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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Sales Manager job description-Sales Agents provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary-Sales Manager job description-Sales Agents

Main responsibilities-Sales Manager job description-Sales Agents

Sales Manager job description-Sales Agents

Manage the sales agents to achieve customer service objectives, sales volumes and value objectives. To train and motivate the sales agent team to deliver world class service


1. Manage and lead sales team

2. Formulate sales reports

3. Help develop and implement sales strategy

4. Manage key accounts



1. Sales meetings


• Attend monthly sales and marketing meetings

• Attend monthly cycle meetings

• Conduct monthly territory sales meetings with the agents’ supervisors monthly

• Review objectives and actions against standards

• Recognise achievements


• Act on non -delivery when necessary

• Set monthly objectives

• Maintain account standards for the sales excellence program

• Arrange promotional programs, activities and events

• Conduct sales performance reviews

• Set and agree targets and objectives for the next cycle

• Coordinate price changes and the actions required

• Coordinate new launches and re-launch activity

• Monitor the use of the point of sale system

• Present information available from other departments/sales regions, i.e. brand managers, category manager and account managers to the sales team to improve understanding, performance and the achievement of objectives


1. Customer sales reviews:

• Complete a bi-monthly review with top stores/performers to discuss previous sales history by category

• Identify opportunities going forward, coming out from the review

• Record and brief your team on the agreed actions

• Set timelines


2. Compile reports and documents

• Complete four score cards per week with actions and objectives. Discuss one-on-one with people responsible

• Forward all reports to the regional sales manager

• Identify issues monthly (include distribution centre split so sales reps are accountable)

• Manually adjust actions for promotional activity and track actions daily.

• Discuss actions with sales team daily and summarise weekly

• Book promotions and ensure everyone gets a copy of the monthly volume driver document and written expectations i.e. stand quantities

• Observe trade actions and record on a standard template for monthly meeting

• Launch specific drives i.e. launches, projects, stand placements

• Ensure you brief supervisors on key points at monthly meetings



3. Sales strategy


• Participate in formulating regional sales and season strategies


4. Customer Service

• Achieve company customer service objectives.

• Identify and implement improvement areas for added value opportunities by store via agent supervisor or store controller

• Capture key dates and actions for opportunity plans

• Sell the opportunity. Seek approval from the store owner or management and direct your team

• Co ordinate events and activities. Brief your team about expectations, execution and support they can expect, i.e. launches, season activity, specific drives, promotional programs, special projects  

• Take immediate action on non-compliance to time sensitive activities that will cost the company

• Regularly review customer service levels with key customers

• Build a solid professional relationship with key clients

• Understand day-to-day demand and supply issues and keep the sales team informed

• Be aware of any issues that may compromise business in your area

• Build a relationship and interact with the demand and supply team

• Stay up-to-date with point of sale information, promotional programs, stock availability, launches, plan-o-grams, price point strategies, long-term negotiated activity. Keep your team updated with same

• Employ proper in-store housekeeping strategies to ensure stock is always in a saleable condition

• Identify problem stores and implement actions to improve

• Professional dress and conduct at all times

• Become familiar with relevant company policies


5. Account standards

• Ensure sales agents are trained on account standards and understand what is expected

• Ensure account standards are maintained

• Set realistic monthly objectives to achieve account standards

• Ensure your team has the tools to achieve expectations

• Do weekly trade visits to ensure teams are implementing retail excellence

• Spend 70% of working time with team













• Address poor performance timeously

• Reward good performance


6. Leadership

• Manage the section within time and budget

• Plan, select, develop and maintain suitable manpower capabilities for the function

• Develop, lead and maintain a motivated and high performance team

• Identify and timeously address functional related problems and opportunities

• Build and maintain relationships with stakeholders

• Provide technical direction

• Ensure compliance with relevant legal and statutory requirements and internationally accepted environmental, health, safety and quality standards