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Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator job description

Job Summary-Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator job description

Responsible matching the demand for and supply of all temporary staff and temporary staffing requirements within agreed specialities

Main responsibilities-Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator job description

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator job description

Rota Co-ordination


1. Maintain the rota website, which displays up-to-date rotas for all of the Junior Doctors recording any changes on the rota, as advised by members of the relevant medical teams, after these changes have been negotiated locally.


2. Produce and maintain the MRC crash bleep rota using the relevant rostered registrars.


3. Maintain and update the  Doctors Rostering System (DRS)


4. Maintain an accurate electronic record of annual, study and sick leave for all medical staff in the Directorate for the purpose of positive reporting ensuring that these changes maintain compliancy on the rota.


5. Act as  contact point  for any day to day issues relating to periods of sick leave or emergency, ensuring that all periods of leave are appropriately covered internally



6. Work innovatively to ensure rotas are filled wherever possible without the need for locums


7. Ensure changes to any published rota are effectively communicated to key staff throughout the hospital, in particular the lead consultant(s), Clinical Nurse Site Practitioners, Senior managers, On-call managers, other members of the relevant medical team and Switchboard.



9. Inform Management of any changes to rotas as necessary.



Temporary Staffing Bookings-Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator job description


10. Identify gaps in the rotas and arrange locum cover for shortfalls in the rota in liaison with the relevant medical teams.


11. Work closely with managers to understand needs of the different services and to ensure appropriate staffing is matched to original booking requests whist complying with legislation, policies and procedures, and best practice.


12. Follow policy and protocol for booking locums and ensure this process is managed in an efficient and timely manner, ensuring that communication is managed appropriately.


13. Ensure that information regarding bookings is communicated to all relevant staff in the appropriate timeframes. Liaise effectively with locum staff, managers, agencies and Site Managers as necessary.


14. Liaise directly with the locum agencies to book locums in line with the relevant procedures.


15. Long-list Agency locum CV’s and forward to the relevant consultant for decision. Ensure the decision is relayed to relevant agency provider in a timely manner.











16. Ensure that the relevant manager is aware if there are problems with cover. Keep medical teams and managers responsible for medical cover informed of locum issues and changes at all times. In the event that a locum cannot be booked, negotiating with other members of the relevant junior medical team, or if necessary, the relevant Consultants, to inform them of any potential gaps in the service.


17. Approach medical staff directly to provide cover as required


18. Ensure that locum availability lists are accurate and up-to-date.


19. Actively reduce reliance on agency usage


Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator job description [cont]


20. Oversee any arrangements for locum doctors’ travel and accommodation as necessary.


21. Ensure temporary staff booked are appropriately qualified and registered and that all qualifications and registration details are current.


22. Ensure all bank and agency undertaking shifts are provided with relevant information, entered on appropriate systems, and have the relevant access to systems in a timely manner.


23. Implement control measures to manage usage of In-house locum and agency.


24. Ensure that complaints in regards to bank/agency medical staff are dealt with in a timely manner and escalated where necessary.


25. Ensure all bank and agency timesheets and agency invoices are checked and processed in line with procedures.


26. Maintain an account of budget usage and liaise with appropriate manager on expenditure of medical staff is in line with monthly budgets and comment on monthly performance.


27. Monitor expenditure on locum cover and report back any risks to relevant managers


28. Run and dispatch reports from an agreed reporting suite and create ad-hoc reports as required












Locum Bank Recruitment-Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator job description


29. Activity recruit to the In house bank e.g.: promote the locum bank to doctors not registered; promote the locum bank to new starters including trainees; utilise the  website.



30. For external bank candidates you will undertake the external recruitment process This recruitment process includes :

• the placement of advertisements

• long-listing candidates

• the preparation of short-listing packs for relevant consultants

• arranging interviews

• processing post-interview paperwork

• participating in interview panels for temporary staff as required, providing full HR input.

• obtaining pre-employment clearances


• issuing  zero hour contracts for successful applicants

• imputing  new starter details onto  systems including payroll

• arranging induction

• ensuring all process steps are traceable through audit.


31. For internal bank candidates you will undertake the internal recruitment process This recruitment process includes :

• dispatching  internal application forms to internal candidates

• obtaining a reference from candidates lead consultant

• checking  to ensure candidates substantive pre-employment clearances  are in line with Employment Check Standards, and issuing  zero hour contracts for successful applicants accordingly

• issuing  zero hour contracts for successful applicants

• ensuring all process steps are traceable through audit.    



32. Assist new members of the Temporary Staffing Team to become orientated to new areas and become aware of relevant policies and practices.  


33. Attend new doctors’ induction to ensure all new doctors are issued with information packs regarding rota protocols’ and procedures’ and the locum bank.




Other duties and responsibilities-Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator job description


34. Manage and monitor staff registered with the bank so as to comply with Work Time Directives.



35. Cross reference new starter/leaver lists against HR new starter/leaver lists.


36. Ensure all information/ documentation which is produced / processed / stored / disposed of is compliant with Data Protection Act requirements.


37. Ensure the ESR, DRS and the Staff Bank System is fully utilised, updated, and housekeeping maintained.


38. Maintain and update the departments electronic and paper filing systems in line with the Data Protection.  Utilise tools provided to streamline processes e.g. checking agency charge rates against the Buying Solutions AIMS system.


39. Participate and proactively contribute to operational reviews and audits.


40. Undertake ad hoc projects as required.


41. Undertake any other duties commensurate with the grade to ensure smooth running of the department.  


42. The post holder may be required to cross cover similarly banded roles within the HR and Workforce directorate (short and/or long term basis).

Responsible for achieving a high standard of temporary staffing cover by the efficient deployment/maximisation of substantive and in house resources within the agreed specialities;


Streamline practices in order to provide a professional, effective and efficient temporary staffing service


Assist in the monitoring of the use of bank and agency locums;


Work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure effectual cross cover and the production of robust data reports.  


Develop and maintain professional working relationships with Department Managers, senior staff, agency suppliers as well as HR advisory and Payroll colleagues.



• Data management

• Ability top produce and analyse meaningful activity reports, presenting to a  diverse audience

• Excellent communication skills /interpersonal skills, sometimes requiring tact or persuasive skills

• Ability to understand the needs of the clinical areas and make judgements involving facts presented regarding staffing levels & skill mix needs on an on-going and daily basis

• Interview skills

• Able to interpret complex information

• Training skills

• Ability to interpret and follow policies and procedures

• Excellent organisational skills and ability to prioritise and balance conflicting demands on an ongoing daily basis

• Able to build constructive relationships with managers and colleagues

• Ability to work as part of a team, adaptable, flexible and innovative approach to work

• An awareness of audit and quality  assurance controls

• Able to demonstrate tenacity  and resilience in difficult situations

• Demonstrate customer service skills focusing on delivering an approachable and supportive service

• Committed to development of the HR service

• Able to link HR service provision to delivery of high quality patient services

• Critical analysis of operating systems


• Previous experience of booking co-ordination

• Advanced Keyboard skills including Microsoft Word , PowerPoint, Excel and soft ware packages

• Experience of working in a customer service environment

• Planning temporary staffing activities  and initiatives

• Working with change management processes

• Policy review

4. Knowledge

• Knowledge of the relevant terminology

• Up to date knowledge of employment legislation and recommended good practice

• Able to link HR service provision to delivery of high quality patient services

• Knowledge of Work Time Directives, Workforce Diversity  and equality of opportunity

• Terms and Conditions of Employment


• Workforce planning

• Confidentiality/data protection and its impact on temporary staffing

• Value of pre-employment checks



Free job description Temporary Staffing Co-ordinator