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TV Producer job description


5. To be responsible, working closely with the Production Manger for the choice, control and co-ordination of required production facilities, technical resources and staff and their cost-effective deployment


6. To be responsible for all required production staff and crew; to ensure that they possess appropriate qualifications (eg electricians), experience and safety expertise, and are appointed in line with  Editorial Guidelines and employment policy. To refer to specialist support departments as necessary eg HR Direct or the Drama Talent Unit.


7. To ensure that scripts are finalised, in conjunction with the Director, Writer and Script Editor, so that dramatic standards of the required quality are achieved, within the legal, budgetary and timescale constraints.

8. To ensure that on-screen content reflects the diversity of British society, and that ethnic and other groups are portrayed appropriately, in line with  Editorial Guidelines.


9. To be involved in casting and appointments of Directors etc as appropriate.


10. In conjunction with the Line Producer, PM and Drama Safety Rep(s), to ensure that all staff have undertaken the interactive health & safety training module, prior to commencement of the production. NB see general section on health & safety.


11. To be accountable for the maintenance of health & safety standards throughout the production process.





1. To be accountable for the delivery of episodes on time and within the agreed editorial brief and production budget.

2. To produce high quality, cost-effective drama within the framework of  Editorial Guidelines and Corporate objectives.

3. To conceive, generate and develop ideas, treatments and formats of the highest standards, consistent with strategy.

4. To encourage, foster and develop creative talent and ability

1. You will need drama producing experience gained from a variety of productions, preferably including a long-running drama series.


2. A passion for and knowledge of Drama, especially The Soap, is essential


3. A wide ranging knowledge of television production processes, preferably gained within drama, and an understanding of the jobs of programme and resource personnel engaged to complete the production.


4. Experience of reconciling artistic aspiration with financial constraint, of planning and revising production budgets and schedules and to deliver programmes on time and within budget.


5. Knowledge of the skills/abilities of professionals within the industry.


6. Knowledge of, and ability to generate creative ideas, treatments and treatments for drama productions.


7. Knowledge of the internal and external resources/facilities market, sufficient to enable informed and cost-effective contractual decisions to be made.


8. Knowledge of corporate conditions of service, equal opportunities and health & safety policies, Editorial Guidelines, contracts, and relevant trade union agreements.


9. Effective negotiating and management skills; and experience of leading and motivating teams.


10. Proven ability to influence and resolve differences in professional opinions, particularly where conflict may exist. Resilience and stamina sufficient to sustain performance when under pressure from tight schedules.


11. An understanding of and the ability to handle confidential and commercially sensitive information with tact and diplomacy





















1. Evidence of interpersonal and communication skills sufficient to establish credibility with colleagues and to foster effective working relationships with a wide range of production and non-production personnel, internal and external to the .

2. Awareness of audience needs, and the ability to respond with original and viable production ideas.

3. The ability to construct effective production teams, taking into account relative strengths/weaknesses.

4. Effective time-management and self-scheduling abilities.

5. Ability to keep abreast of professional, technological and working practice changes

1. To identify sources of suitable script and other material that satisfies the interests/tastes of the public and departmental objectives. To commission and brief appropriate writers, to develop scripts, subject to legal and copyright constraints, and editorial and financial approval.


2. To oversee the assessment of scripts in conjunction with Script Editors and Writers, and to balance editorial/artistic aspirations against cost.


3. To prepare and be responsible for the construction of detailed development budgets.

4. To be responsible for the construction of a block/standalone production schedule and budget in conjunction with the Line Producer, Production Accountant and others as appropriate.



12. To generate creative ideas, treatments and formats for all aspects of the production. To monitor production values and artistic standards and to balance these aspirations with costs.


13. To ensure that day-to-day production expenditure is monitored in conjunction with the Line Producer, PM and Production Accountant.


14. To assess the impact of decisions affecting the budget and schedule, to monitor expenditure levels, revising production schedules and managing expenditure as necessary within the budget.


15. To ensure that all copyright, artist, freelance, supplier, and staff commitments and contractual obligations are met.


16. To ensure that adequate insurance arrangements are in place in accordance with the  insurance scheme, and where possible, to take action to reduce the cost of any claims. To ensure compliance with the requirements of any completion bond companies or insurers.


17. To assess rushes, to identify and resolve problems in conjunction with the Director.


18. To provide leadership, motivation and support to the whole team; to facilitate an effective working relationship between the team and the Director.


19. To manage staff and talent alongside the Senior Producer and Series Producer throughout the production. To ensure staff performance is accurately and objectively monitored, recorded and communicated to the appropriate line manager or employer. To give feedback to individuals, to identify and resolve problems where necessary.


20. To be aware of the full extent of the financial and purchasing authority of the post, and to ensure that this authority is exercised in accordance with Network Television and  financial arrangements.


21. To offer ideas/support to the Director, to attend when necessary, rehearsals, shooting and post-production. When filming overseas, to attend location(s) and ensure that shooting complies with the laws, regulations and customs of the host country.


22. To identify potential press and media interest in the production, authorising journalists and photographers agreed access to filming in conjunction with The Soap Senior Producer, Series Producer,  Press and PR departments.


23. To be responsible for the delivery of the finished programme within all  editorial guidelines.


24. To manage the immediate and longer term public response effectively, particularly where the production may result in controversy.