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System Test Engineer job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

Main responsibilities-System Test Engineer job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-System Test Engineer job description

System Test Engineer job description

• Learning the architecture and interactions of all back-end components

• Devising new methods of testing the system effectively

• Ability to understand what data is most effective to test the system


• Writing and executing effective functional test, carrying out exploratory (unscripted) testing where appropriate

• Supporting test automation where appropriately; mainly Selenium/Ruby

• Supporting and actively working towards test driven development (TDD)


• Contribute to discussions on test process and procedural improvements

• Raising descriptive, analysed and useful defect reports

• Producing clear and concise test reports and release notes


• Gaining good understanding of various technologies. There will be a requirement to learn and develop skills in new technologies, within short periods of time.

Working with the Web Test Team, helping to successfully deliver high quality, fit for purpose products.

Required Experience

Solid experience of working in a test driven environment

• First and foremost you should be a highly motivated System Tester

• Must have Software Engineering or Computer Science to degree level or higher; or show technical competence and enthusiasm for the role

• Must have an ISEB qualification; or show you have read extensively around the subject of testing methods

• Demonstrable knowledge of and experience of applying advanced testing techniques including formal Exploratory testing

• Working knowledge of:

o Web technologies; e.g. Flash

o Advanced features of popular Web Browsers; e.g. IE/Firefox/Safari/Chrome

o Hands-on test automation with browser driven automation tools, e.g. Selenium 2/Webdriver

o Programming knowledge, ideally JavaScript or Ruby

o Advanced Windows, OSX & Linux usage

o CI environments; e.g. Hudson

• Excellent communication and inter-personal skills

• A strong team player who is willing to articulate opinions with an eye for detail and a genuine can-do attitude

• You will be motivated and committed to learn and develop your technical ability




• Working collaboratively with other testers and teams to ensure the spread of good practices and knowledge


• You will also be responsible for:

o Assisting with the setting up and configuration of test environments

o Liaising with the user representative to ensure that the tests match the users requirements

o Writing test plans

o Knowledge sharing between other testers

• A good knowledge of the software development / test life cycle, combined with extensive experience of designing and executing test cases; scripted and unscripted


Technical Skills/Knowledge


Manual/Exploratory skills

• Ability to create clear, concise and readable manual test scripts (Competence)

• Ability to create re-usable test scripts that organise test artefacts in a manageable way (Competence)

• Ability to research and apply new methods to improve testing quality and speed (Competence)

• Able to ensure cross-browser compliance and awareness of specific cross browser issues (Competence)

• Knowledge of the user domain of the system that is worked on - Understanding of the problem domain and functionality of the system(s) e.g. Web/Mobile/TV/Backend systems (Competence)

• Ability to track down the area of defect using de-bugging tools such as Firebug, and to analyse stack traces (Competence)

• Knowledge of test automation concepts (Competence)


















Automation skills

• Ability to produce quality, reusable and maintainable automated tests (Competence)

• Ability to pair with senior developers to implement Acceptance Tests (Competence)

• Working knowledge of SVN and clients to ensure version control of test/development artefacts (Competence)

• Understanding of Behaviour/Test Driven Development (Competence)

• Pro-actively learn the domain and architecture of the system (Competence)

• Understanding of data formats such as XML and JSON (Competence)

• Understanding of Databases, SQL queries, and data APIs (Competence)

• Willingness to keep up with improvements in development methodology (Basic)

• Working knowledge of a CI system to create builds, e.g. Hudson. (Competence)