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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

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Research Manager Job Description

The Research Manager will manage all aspects of audience research activities conducted to inform the strategy, content and quality and to evaluate the impact of the companys media development and development communications projects in developing countries.


As a member of a global team of research and communications practitioners, the Research Manager will contribute to the synthesis and analysis of research and best practice throughout the world, with particular emphasis on health, education and livelihoods, governance and human rights,

1. Strong experience of qualitative and quantitative research techniques and knowledge of their application for media and/or development projects.

2. Strong SPSS data analysis skills (including multivariate and segmentation techniques).

3. Strong qualitative analysis skills.

4. Ability to quickly analyse (including SPSS experience), interpret and synthesise an array of primary and secondary data to produce actionable recommendations.

5. Previous experience of managing fieldwork and adapting methods to challenging and constrained conditions.

6. Previous experience of conducting cross-cultural research and/or research with diverse, multi-lingual audiences

7. Strong presentation skills and track record of presentations to audiences at grassroots to senior levels.

8. Demonstrable understanding of cultural diversity and cross-cultural research.

9. Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills: ability to conduct business at all levels from grassroots to the highest levels of governments and media.



1. Experience in international research project management, working with national research teams and nationally-based field agencies in developing countries.

2. Experience in recruitment, managing and training in-country research project teams.

3. Experience working closely with television, radio, film and community media production teams in applying research findings to production of media outputs and broadcast strategy.

4. Research experience on media projects (television, radio, film and community media) in a variety of media environments.

5. Experience making presentations to a range of media and/or development audiences.

6. Demonstrable Knowledge and/ or experience of working in fragile states and with hard to reach populations.

7. Demonstrable local knowledge and/ or experience of the social, political, cultural and historical complexities of working in the Africa, Asia and/or Middle East region.




1. To design all research inputs for a portfolio of projects, determining appropriate strategy, methodologies and analysis protocols.

2. To oversee the commissioning of all audience research, in coordination with production and broadcast schedules, negotiating and liaising with research agencies and key users of the research to ensure the research is suitable to meet project needs.

3. To oversee the implementation and delivery of all audience research to ensure the quality and completion within budget and deadline requirements.

4. To manage project research budgets.

5. To analyse and synthesise audience research results, applications, innovations to identify lessons learned and best practice for learning.

6. To recruit, manage and train project audience research staff based in country project offices.

7. To prepare and deliver internal (senior management, project managers and production teams) and external research (donors, media partners, NGOs etc) presentations that inform the creative process, monitor and evaluate project effectiveness, and/or contribute to project strategy.

8. To contribute to development of new concepts, projects and outputs, particularly during proposal writing, project extensions and renewals.

9. To liaise with and represent the department of stakeholders from producers and project managers, research firms, academic institutions, donors, NGOs, to media and government counterparts.