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Research and Development Controller Job Description

Job Summary-Research and Development Controller Job Description

This role leads the Research and Development department within the  and sets the vision, strategy and is accountable for the delivery of the department


Main responsibilities-Research and Development Controller Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Research and Development Controller Job Description

Knowledge skills and experience


•Experience of world-class research and development environments in both a contribution and management context


•Demonstrable ability to strategically analyse and provide insights, leading to the development of strategies to minimize weaknesses and threats, whist maximizing strengths and opportunities.


•Experience of developing effective strategies, methodologies and frameworks which enable measurable delivery and success of department which are clearly aligned to the organizational objectives and purpose


•Ability to lead large multi-disciplinary teams, developing talent and a high-performance culture


•Able to demonstrate a high level of political and business awareness


•Detailed understanding of wider industry developments and the ability to respond effectively to changes in audience needs, competitor strategy and the regulatory environment.


•Ability to remain confident and assured in difficult circumstances, proven resilience and stamina to sustain performance when under continuous pressure


•Operationally proficient with evidence of ability to manage substantial budgets and complex processes involving multiple stakeholders


•Experience of thought leadership and external profile building



•Strong academic track record in a relevant area



•Excellent written and verbal communications skills with the ability to adapt communication style to engage the audience.  Also able to communicate complex technical issues non-expert


•Excellent inter-personal skills with the ability to build productive and engaging relationships with key stakeholders internally and externally.


•Experience of Intellectual Property Rights generation and management including patenting, defensive publishing and open source or commercial licensing










•Act as a radar; horizon scanning for future threats and opportunities to the market


•Ensure that we have a core of highly qualified staff in a position to respond to threats and opportunities as they are identified



•Provide representation on the key standards authorities and related bodies that set the long term context of our operating environment


•Create a bridge with other organizations to make sure that it has access to broad range of innovation required to thrive in the modern environment

Free Job description Research and Development Controller

•Develop and implement a compelling strategy and subsequent objectives for R&D, aligned with the Technology and  strategy.


•Establish clear stakeholder engagement mechanisms and ensure that the strategy and objectives meet the long to medium term needs of the  and industry.


•Facilitate the development and succession planning of the R&D leadership team


•Establish aligned and strategically relevant frameworks and methodologies to evaluate  the development and delivery of research proposals and the output of  research teams


•Ensure that the delivery and output of the R&D department is aligned with the needs of the  market and also challenges assumptions about those needs.


•Ensure the effective and efficient prioritization of resources, maximizing the yield of staff across the strategic priorities for R&D.


•Ensure that the capabilities of R&D staff are aligned with the needs of the  and the market, with a clear view on when to hire, develop or outsource.


•Communicate and engage with all R&D staff, ensuring that they are able to deliver on their purpose at the  and are equipped to perform at their best.


•Put in place mechanisms to facilitate all R&D teams to be high performing, seeking to continuously improve.

•Ensure there is a focus on outputs whose success can be measured and qualified, and develop compelling case studies that communicate the successes of R&D both internally and externally.


•Ensure that work can be audited to the level required by any contractual obligations


•Maintain and communicate a view on the future technology landscape in order to inform  strategy and ensure the  is able to deliver its mission and relevance in the coming years.


•Represent the company as a leading voice in the future of the industry, providing insight and thought leadership both within the organization and the wider industry



•Manage the departmental accounts in line with budgets, meeting commercial targets and ensuring external audits are successfully completed.  Evaluate new funding approaches as required.


•Consider new business models to enhance the ’s R&D capability whilst complying with regulatory frameworks.  











•Incubate and develop innovation initiatives targeted at the wider organization, to increase the s ability to respond to its changing environment.


Leadership of R&D

•Leading regular evaluation of delivery against departmental objectives and reporting on these, taking action as required to acknowledge successes and address issues


•Professional development of direct reports


•Develop and brief on key strategic departmental initiatives


•Lead the promotion board, Talent review process and ensure leaders have clear succession plans in place


•Seek out world class talent and facilitate the attraction of these individuals to the  where appropriate and ensure that the  has a diverse pipeline of talent paying particular attention to under-represented groups.


•Facilitate the prioritisation of resource and champion sharing and movement of talent across R&D and as appropriate  and Technology.


•Champion and act in line with policies and approach on diversity and accessibility and to apply the principles of the policy when carrying out the role.


•Comply with all relevant  safety rules, procedures and guidelines.


•Be aware of responsibilities under the  safety policy.


Financial responsibilities

•Ultimately responsible for the management, monitoring and control the financial and/or purchasing authority of the department, and to ensure that this is exercised in accordance with group and corporate financial arrangements.