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TV Producer Current Affairs provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

To be responsible for devising, preparing and producing excellent current affairs television programmes.  


The programme wishes to recruit a first-rate television producer with the drive to make long-form current

affairs films.  We are looking for someone with a highly developed visual sense who has the flair and technical ability to make high quality programmes.

Main responsibilities-TV Producer Current Affairs -Job Description

To be editorially responsible, both in the studio and out in the field, for the work of film, ENG or OB crews, to ensure that the programmes you produce meet the highest editorial, legal and safety standards.


To direct and supervise the filming, writing and post-production of current affairs films.


To devise and supervise the broadcasting of studio based current affairs programmes.


To be a constant source of well thought out and researched ideas, capable of being translated into excellent programmes.


To negotiate the provision of interviews and facilities by members of the public and outside bodies.




Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-TV Producer Current Affairs job description

To estimate programme requirements in terms of contributors, staff and resources; to ensure that programmes are completed within agreed allocations and on time.


To coordinate, and be accountable for, the efficient and proper use of allocated staff, resources and other programme elements.


To lead by example and inject a positive attitude and determination into the production team, to contribute to the training and development of other staff.


TV Producer Current Affairs -Job Description


To keep in touch with broadcasting technology and its potential use.


To be responsible for obtaining the necessary rights and permissions required for each broadcast.


To work across Genre and output platforms where required or as appropriate.



To undertake all appropriate duties and activities, including risk assessments, safety checks and appropriate record keeping, in accordance with current Policy and Guidance. To ensure that safe working practices are adhered to by staff and that the technical facilities maintain compliance with all safety legislation.


To undertake any other reasonable and/or required duties commensurate to the level and grade of the position.


A proven record as a film maker with a highly developed visual sense.


A thorough understanding and practical experience of the mechanics of television using both traditional and modern techniques and equipment.


Demonstrable flair and technical ability to make high quality programmes, and an in-depth knowledge of established production techniques.


Genuine interest in national affairs, with the skills and editorial judgement of a senior journalist that reflects an understanding of the target audience and communities within the country.


Specialist knowledge of investigative journalism and/or human interest films.


Reliable editorial judgement and production values as applicable to all aspects of programme making.


A creative approach to programme making already evident in your work.


TV Producer Current Affairs


You must be an experienced film maker with the skills and editorial judgement of a senior journalist.


Ideally you will have specialist knowledge of investigative journalism, and/or human interest films. An in-depth knowledge of established television production techniques is essential, together with a readiness to adopt new technologies and working practices.