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Main responsibilities-Transportation Director job description

Transportation Director job description-Main responsibilities [cont]

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Transportation Director job description

To enable each student, through safe and efficient transportation, to take full advantage of the complete range of curricular and extracurricular activities offered by the district’s schools.

Transportation Director job description

1. Valid State Certification (Education Specialist Certification)

2. An earned Master’s Degree granted by, and in good standing with a national or regional accrediting association.


3. Required to have had classroom teaching, counseling, supervisory or administrative experience in a recognized school (K-12) setting or specified in each endorsement.


4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

#1. Conforms with all state laws and regulations regarding school transportation.

#2. Maintains safety standards in conformance with state and insurance regulations and develops a program of preventive safety.


#3. Recruits, trains, and supervises all transportation personnel, and makes recommendations on their employment, transfer, promotion, and release.


#4. Advises superintendent on road hazards fro decision on school closing during inclement weather.

#5. Cooperates with school principals and others responsible for planning special school trips.


#6. Develops and administers a transportation program to meet all the requirements of the daily instructional program and extra-curricular activities.

#7. Develops and administers a contractual transportation program to meet all the requirements of the daily instructional program and extracurricular activities.


#8. Formulates the specifications to be incorporated in contractual agreements.

#11. Attends appropriate committee and staff meetings.

#12. Assists with the transportation budget.

#13. Authorizes purchases in accordance with budgetary limitations and district rules.


#14. Approves and forwards transportation service invoices to accounting department.

#15. Maintains all district-owned equipment and develops plans for preventive maintenance.


#16. Submits all reports required by state authorities.

#17. Takes an active role in solving discipline problems occurring on school buses.


#18. Acts as liaison with parents for complaints and special requests.

#19. Provides the purchasing department with contractor performance qualification data.


#20. Reviews annually the advisability of a district-owned transportation system.

#21. Develops recommendations for future equipment and personnel needs based on a survey of resident students, distances, and grade levels.

#22. Develops recommendations for future transportation needs based on an annual

survey of resident students.

#23. Performs other duties as many, from time to time be assigned by the supervisor.



#9. Prepares bus routes for all public and nonpublic schools in the district.


#10. Prepares and updates bus schedules for all public an nonpublic schools in the district.