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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Safety Officer job description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

1.1 The Safety Officer will have specialist knowledge and practical experience of H&S legislation and associated assessments. They will develop company policies and procedures in conjunction with the Health Safety and Security Manager and have day-to-day corporate responsibility for H&S advice including an display screen Equipment (DSE) assessments, Crime Reduction Surveys, collation of H&S information to determine trend analysis, Central Broadcast Alert Systems dissemination for demonstrable improvements to service delivery.

1.2 The postholder will deputise in the absence of the Health, Safety and Security Manager.

Main responsibilities-Safety Officer job description


1.5 The post holder will use developed interpersonal and communication skills in order to carry out the role, and make judgements involving highly complex and sensitive facts or situations, which require the analysis, interpretation and comparison of a range of options.

1.6 The postholder`s responsibilities relate to all of the company including staff, service users, visitors and contractors and may impact either at a local level or across the whole organisation.  

1.7 The post holder will be guided by general policies and regulations, but will need to establish the way in which these should be interpreted and therefore be able to act with a degree of autonomy.





1. Provide leadership, advice and guidance on company wide Health and Safety at work, providing an advisory service to all staff on legislation, safe systems of work, management responsibility.


2. As the company Health and Safety advisor the post holder will to advise company staff on changes to health & safety risks, RIDDOR/COSHH, legislation, and advise on implications and actions to improve.


3. Provide expert advice and support to Health Safety and Security Manager, Health & Safety Facilitators and Officers, of the clinical governance and Health and Safety Committee.


4. Provide advice and support to the lead director for health & safety and to the Health & Safety Committee and other relevant committees an groups, such as the Medicine Safety Group, Clinical Risk Group and local H&S and security meetings.


5. Advise directorate management teams, clinical areas and department managers on the preparation, and delivery of action plans to achieve external accreditation standards.


6. Consult with and work in partnership with staff side representatives on all aspects of health & safety management







Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Safety Officer job description

Safety Officer job description

11. Collaborate with the Finance Department and the Estates and capital development team to advise on potential cost implications with regards to maximise H&S standards in the workplace.

12. To advise on workplace operational polices.

13. In conjunction with the Health Safety and Security Manager, develop, review and manage policies and procedures for the management and monitoring of H&S across the company. This will include administering and reviewing the company`s Health and Safety Policy and Security Policy and other associated policies and procedures such as CCTV.

14. To chair (when required), facilitate and participate in meetings with regards to H&S issues and attend meetings and groups.

15. Identify and share areas of good practice, monitor trends in performance, and make recommendations for remedial action as appropriate. This involves making judgements involving complex facts or situations, which require the analysis, interpretation and comparison of a range of options.

16. Participate with external investigations requested by the Health & Safety Executive, and internal reviews as required.

17. Participate in achieving and sustaining Standards for Better Health assessment, NHSLA, Risk Management Standards, and other requirements as directed by the Health & Safety Executive, Healthcare Commission etc


18. Take a pro-active approach to monitor and inspect/audit health and safety arrangements and systems of work













19. Monitor and maintain standard operating procedures by which the management of health & safety is implemented and monitored against organisational performance


20. Ensure open, effective communication of policy and procedures at all levels of the organisation to pro-actively promote best practice health & safety and security practice, influencing change in practice to ensure high quality is sustained


21. Plan, facilitate and deliver specialist health & safety training and development programmes in conjunction with the Training and Development Department.  To address other relevant training impacting on Health, safety and security such as search training.


Communication, Relationship, Planning and Organisation



1. Work collaboratively with members of the Assurance Department to report, investigate and carry out incident investigation, including SUIs; prepare reports and make recommendations to reduce risk of recurrence.




2. Work in collaboration with all clinical and non clinical teams and departments to ensure that H&S legislation is adhered to and support with assessing of risk to enable all areas to have a current risk assessment in place support with the any subsequent notification of any risks to the risk register.

3. Monitor notifications that are reported on the company Risk Register.

4. Support the health, safety and security Manger with any H&S assessments that are required with the redevelopment of properties and any new builds to ensure that the properties are compliant with DDA regulations and H&S at work act (1974)

5. Work collaboratively with locally based Estates and Facilities team, and external stakeholders on day to day issues and to comment/advise on capital developments and projects to ensure that health & safety is incorporated.

6. Liaise with the Health and Safety Executive with regards to any changes in legislation, RIDDOR reporting and Central Alert Broadcast Systems to ensure that these are effectively communicated to the relevant stake holders within the company.

7. To highlight to company staff any new legislation and guidance as distributed by the Security Management Service and ensure its enforcement and compliance as appropriate.

8. To present information to large groups, including presentations at corporate induction, training days and staff meetings.


Safety Officer job description


Management/Operational Responsibilities


1. Ensure the accurate recording and reporting of accidents, incidents and near misses, and Health & Safety Executive requirements relating to RIDDOR and COSHH Regulations

2. Ensure that all statutory reporting is carried out to such agencies as the Health and Safety Executive, NHS Estates and the National Patient Safety Agency etc.












3. Inform the lead director of any serious incidents, and/or risks as soon as they occur, with updates of actions taken

4. Analyse and interpret incident data and complex information e.g. guidance, legislation and provide regular and meaningful management reports to directorates and corporate staff highlighting trends and areas for improvement and of highest risk

5. Take responsibility for populating the company Risk Register and advise on appropriate control strategies.

6. In conjunction with the estates and assurance teams monitor patterns of H&S and security reported issues and on a quarterly basis conduct a trend analysis of such.


Safety Officer job description


Safety Officer job description


Educated to degree level and/or any other relevant qualification


Relevant professional training


NEBOSH certificate in H&S -or equivalent.

Safety Officer job description

Knowledge and Experience


In depth knowledge of the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)


Experience of providing advice and support to staff with regards to H&S assessments and notification to the Risk Register


Ability to carry out:


Display Screen Equipment assessments

Pregnant Workers assessments

Non clinical environmental risk assessments

Crime reduction Surveys

Safety Officer job description

Experience in delivering training


Has knowledge of the issues concerning people with mental health problems.

Knowledge of confidentiality codes, procedures and legislation

Experience of setting up data bases and administration of office systems


Safety Officer job description

Significant experience of facilitating cross functional learning


to provide effective solutions.

Delivering results -works hard, takes ownership of role and consistently meets or exceeds targets.

Leading and motivating -provides clear and equitable leadership, motivating others to maximize their performance.

Coaching and developing -promotes learning and development, enhancing current performance and facilitating career development.

Safety Officer job description



Negotiating Effectively -prepares and applies sound and persuasive arguments to secure outcomes from negotiations based on H&S knowledge and relevant law and legislation.


Promoting the service -creates a positive and professional image of the service through discussion and delivery.


Collaborating and team working-demonstrates commitment to colleagues and team objectives, maximizes opportunities to joint working.


Developing effective partnerships-builds effective relationships with a range of individuals, groups and external agencies.


Written communication-produces clear, succinct and structured written work.


Oral communication-conveys messages clearly and effectively


Analysing and evaluating-identifies key issues, reflects on information and reaches logical conclusions.


Financially aware-considers the financial dimension of activities and monitors expenditure effectively.


Decision making-takes decisive and effective actions, recognizes implications of decisions.


Planning and co-ordinating-establishes clear targets, defines plans and prioritises tasks.


Exercising political awareness-recognizes and works with political aspects of work.

Resilience and professionalism-works to highest standards, deals with conflicting demands and retains professionalism.










1.3 The postholder will provide high quality support to the Health, Safety and Security Manager with their responsibilities advice reflecting all aspects of the Health and safety at Work Act (1974).  The post holder will also be able to provide guidance on security related issues and provide support with pathways to contact external authorities such as the Health and safety Executive, The Security Management Service and the Police.


Safety Officer job description


1.4 The department operates in a very busy and both proactively and on occasions, based on highlighted issues, appropriately reactionary way.  The postholder will serve a range of audiences, including staff, service users, carers and relatives, members of the public, local partners, health service regulators and other

7 To receive, distribute and handle any Safety Alert Broadcasts.


8. Conduct any Crime Reduction Surveys (as recognised by the NHS Security Management Service) with the Health, Safety and Security Manger and advise and support with company H&S Risk Assessments


9. Conduct Display Screen Equipment assessments and pregnant worker assessments as required


10. Involvement in devising a robust and comprehensive audit/assessment package for new premises, refurbished premises and existing departments and sites.[cont right]