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Job Summary

Main responsibilities-Warehouse Manager job description

Knowledge, skills and abilities-Warehouse Manager job description

Warehouse Manager job description

The post holder will provide first line operational management for a warehouse and logistics function ensuring the delivery of safe, effective and efficient services in line with best practice. They will ensure that products and services provided are delivered to quality standards to satisfy requirements of key stakeholders.


1 Degree level qualification relevant to warehouse management and logistics or equivalent professional experience


2 Fork Lift truck licence (high reach)

Fork Lift truck licence (counterbalance)


3 Experience of managing warehouse and logistics services

4 Experience of partnership working

5 Experience of supporting change processes operationally

6 Experience in performance management

7 Financial and resource management experience

8 Experience of effectively working with service users

9 Experience of stakeholder engagement

Knowledge and Skills

10 Knowledge of warehouse and logistics functions

11 Effective leadership, organisational and people management skills

12 Capacity to maintain and improve busy  warehouse and logistics services

13 Clear understanding and ability to manage risk

14 IT skills relating to stock control systems

Personal Attributes

15 Good prioritisation and time management skills

16 Excellent communication skills

17 Analytical and problem solving skills

18 Resilience

19 Ability to work flexibly

20 Evidence of continuing professional development

Special Requirements

21 Must hold full clean driving licence.

22 Must be able to work out of traditional office hours.

1. Responsible for ensuring that the working environment and practices of the  Warehouse and Logistics Team fully comply with all relevant Health and Safety legislation, policies, procedures and best practice

2. To act as Location Advisor for Health & Safety and Risk Reporting systems, such as Incident Reporting, Accident Reporting.


3. Have operational responsibility for the safe and effective first line operational management for logistics and warehouse functions.

4. Manage and organise the warehouse efficiently and ensure stock integrity is maintained


5. Responsible for the internal quality systems audit programme to ensure and demonstrate robustness of systems

6. Ensure systems and procedures to maintain stock accuracy.


7. Plan routes to ensure efficient delivery and collection of products and supply of services.

8. Manage the inspection, cleaning and return to stock or safe disposal of returned items.



9. Manage a robust maintenance and service programme for goods in service in clients homes.

10. Be an active member of the  management team and Deputise for the  Manager as required.

11. Provide optimum efficient deployment of staff and skills within the warehouse and logistics function

12. Utilise administrative support to meet the requirements of warehouse and logistics functions

13. Work with key partners to ensure that the service provided is co-ordinated with client’s professionals.

14. Ensure that services within sphere of responsibility meet all the relevant regulatory requirements.

15. Ensure active engagement of client base to empower them to make the best use of our services.

16. Work effectively with staff from other services e/g finance, governance, performance and contracting as required.

17. Ensure the service is provide across defined geographical locations




18. Provide professional team leadership and support to all members of the  Warehouse and Logistics Team

19. Ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation and regulations

20. To establish quality systems audit to monitor quality and practice standards within the  Warehouse and Logistics Team to include stock control, clinical audits and Essence of Care benchmarking within the  Warehouse and Logistics Team

21. Ensure warehouse and logistics systems are robust for the effective management of stock, incidents, including reporting, investigation and root cause analysis in line with relevant policies.

22. Ensure lessons learnt are implemented within warehouse and logistics.

23. To actively support the continuing development of the  Warehouse and Logistics Team


24. Participate in quality initiatives to promote the development of  

25. Ensure that all records within the  team are maintained at the standard required by policy and guidelines.

26. Participate in and facilitate team access to supervision in line with PCT policy.

27. To adhere to and support team members’ compliance with policies and procedures relating to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

28. Develop own research awareness skills and support the development of appropriate skills with other team members.

29. To assess risk within the client base and the  Warehouse and Logistics Team and implement risk management measures within the scope of professional responsibility.

30. To adhere to and support team members compliance with policies in relation to Health and Safety and Infection Control.

31. To have in depth knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety standards and guidance, understand implications for and be able to apply to  Warehouse and Logistics Team practice

32. To facilitate  Warehouse and Logistics Team compliance with all policies, procedures and guidelines ensuring adherence to these at all times.

33. Ensure that  Warehouse and Logistics practice is evidence-based by initiating literature searches and critical appraisal as appropriate.  Facilitate changes in practice in line with best practice.

34. Develop own research awareness skills and support team members to develop their research awareness skills.

35. Act as an ambassador for .




36. Provide effective operational day-to-day management of the  Warehouse and Logistics Team around completion of staff rotas, authorising travel claims and annual leave, sickness absence management etc..  This may include undertaking various operational duties including moving and handling of equipment requiring moderate effort on a frequent basis, the driving and operation of the delivery vans, forklift trucks and decontamination processes.


















37. Operational manager with 24-hour responsibility for provision, maintenance and repair of equipment, supplied to client base.

38. Undertake reviews and personal development planning for all members of the team in accordance with policies, delegating this responsibility as appropriate.

39. Effectively allocate staff according to their skills and competencies to meet client base care needs.

40. Assume responsibility for the monitoring of quality and practice standards within the team, highlighting poor performance to the  manager in line with policy.

41. Regularly attend, and facilitate the attendance of staff, at team meetings and relevant training sessions

42. Contribute to the recruitment and selection process as appropriate in collaboration with the  Manager

43. Promote a culture of equality and diversity within the services provided and in respect of all relationships with staff and stakeholders throughout the team





44. Ensure that the quality of the warehouse and logistics service is evidenced and measured through the use of outcome measures and audit

45. To implement changes to warehouse and logistics practice demonstrating measurable improvements in stock management and logistics operations.

46. Implement procedures to ensure a consistently high standard of service focussed on patient safety and complying with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Medical Device Alerts, infection control and decontamination policies

47. Support the delivery of the standards of Care Quality Commission .



48. Ensure that warehouse and logistics functions provided are delivered in accordance with local and national guidance and best practice.





49. Ensure that risk is managed in line with relevant policies, providing updates to the risk register at  level.

50. Ensure the MSoft database is accurately populated and updated in real time by the  Monitor and maintain minimum and maximum equipment stock levels and ensure efficient use of stock.

51. Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the electronic stock control system and ensure that the system is utilised to its optimum potential to support the Warehouse and Logistics function in providing safe equipment to the client base

52. Manage time and resources effectively with an ability to prioritise workload and be flexible according to patient equipment needs.

53. Ensure compliance with data protection and Information Governance requirements

54. Contribute to the delivery of performance and financial targets and outcomes

55. Hold staff to account for the delivery of objectives and performance targets.

56. Participate in a personal capacity in the appraisal system ensuring that clear agreed goals, are set and achieved in a timely manner.

57. Ensure the workforce is appraised annually against agreed objectives and receive feedback.

58. To identify and report gaps in service provision to the  Manager












59. Responsible for the efficient provision of clean and safe equipment provided to the client base.

60. To complete timely returns on an individual and team level relating to activity and performance.





61. To contribute to the review and implementation of policy and procedure of the PCT in relation to patient care.

62. To monitor outcomes, propose, implement and evaluate changes to working practice in relation to  Warehouse and Logistics Service





63. Support the  Manager to create and maintain systems for encouraging and supporting communication throughout the  functions.

64. Establish and maintain relationships which facilitate effective liaison and communication with Stakeholders.

65. Utilise negotiation skills to manage conflict including the resolution of complaints

66. Convey prepared information regarding service changes, developments and limitations to staff and patient groups, overcoming barriers to agreement or understanding.

67. Facilitate the dissemination of information and lead in the local implementation of  policies and procedures where relevant for the service area.

68. Adhere to patient confidentiality standards.

69. To communicate with patients and carers to maximise their involvement and understanding of their equipment

70. To maintain effective communication both within the multi-disciplinary team and outside of the  Warehouse and Logistics Team, fostering partnership working to ensure that patient needs are met by the most appropriate agency.  

71. Provide effective skilled communication of complex sensitive issues, support and reassurance to maximise patient and carer understanding of equipment





72. Ensure all staff within the warehouse and logistics team  receive a Personal Development Plan annually, to identify training, educational and development needs.

73. Ensure that mentorship and supervision is in place within the team to support their learning needs being met.

74. Support the  manager to ensure roles are developed in line with service needs.

75. Maximise opportunities to develop and modernise the workforce.

76. Undertake mandatory training and attend updates and study days as appropriate to the post

77. Ensure that all members of the team can access mandatory training.

78. To participate in review process ensuring objectives are met and a Personal development plan is maintained and evaluated.

79. To take responsibility for own professional development maintaining a portfolio and demonstrating evidence of reflective practice.

80. Foster and encourage a learning environment conducive to continuing professional development of the team.


For purposes of efficiency and personal development, the post holder will be required to undertake any training as is deemed necessary by either their manager and/or themselves (subject to authorisation) and also assist in promoting a learning environment within their department