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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Retail Job Description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Retail Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Retail Job Description

Retail Job Description

To work on a team to provide personalized customer service. To maintain the appearance of

the store. To monitor inventory and protect company assets.

1. Act professionally by:

• Maintaining a professional appearance

• Remaining informed about the company

• Continuously reviewing current advertising and promotions

• Tracking sales versus goals

• Managing time efficiently

• Responding to cultural differences and special needs

• Seeking professionals and personal development


2. Work as part of a team by:

• Sharing ideas and information to drive sales

• Participate in store meeting s and events


• Answering questions about products

• Offering alternative sales options

• Informing customer of additional services


4. Maximize sales by:

• Responding to positive buying signals

• Processing sales quickly

• Informing customer of exchange and return policies

• Packaging product appropriately

• Maximizing the sale

• Completing special orders

• Shipping or delivering products to customer

• Converting telephone calls to sales


5. P roviding after-sales service by:

• Following through on commitments to customers

• Maintaining key information about customers

• Scheduling personal appointments with customers

• Honouring manufacturer’s warranties

• Handling customer concerns or complaints

• Handling customer returns


6. Monitor inventory by:

• Checking in product against paperwork

• Ensuring accurate pricing on product

• Review stock and restock as necessary

• Locate product through inventory system

• Initiate requests for product transfer


• Participate in periodic inventory processes

• Prepare returned product for resale

• Return inventory to manufacturer/vendor

• Handle damaged items

• Initiate store stock repair







Education, Experience, and Other Requirements:

Indicate what requirements applicants must have to qualify. Distinguish between must-have

requirements and desirable requirements. List physical requirements as well where relevant

to the position and not contrary to human rights legislation.

One to two years experience is required.

Must be able to stand, bend, and lift to carry out most of the job tasks.

Certificates and Licenses: Indicate certificates and licenses required by applicants.



• Assisting in training and orientation of new employees

• Working out scheduling issues


3. P rovide personalized customer service by:

• Welcoming customers to the store

• Making the shopping experience enjoyable for customers

• Determining customers wants and needs

7. Maintain the appearance of the store by:

• Ensuring sufficient supplies for store use

• Organizing stock room and storage areas

• Cleaning selling and customer service areas

• Reporting need for repairs or replacement

• Arranging products


• Relay feedback from customers on effective displays


8. Protect company assets by:

• Securing cash register assets

• Monitoring customers

• Maintaining point of sale security

• Attaching and removing security devices

• Monitoring dressing rooms

• Reporting stock shrinkage

• Reporting security violations

• Monitoring floor products

• Alerting others to suspicious customers


9. Follow safety precautions by:

• Keeping workplace safe

• Lifting and carrying objects safely

• Following emergency procedures

• Completing accuracy safety records

The more specific the job details, the better. To build your own job descriptions to suit your

store and the competencies and skills that you require from a new hire