medications and ensuring that any required changes are carried out and communicated to all parties involved, including the patient.


To carry out specific clinical roles such as medication rounds, wound assessment and dressings and intravenous therapy as per Organisation policies and protocols.  Being aware of interactions, side effects and responding appropriately if these are observed.  Educating patients and other staff such as nursing students about these.


To provide a nursing contribution to multi disciplinary team meetings and family meetings.


To be professionally and legally accountable for all aspects of own work, including the daily management of patients in your care.


Together with the Unit Manager and Clinical Sisters, set and monitor the standards of care provided.









Registered Nurse (G), level 1

Evidence of ongoing professional development

Willingness to undertake ongoing professional development











Care of patients within an intermediate / rehabilitation care setting

People management and leadership

Ability to give sound advice to other staff groups

Understanding of Clinical Governance and its application to practice.



Special knowledge / Expertise

Professional nursing issues

General Nursing knowledge

I.V. Therapy

Palliative care

Tissue Viability


Disposition, Adjustment, Attitude Commitment

Ability to make decisions and to accept personal accountability for ones own actions

Ability to attend required training sessions/courses, which are required by the remit of the post

Understanding of local policies and procedures and able to work to these guidelines, ensuring others do so too

Ability to prioritise work of self and others


Ability to work under pressure

Attention to detail

Team worker

Dynamic and self motivated

Committed to staff and service

Knowledge of Health & Safety issues.

Commitment to multidisciplinary working

Practical / Intellectual Skills

Verbal & written Communication skills

Good clinical skills

People management

Able to motivate self and others

Physical Skills

Undertake the nursing care of patient in accordance with care plans.  Physically carrying out personal care and assisting with mobility whilst encouraging the patient to be as independent as possible and maintaining their privacy and dignity.


Maintain clinical and professional competency by portfolio evidence and an up to date knowledge of nursing, social and integrated working trends policy


To act within professional standards, including record keeping, confidentiality and drug administration and NMC code of conduct


To participate in a rota to co-ordinate site management.



Knowledge, Training and Experience

To participate in teaching on the ward for both individual staff and groups



Planning and Organisational Skills

The post holder will be responsible on a shift basis for a team of Health care Assistants (approximately 2-5 depending on the clinical area)

To co-ordinate the discharge planning, including multi agency communications, such as nurses, care managers..

To plan and implement improvements to patient services in the light of results from monitoring processes, audit, patient feedback and complaints.


 Responsible for Policy and Service Development Implementation            


To develop and maintain the use of appropriate nursing models and effective care delivery systems which achieve the patient care philosophy of the Department.

To participate in and contribute to changes and improvements within St Bartholomew’s Community Hospital Directorate and Organisation.

Actively participate in clinical audit and clinical governance activities e.g essence of Care















Responsibilities for Financial and Physical Resources

No budget management, but must have a duty of care in using equipment and disposable goods.


Under the direction of the Unit Manager, ensure that the agreed level of stock are maintained.  Having an awareness of the cost of these items and the need to minimise waste.  Ensuring the ordering of stores as required, including medicines are stored in accordance with the agreed policy.



Responsibilities for Human Resources (HR)

Maintain a professional manner and act as a role model.

To integrate and supervise the role and work of support staff as part of the team so that a co-ordinated patient centred service is achieved.

Be subject to performance appraisal and be responsible for the development of personal objectives, in line with Continuing Professional Development.

To ensure staff compliance with all current Organisation policies and employment legislation.

Ensure all new staff are orientated and participate in induction programmes.

Support and supervise staff working with you to achieve the agreed standards of care within the Community Hospital and Organisation.


Exercise leadership and assist the Unit Manager and Clinical Sisters to achieve high morale on the ward, effectively communicating any issues affecting the ward to the Unit Manager/Clinical Sisters.



To participate in the appraisal process so that personal, professional and organisational goals are met.




Responsibilities for Research and Development (R&D)



To participate in audit and research programmes as directed by Modern Matron


To actively participate in clinical supervision programmes that will direct future approaches to practice.