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Vetting Manager job description provides a free database of real job descriptions for use in writing jd`s, recruitment and job search.

Job Summary

To be responsible for the Vetting Unit. To ensure that systems, processes and practices are implemented, maintained and developed in accordance with relevant best practice, policy and legislation.


To ensure that individuals working with or for the organisation have an acceptable level of integrity so as to guarantee that they do not pose an undue threat to the security of the organisation, or sensitive information, systems assets, premises and persons.

Main responsibilities-Vetting Manager job description

1.1 To provide the strategic and tactical direction for vetting activity within the organsation, to ensure that current and future needs of the organsation are met.

1.2 To ensure, in accordance with National and organsation guidelines, whilst having regard for the Data Protection, Human Rights, Race Relations and Freedom of Information Acts and other relevant legislation, that the character and personal circumstances of individuals are such, that they may gain access to the organsation premises, assets, equipment or information, without unacceptable risk to the well-being of any individual, justice or the integrity and reputation of the organsation.

1.3 In accordance with best practice, to conduct confidential and rigorous vetting enquiries on behalf of the organsation, outside organsations, Military, Government and other agencies in support of the organsation Vetting Policy.

1.4 To plan and manage the day-to-day requirements for the maintenance of personal security, to include conducting spot-checks on individuals to monitor compliance with vetting policies within the organsation.

1.5 To devise, develop, administrate and maintain a rolling programme of vetting for all staff including contractors, and others, who may wish to gain access into the organsation premises.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Vetting Manager job description


1.6 To act as the single point of contact (SPOC) for the organsation and advise and update on changes in legislation, National Policy and procedure and organsation compliance related issues in respect of Vetting.

1.7 To have responsibility for the National Security Parasol IT system and ensure appropriate security procedures are followed to protect individuals, organisations, sensitive information and National Security.

 the purpose of validating information supplied and then identify whether any findings require further investigation, before making decisions and recommendations.


2. Key Accountabilities:

2.1 To provide leadership and direction to the Vetting Officer and oversee the skills development as required. Ensure individual has sufficient training and experience to be able to deliver the highest standards of service delivery.

2.2 To operate across the full range of managerial responsibilities for staff, including health and safety and welfare, performance management, target setting, discipline and grievance.

2.3 To be responsible for the allocation of work, managing work - streams and ensuring that targets and objectives are met for relevant areas of responsibility.

2.4 To interrogate and research the organisation, Information System, and other related computer systems, including financial systems belonging to credit agencies, for the purpose of the confidential vetting of personnel. To use own judgement to identify other sources of information f

2.5 To identify detailed information, required to contribute towards the security assessment of an applicant`s suitability to have access to the organsation premises, assets, equipment or information, without unacceptable risk to the well-being of any individual, justice or the integrity and reputation of the organsation.

2.6 To liaise and make enquiries as appropriate with other organsations, agencies, HM Services, and HM Immigration in relation to the gathering of information and supporting material on an individual.


The post holder must be able to evidence the highest level of personal honesty, integrity, conduct and confidentiality to withstand any level of scrutiny, so as to project a professional positive image.














The post holder must act with integrity, honesty, loyalty and fairness at all times and consistent with business needs.



Vetting Manager job description



Proven excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills to be able to:


Deal confidently and effectively with people at all levels across the social spectrum from all backgrounds.


Establish a high degree of trust, rapport and cooperation with individuals.


Demonstrate a high level of tact, sensitivity and maturity in outlook.

Vetting Manager job description

Be confident and articulate in all communications i.e. face to face, telephone and written work.



Address groups and individuals and deliver messages and answer questions concisely with sound factual reasoning.


Ability to act on facts and be objective, unprejudiced and impartial in dealing with others and forming dispassionate interpretations, having regard for the law, relevant guidelines and best practice.


Ability to be perceptive, assess character, interpret behaviour and identify the motivation of individuals.


Strong analytical and problem solving skills to identify conflicting evidence, develop hypothesis and quickly identify issues for further illumination and validation.


Ability to accurately interpret information provided through Credit Reference Checks and assess the results.

Vetting Manager job description


Possess good powers of concentration and be able to work independently, accurately and methodically under pressure, handling a number of matters simultaneously, whilst meeting time limits.


Good command of the English language (both oral and written) and sufficiently well-developed IT skills, with Microsoft products, to be able to produce concise, factual and detailed high quality reports.


IT skills to a level that will allow the post holder to proficiently operate and interrogate computer systems used by the the organsation. This will include non windows-based systems.












Vetting Manager job description



In-depth understanding of security vetting and assess issues by practical and evidenced application of knowledge gained. In particular, post holders should be able to show an understanding of the motivations and vulnerabilities of persons who have a tendency towards corrupt activity, and an understanding of the threats to the organsation security and integrity.


Ability to maintain a working knowledge of Human Rights, Equal Opportunity, Data Protection, Right to Work and other related legislation together with intimate knowledge of the Guidelines on Vetting.



Vetting Manager job description


Recent related practical experience in vetting or investigate work with an eye for detail.


It is essential that once the post holder has identified issues for further illumination and validation, they know where and how to obtain the relevant information to expeditiously conclude the investigation and provide the grounds to assess perceived impact and make detailed well evidenced recommendations to senior management, based upon the options available.


Proven experience of Criminal Investigations.



Knowledge of the wider government structure and procedures of the personnel security / vetting process.




It is essential that the post holder be prepared to undergo a rigorous security clearance process and to undertake any appropriate development training considered necessary to both gain and improve the level of expertise required for the post.


Vetting Manager job description

Vetting Manager job description


2.7 To contribute to the decision-making process by accurately and comprehensively recording and reporting information gathered on an individual in such a manner, as to identify and concisely evidence any perceived vulnerability.



2.8 To inform the Director of Professional Standards in confidence, of any identified or potential welfare issues becoming apparent during the vetting process.

2.9 To implement the Security Service vetting processes, ensuring that confidential vetting enquiries are undertaken by the Security Service for the organsation personnel requiring National Security vetting.

2.10 To provide a single point of contact (SPOC) for all internal and external queries in relation to vetting requirements, related standards and policy. To ensure enquiries are dealt with effectively and efficiently taking into account data protection and other security considerations in relation to the disclosure of information.

2.11 To establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with employees of other organsations and agencies in order to carry out confidential vetting enquiries and deal with other security related issues effectively.

2.12 To proactively contribute to the development of future requirements, policies, working practices and procedures and to maintain a working knowledge of current legislation and policy at national and local levels in relation to security issues.

2.13 Ensure regular monitoring and evaluation of service delivery. Take responsibility for the formulations of solutions to problems.

2.14 To draft organsation Policy in accordance with National Vetting Policy Guidelines as required. Involve team in setting and maintaining the organsation`s policies and procedures.

2.15 To represent the organsation in respect of vetting issues at national and regional meetings, conferences, seminars, forums and working groups as required.<p>

2.16 To work to set deadlines and objectives through the effective and efficient planning of time and weekly work diary.

2.17 To maintain a recording system to help monitor the consistency of vetting decisions and to track progress of vetting applications against Service level agreements. Make recommendations for improvements.

2.18 To review, retain and dispose of records in accordance with organisational policy and relevant legislation.