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Solicitor job description mental health provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Main responsibilities-Solicitor job description mental health

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Solicitor job description mental health

Solicitor job description mental health

1. Casework and Community Work

To carry out duties of the Mental Health Lawyer with regard to casework.

To provide specialist legal advice and representation in Mental Health Law.

To provide general advice and referral in other areas of law.


3. General


To undertake work in accordance with the Solicitors’ Practice Rules with regard to the rules and principles of professional conduct and the agreed practice of the Law Centre


To observe and promote the Law Centres Policies and Procedures and to act in accordance with the ethos of the Law Centre at all times

To ensure the work of colleagues is covered in their absence and to support them in difficult or unfamiliar work

To liaise and share responsibility along with staff for decision making, organisation and day-to-day management of the law centre.


To attend Management Committee meetings as necessary

To take an active part in staff meetings

To develop work around policy issues as required.


To be willing to undertake any other duties commensurate with the post

To be sympathetic to issues relating to mental health service users.



Knowledge and Experience

1 Either Solicitor or Barrister with at least 6 months experience of conducting mental health cases

OR Caseworker with a legal qualification and at least 1 years’ experience of conducting cases

2 Current membership of the Law Society Mental Health Tribunal (MHT) panel

OR able to become a member of the MHT panel with a short time period.



3 Knowledge of and competence in all aspects of Mental Health law and litigation including the ability to represent clients at tribunal/court, upper tribunal proceedings and brief counsel where necessary.

4 Experience of complying with quality standards and efficiently billing and recording all work done.

5 Ability to work independently

6 Ability to market and expand the mental health practice

7 Experience of giving general advice.

8 Awareness of Equal Opportunities Policy requirements.





9 Excellent verbal and written skills and ability to convey complex information in an accessible way.

10 Ability to prioritise, work under pressure and meet deadlines.



11 Ability and willingness to undertake the induction of new staff, appraisal and disciplinary procedures in consultation with the Chair of the MC.

12 Ability to use computer and information technology.


To work in accordance with quality standards and meet casework targets.

To keep up to date with policy developments.


To deliver advice at hospital sites and other agreed venues.

To work in liaison with other agencies and professionals.

To work with other agencies to increase access to the law


To be responsible for casework in consultation with other staff members.


2. Supervision and Support

To work within the Law Centres professional supervision structures and with accountability to the Chair and the Management Committee



To participate in appropriate meetings

To act as a legal resource to caseworkers and other staff both internally and externally, providing training where necessary

To supervise volunteers as required by the role.

To be self-servicing with regard to own casework administration.