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Technician Job Description-Pet Hospital provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Main responsibilities-Technician Job Description

Main responsibilities [cont]-Technician Job Description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Technician Job Description

Technician Job Description

18. Patient restraint.

19. Inventory management & Ordering Hospital Supplies.

20. Vaccination Administration.

21. Administration of Injectable (IV, IM & SQ), Oral & Topical Medications.

22. Supervision & training of Technician Assistants & Kennel Attendants

23. Oversee & supervise the Feeding & Care of Boarded & Hospitalized Animals.

24. Cleaning Kennels & Janitorial Duties (when Kennel Attendants are not available).

25. Oversee & supervise the Cleaning of floors, shelves & Equipment.

26. Oversee & supervise the Administration of Oral & Topical medications.

27. Lifting of animals up to 40 pounds without assistance.

28. Assist with dental & oral surgical procedures

29. Hydrosurge use & Patient bathing

30. Oversee & Cleaning of floors, shelves & Equipment.

31. Make sure all cleaning & cleaning checklists are completed

32. Medicate in house patients as required

33. Take rectal temperatures

34. Patient restraint

35. Blood collection

36. Collection of voided urine samples and cystocentesis samples

37. Nail Trimming


LAB (also see Lab procedures):

1. Perform, log & report fecal tests

2. Preform Occult blood tests on stools

3. Prepare specimens for transport to outside Labs

4. Perform Snap Tests for Giardia, Pancreatitis & Parvovirus









1. Setup digital X-Ray for exposures

2. Use the technique Chart to set up for exposures

3. Position patients for correct views


1. Administer pre-anesthetic medications as per doctors orders

2. Intubeate after Doctor performs the anesthetic induction

3. Knowledge and use of Isoflurane anesthesia & anesthetic machine

4. Clip and prep for surgical procedures

5. Setup & maintain anesthesia and fluid therapy

6. Assist with surgical procedures as needed

7. Set up surgery & dental areas (packs, dental instruments, etc.)

8. Monitor patients during surgery (Temp./Pulse/Resp.)

9. Clean area and instruments after surgery

10. Set up packs for autoclaving

11. Knowledge and use of autoclave including preventive maintenance.

12. Monitor patients post-operative

13. Clean animals post surgery, including wash and temperature stabilization as needed.

14. Prepare surgery room for surgery: check anesthetic machines and oxygen supply.

15. Keep daily surgery & procedure lists on erase board.

16. Monitor dressings on hospitalized pets.

17. Take inventory as directed.

18. Stock both pharmacy and OTC shelves

1. Software you will need to know & be expected to be able to use:

A. Impromed Infinity (veterinary software); B. WordPerfect ; C. Word ;D. Excel ; E. Windows XP

2. Good typing skills.

3. Familiarity with and ability to perform the Receptionist’s Duties.

1. Smiling, Pleasant, Friendly - present a 1st class neat appearance to clients.

2. Understanding of the practice philosophy and have the desire to embrace & enhance my practice style.

3. This position requires somebody who enjoys client contact as much as patient care.

4. Enjoy working closely with the Doctor - especially in an outpatient setting.

5. This is not a high volume practice - Every “A” & “B” client needs to receive exceptional care & be educated &

informed about the best care we can deliver for their pet.

6. We need a “clean freak” who fully understands & enjoys the public relations benefits of an immaculate, cleansmelling


7. Time management & Multi-Tasking skills are crucial.

8. We need somebody that can keep track of details & keep WRITTEN track of assigned & reoccurring tasks.

9. No allergies to animals or cleaning products.

10. Make sure Uniform & shoes are clean & in good Repair!!!


10. IV catheter placement.

11. Perform Anesthesia tasks - set-up, intubation & monitoring.

12. Preparing patients & surgery room for surgery.

13. Organize surgeries & procedures for the day.

14. Set up surgery area (Packs, dental instruments and dental scalar, anesthetic machine, IV pump, etc.)

15. Preparing patients & treatment room for dental procedures.

16. Surgery pack cleaning, preparation & autoclaving.

17. Maintenance of Hospital Equipment.


4. Exam Room Technician - including taking History & entering into computer paperless records.

5. Perform Dental Prophys

6. Conduct hospital tours.


7. Perform In-House Lab tests (primarily fecals & cytology).

8. Collection, preparation & submission of lab specimens (including venipuncture & cystocentesis)

9. Take Radiographs (determining technique & exposure).