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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

Trainee Script Editor job description provides a free database of job descriptions.  Whether you are writing a job description, need to better understand a job, or are thinking abut your career, is for you

Job Summary

1. To ensure that commissioned scripts are of the required standard, conform to the editorial brief and are available for use at the appropriate time.

2. To advise on all script related matters associated with the production, and to manage the relationship between the writer and the production.

3. To generate creative ideas and story ideas of the highest standard

Main responsibilities-Trainee Script Editor job description

 1. Throughout the production, to represent the interests of the writer to the production team. To ensure that the author consents to major script changes and to convey the writer's point of view in his/her absence.


2. To ensure that the writer is actively involved in script alterations in order to preserve the quality of the working relationship between the Producer/Director and writer.


3. To ensure that writers are sufficiently aware of the financial implications of editorial decisions.


4. To be responsible for providing writers with sufficient information to enable the editorial brief to be met in respect of style, content, form and any other special considerations.


5. To ensure the consistent treatment of established characters and continuity within the story line and episodes.


6. Where appropriate and when instructed, occasionally to undertake any minor re writing.


7. Where necessary to restructure and generate new storylines within your scripts.




Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Trainee Script Editor job description

1. Relevant research/script reading/reporting experience and an understanding of the script-editing process.


2. A knowledge of new writers/talent etc.


3. Some experience of working on a continuing drama series.


4. An understanding of copyright law, Writers Guild agreements, contracts and the legal implications of the production process.


5. An awareness of the financial consequences of editorial decisions.


6. Thorough knowledge of script sources and the availability and potential of emerging talent.


7. An enthusiasm and interest in Drama Production,


8. A good standard of education.




1. Interpersonal and communication skills sufficient to establish and maintain good working relations with a wide range of contracts.


2. The ability to establish quickly the intentions of Producers and convey these to the writer(s).

3. An ability to empathise with writers.


4. The ability to generate creative production ideas, treatments and formats.












5. The ability to display tact and sensitivity when dealing with writers and producers.


6. Resilience and stamina to sustain performance when under pressure from tight schedules.


7. The ability to work as part of a team.


8. The ability to keep abreast of professional, technological and working practice changes.

Trainee Script Editor job description

8. To generate creative ideas and long term story ideas.


9. To turn drafts around quickly and creatively and to ensure all deadlines are met.


10. To attend Story and Commissioning Meetings as necessary and to contribute critical comments and creative suggestions about your episodes.


11. Where appropriate, to refer to the Senior Script Editor to resolve doubts or competing views that may arise in relation to the script at any time.


12. To co ordinate and communicate all script changes to those concerned.


13. To seek new material and take steps to identify and encourage new writing talent. To maintain an up to date awareness of emerging talent.


14. To ensure that scripts are prepared in the appropriate format.


15. During preparation of the script, to carry out all required 'negative' checks (e.g. brand names) and to ensure that all reasonable action has been taken to avoid copyright infringement, libel and defamation.


16. Where a technical expert or consultant has been engaged, to be responsible for ensuring that this expertise is made available to the writer, and that scripts are submitted to the consultant at the appropriate time. To obtain re writes from the writer following advice from the consultant.


17. To be aware of the full extent of the financial and purchasing authority of the post, and to ensure that this authority is exercised in accordance with financial arrangements.