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"I couldn`t put it down from start to finish...these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny. I thoroughly recommended it whether interested in HR or not!"

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Vice President Job Description

The Vice President of Global Operations provides input to Strategic & Operational planning activities and is an advocate of COGS reduction effort and quality improvement via product, manufacturing process & supply chain improvements within The Company’s world-wide manufacturing operations. He/she manages the manufacturing strategy to support multiple products and outsourcing requirements. This position requires the analysis of broad and complex issues and the formulation and execution of strategies to ensure that deadlines and priorities for product delivery to customers are met in a cost effective manner.

 Manage multiple large outsourcing operations.


 Responsible for meeting financial targets ((key measurements and benchmarks include operating income, COGS, revenue, margins, & inventory, ROC and growth).

 Provides leadership, supports, motivates, directs and retains high-caliber staff.

 Promotes “total customer satisfaction” (delivery, quality etc.) within all Operations teams.

 Identifies and solves critical operational problems.

 Develop Operations strategies, fiscal Operating plans and budgets, departmental goals & objectives etc.


 Determines departmental staffing requirements as part of Operational planning/budgeting.

 Define information systems requirements to support process improvements initiates. Integrate the technology, quality, purchasing and logistics functions to support product and process excellence.


 Provide leadership in the development of an effective organization and its members.


 Ensures financial targets are met.


 Responsible for establishing approved objectives, plans and budgets for each of the divisions.


 The Vice President of Global Operations will be traveling 35% of the time throughout America and Europe.



 Rapidly establish efficient cross-functional working relationships with operations and business development teams and assume his/her leadership position.


 Actively manage and monitor the relationships with key Contract Manufacturers and their performance.


 Develop standard operating procedures and best practices in terms of material management, outsourcing and contract manufacturer’s performance monitoring in order to optimize quality and delivery time.


 Establish a manufacturing and IT systems strategy which will capitalize on best practice with a view to optimize and standardize operational process.

 Rapidly establish efficient cross-functional working relationships with operations and business development teams and assume his/her leadership position.


 Degree or diploma in business or other relevant discipline or equivalent experience.


 Professional designation/certification in purchasing, materials management, quality management are desirable


 15+ years leading a global operations function including experience in a high technology, electronics focused, manufacturing environment

 Experience with both in-house and outsourced electronics manufacturing


 Superior leadership and people management skills; superior communication skills

 Strategic thinker with strong planning skills


 Strong business analysis skills combined with the ability to exercise sound judgment and initiative

 Extensive ERP and MRP knowledge.












 Ability to work cooperatively with others in a leadership role to achieve departmental or organizational tasks/goals.


Being Organizationally Savvy

 Manoeuvres well to get things done; maze bright; knows where to go to get what he/she needs; politically aware and agile; knows what the right thing to do is; presents views and arguments well.

Focusing on the Bottom Line

 Attacks everything with drive and energy with an eye on the bottom line; not afraid to initiate action before all the facts are known; drives to finish everything he/she starts.

Getting Organized

 Is well organized, resourceful, and planful; effective and efficient at marshalling multiple resources to get things done; lays out tasks in sufficient detail to mark the trail; is able to get things done with less and in less time; can work on multiple tasks at once without losing track; foresees and plans around obstacles.

Making Complex Decisions

 Can solve even the toughest and most complex of problems; great at gleaning meaning from whatever data is available; is a quick study of the new and different; adds personal wisdom and experience to come to the best conclusion and solution, given the situation; uses multiple problem-solving tools and techniques.

Managing Work Processes

 Is an effective process, work flow, and systems designer; is good at figuring out what to measure to track progress; sets up systems that can almost manage themselves; is a master at the effectiveness and efficiency of work systems; can quickly diagnose and fix a work flow problem; always looking for incremental process improvement.

Managing Diverse Relationships

 Relates well to a wide variety of diverse styles, types, and classes; open to differences; effective up, down, sideways, inside, and outside; builds diverse networks; quick to find common ground; treats differences fairly and equitably; treats everyone as a preferred customer.

Understanding the Business

 Knows the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do the job; understands various types of business propositions and understands how businesses operate in general; learns new methods and technologies easily


 Direct the company’s product line operations to achieve optimum performance, quality and cost. Initiate advanced manufacturing programs in anticipation of the business environment.


 Lead the development, acquisition, and validation of new processes for manufacturing, sourcing, procurement logistics to meet business goals.