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Job Summary  

Main responsibilities-School Health Nurse

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-School Health Nurse job description

School Health Nurse

Providing an easily accessible young person friendly, clinically effective, high quality service to a defined caseload of school aged children and their families. Working in partnership with service users, parents, school staff and members of the primary health care team he/she will undertake health surveillance, health promotion and other public health duties.



• Proven experience of Community Public Health



• Experience of multi-agency working.

• Health needs assessment and analysis skills.

• Active caseload management.

• Team working.

• Safeguarding children.

• School Nursing project management.

• Aware of current research, able to apply it to





• Registered Nurse (RN, RN/dipHE, Child Branch).

• Specialist Public Health Degree (School Nursing).

• L3 Child Protection Training

• Teaching qualification, ENB 997/998, D32/33.

• Evidence of CPD.

AF / Certificates

AF / Portfolio

















Personal Qualities 

• Good team working.

• Good time management and organisation skills.

• Demonstrate innovative practice.

• Self motivated and self directed.

• Can demonstrate continuous learning.

• Ability to work in potentially distressing and/or

emotionally demanding circumstances.

• Self awareness.

• Team player.


• Will assess, plan, implement, audit and evaluate School Health Nursing core programme as per agreed Operational framework.

• Will participate in the development and analysis of health needs assessment and participate in the planning of services to ensure that

School Health Nurses provide a holistic approach to delivery of services to the local population.


• Assesses and interprets information and takes appropriate action including child protection issues.


Planning and Organisational Skills

• Will utilise information obtained through analysis of local population needs assessment to review, plan and adjust local service delivery.

• Identify own training needs through annual Personal Review and Development plans.

• Plans and organises negotiated client contact.

• Will plan an appropriate programme of educational and practice experience tailored to students learning needs whilst maintaining a

suitable learning environment for students on placement.


Physical Skills

• Will maintain and develop the practical and physical skills required as an accountable, clinical practitioner, in accordance with professional codes of conduct.

• Will be able to effectively commute to other areas through out the primary care trust as required.

• Will be able to utilise computer skills.

• Will plan and implement school based immunisation programmes.


Responsibility for Patient Care

• Will actively promote the involvement of child/service users/ carers/ local community.

• Following individual needs assessment develops a programme of care for the clients.






• Will develop and maintain clear communication systems with clients and their relatives, professionals and other organisations both statutory and voluntary and the wider community. This may require negotiating/ persuasive skills, presentation skills as well as counselling skills including empathy.


• Will develop and maintain clear communication with services users and user groups, which may involve complex and potentially stressful topics including child protection.


Analytical Tasks


Policy and Service Development Implementation

• Will contribute and adhere to clinical guidelines, protocols and standards within the primary care trust’s clinical governance framework.

• Will evaluate and assess progress against agreed key performance indicators.

• Will participate in the Trusts programme of clinical and health & safety risk assessments.

• Aim to influence policies affecting health within the principles of School


Health Nursing.

Responsibilities for Financial and Physical Resources

• Will be responsible for the care and maintenance of any School Health Nursing equipment and other resources necessary for implementing

School Health Nursing practice.

• Will discuss financial and physical resources with the team to utilise, clarify and resolve issues.


Responsibilities for Human Resources

• Will participate in the recruitment, selection, appointment and integration of new members of the School Health Nursing Team.

• Ensure that a system of clinical supervision is developed, implemented and audited within the School Health Nursing Team.

• Allocate/ delegate and supervise work of support staff within the School Health Nursing team.

• Will participate in an agreed appropriate model of Personal Review and Development within School Health Nursing Team identifying training


• Will pro-actively facilitate the provision and implementation of the improving working lives ethos within the School Health Nursing team


Responsibilities for Information Resources

• Will maintain School Health Nursing caseload / client records as required through clinical practice including the use of I.T documents when


• Will utilise information and data accumulated by the School Health Nursing Team to aid analysis of needs

• Will input to the IPM system with 48 hours of client contact.














Responsibilities for Research and Development

• Will participate in clinical benchmarking e.g. essence of care across the team.

• Will participate in the implementation of clinical audits relating to School




The post holder must maintain confidentiality of information relating to patients, staff and other Health Service business