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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Software Engineer job description perl

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Software Engineer job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Software Engineer job description

Software Engineer [Perl] free job description

The role requires an excellent knowledge of Perl, web frameworks (Catalyst, Mason, TT) RESTful web services, security, caching, architecting for performance, mySql and web standards, along with proven experience of working in a mixed discipline team on large scale web application projects. Knowledge and experience with large scale social media applications is also an advantage.

• To write robust, scalable, high-performance, world-class code using object oriented Perl, Apache, mySql, memcached and other server side technologies to create dynamic web applications with multiple data serialisations


• To write reusable code libraries as well as application specific Models, Controllers, Views, Helpers and Partials.


• To write unit and functional tests within automated test environments to ensure code quality


• To write concise yet comprehensive technical documentation - for APIs and other interfaces



• To liaise with the product manager to explore and suggest appropriate technical solutions to achieve the required product features while safeguarding functionality, scalability and performance.



• To work with web service developer, system administrators, information architects and client side developers to develop fast and dynamic web applications.


• To work with all relevant parties on the deployment of applications to the live site and all intermediate hosting environments.


• To be responsible for work quality


• To monitor work against the production schedule closely and provide progress updates and report any issues or technical difficulties to the senior developers on a regular basis.

• Experience working with Perl in a web application context


• Demonstrable competence in one or more established web frameworks (eg Catalyst, Mason, TT, Zope, Django, Spring)


• Strong familiarity with Apache API, mySql and DBIx


• Proven experience working on a large mission critical code base, maintaining a regular release cycle, while ensuring the overall performance and stability of the product.


• Strong SQL database experience and sound understanding of data normalization, database design, query tuning and transaction management.


• Ability to work in an unstructured, fast changing environment with rapid release cycles


• Strongly held views on modern debates in software engineering including dynamic vs static languages, ORM, SOA/ROA/WOA etc


• Proven experience of project working and commercial web development processes - particularly Agile methodologies


• Experience of working in an environment where products have to be delivered to specific time-scales


• An ability to rapidly and effectively understand and translate product and business requirements into technical solutions


• Experience of supporting, modifying and maintaining systems and code developed by teams other than your own









• Experience of software quality practice - eg TDD, continuous integration, version control automation, software metrics


• A willingness to learn other languages, such as Java or PHP.


Desirable Knowledge and Experience


• Memcached, Lucene, OpenSocial API experience


• PHP/Java/C# experience


• CPAN / FLOSS contributions


• Amazon simpleDB, CouchDB, MapReduce or any experience with Object DBs


• Experience with functional languages