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Research Development Manager job description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.


Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Research Development Manager job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Research Development Manager job description

Research Development Manager job description

To proactively assist and facilitate researchers  in their research endeavours and thereby support the Organisation to develop and grow its research business. Research Development Managers will primarily provide support in developing academically led research grant proposals at the Organisation; project managing and providing administrative assistance and guidance in the development and submission of grant applications. They will also assist Organisation researchers in the timely start-up of new projects by facilitating funded research projects through research governance and approvals processes.  

• To proactively assist and manage researchers within the Organisation in the development of research grants, particularly large collaborative projects and where research support staff or fellows are not in post to help


• To provide advice on issues to consider in the development of research proposals including guidance and support in accessing appropriate scientific, methodological and other advice in order to enhance the chances of funding success


• To proactively assist researchers in preparing study documents and or applications for regulatory approvals.

• To work closely with the Research Governance section in ensuring that all required study documents are available for regulatory and governance review


• To develop a detailed understanding and scientific knowledge of the Organisation’s research activity


• To be the first point of contact for Organisation researchers for advice about the development of new grant proposals


• To proactively identify and communicate new and current funding opportunities to the Organisation’s researchers

• To keep abreast of national strategies, initiatives and priorities for research and flag how these might affect Organisation researchers

• To assist the Associate Director of Research in implementing the Organisation’s research strategy and promoting its research activities to internal and external stakeholders


• To contribute to the collection of data and preparation of reports relating to the Organisation’s research development activities

• To liase with the relevant contacts and other academic partners of the Organisation about grant funding opportunities and research administration issues

• To promote the corporate image of the Organisation and its research activity to all individuals, groups internal and external to the organisation

• To represent the Organisation at external meetings

• To assist the Associate Director of Research in any other activities to develop research at the TrustOrganisation.


Main tasks & responsibilities



 To establish and maintain good working relationships with the Organisation’s researchers

 To influence and upwardly manage senior clinical colleagues, often on complex scientific and regulatory issues in order that they fulfil their obligations in the research grant development and research governance approvals processes.

 To draft and input sections of research grant proposals and research governance approvals documentation where detailed project-specific knowledge is not required


 To amend, edit and suggest changes to research grant proposals and research governance approvals documentation in the light of discussions with principal investigators, Research Office colleagues and any other relevant stakeholder input

 To understand and convey complex information to a variety of stakeholders clearly and concisely


 To provide timely and regular updates to Principal Investigators and other Organisation staff about the status of individual projects

 Proactively seek out and understand the funding streams available, and any scheme-specific requirements,

 Keep up to date with developments in research funding for research through direct and indirect engagement with the major funding agencies



 Proactively disseminate information about funding opportunities to the Organisation’s research community, tailoring information where necessary

 Develop and maintain effective lines of communication and strong working relationships with other research support staff in the Organisation,  to ensure awareness and understanding of the requirements that new research proposals/projects need to fulfil. This will include principles and approaches to costing research proposals; consideration of research governance issues that might affect the design and delivery of certain studies; understanding and knowledge about the research governance process and the necessary paper work to ensure timely regulatory and Organisation approvals.

 Develop formal presentation skills (either written or verbal) to highlight the Research Development Managers role and the service that the Research Development section provides

 Promote the corporate image of the Organisation to all individuals, groups and organisations both within the Organisation and to the community at large

 Participate fully as a team member, sharing knowledge and information and supporting colleagues in the Research Office to promote a cohesive team and the achievement of departmental objectives

 To establish and maintain good channels of communication and collaboration with other departments



• Policy development

 To keep up to date on national and international developments in health research funding and to inform and advise the Organisation and its researchers on how these might affects their research activities

 To be actively involved in the development of Organisation policies and procedures in the Research Office, their implementation and in the reinforcement of their use.

 Lead on delegated projects relating to local policy development on the support of research development activities within the Organisation.














• Service development

 Develop and apply skills and knowledge about the administrative process involved in the development of research grants

 Develop and apply knowledge about the research governance and approvals process in order to collate the documentation required for approvals to be gained

 Develop knowledge and understanding of the Organisation’s patient population, its clinical service and research activities in order to be able to proactively identify new funding opportunities

 To develop the role of the Research Development Sections within the Organisation, sharing good practice, setting standards and operating processes where appropriate

 Attend and participate actively in regular Research Office meetings departmental seminars


 To attend research seminars and meetings

 Maintain, update and develop personal and professional knowledge and skills, using the Performance Review System

 To participate in the business planning process, helping to identify areas for service development within the Research Development Section


• People management

 Influence and upwardly manage senior clinical researchers to ensure the timely completion of research grant proposals and the research approvals processes

 Actively manage own annual leave in line with Organisation and local Policy and Procedure.

 Contribute to the development and maintenance of a positive learning environment for colleagues, patients and visitors



• Resource management  

 Plan and prioritise time and projects effectively in order to meet deadlines and milestones

 Negotiate and facilitate the timely contribution of clinical and administrative inputs to research grant and approvals processes.

 Recognise the resource requirements required for research studies to ensure that the TrustOrganisations costs are adequately recovered through the accurate costing of research grant proposals.

 Responsible for ensuring that documentation from multiple stakeholders is of a high quality and is collated and compiled in time for deadlines.


• Information management

 To manage the overall administrative processes for research grants proposals and research governance approvals and therefore bring together all relevant information and documentation required from multiple stakeholders; internal and external

 To monitor the overall activity and performance with regards obtaining research grant funding

 Provide up-to-date information about research grants being developed

 To be able to access and use the Research Office’s databases and information systems

 Undertake relevant training for electronic information systems in place & under development

 Be able to undertake web searches as necessary













Further sections


- To be a team player contributing effectively to the overall objectives of the Research Office

- To maximise the potential of all team members

- To provide a safe and attractive working environment for team members within available resources

- To represent the TrustOrganisation at regional and national conferences and on working groups as appropriate





A post-graduate qualification, or at least working towards, a Masters or specialist equivalent in a biomedical or clinical subject



At least 5 years work experience in a hospital, university or industry research environment

Knowledge of medical and scientific terminology

Knowledge of the major funding opportunities available

Knowledge of the governance and regulatory processes and requirements for conducting health research



Ability to communicate effectively and knowledgeably about medical research – scientific and administrative issues.

Proven communication skills both orally and in writing.

Ability to assimilate, complex and diverse information and then present the issues concisely and clearly to a variety of stakeholders with differing levels of clinical , scientific or administrative expertise.

Numerate and able to handle complex financial costing and budgetry information

Able to manage difficult situations effectively using tact, discretion, persuasion and confident facilitation.

Ability to negotiate effectively and broker solutions

Advanced IT skills and use of database and other administrative software packages

Excellent organisational and administrative skills

Ability to work independently and collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders healthcare

Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and prioritise effectively in order to meet deadlines



Ability to develop effective working interpersonal working relationships with all levels of administrative, clinical and academic staff.

Self motivating and proactive approach

Ability to encourage and motivate others

A positive attitude to working in a changing environment

Discipline and regard for confidentiality, safety and security at all times

Ability to work with minimal supervision

Meticulous approach and attention to detail

Flexible to the demands of working in a clinical and academic environment.


Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team and as a team player

Research Development Manager job description

Research Development Manager job description

Research Development Manager job description

Research Development Manager job description